Git merge from branch to master: how to get clean master without branch stuff?

Here is my situation, there is a GIT repository, I am working on master while someone else is working on a branch, say subway, with the following history (say for one single file): edit:sorry the formatting is not user-friendly, I’ve updated it as below: Person A and B are both working on the same file, […]

GitLab CI Why this runner isn't doing the build?

When I push a new commit, I would like to start build from the runner, but I get this message : This build is stuck, because you don’t have any active runners online with any of these tags assigned to them: dev Go to Runners page I installed GitLab 8.15.2. I created a basic project […]

git: check when the last fetch was run

I have a script that shows the last few log changes, but if a fetch hasn’t been ran in a day or two, I want the script to run it manually. Here’s sample bash code of how it would work: #!/bin/bash # this is what I need: last_fetch_date=`git fetch –show-last-fetch-date` # do the math to […]

Django merge two migrations with the same ID?

I had an old git branch which has a migration that was never merged into our main branch. Since I made that migration, 14 or so migrations have been made. I have since rebased my old branch into our current branch and have two migrations: 0044_auto_20160810_1128 0044_auto_20160823_1613 I’ve tried running python migrate –merge– this […]

DVCS working on remote server

My workplace is considering moving to a modern (D)VCS which is something that I am pushing for. My boss is in on the idea and the current workflow would be to have a centralized repository where everyone can commit/merge their changes when a task is done, While working on a task each developer can have […]

Subversion checkout from a GitHub repository which contains symlinks

I have a project hosted on GitHub and I use Git for source versioning. I have to pull the code on another platform but it can’t have Git, so I am using Subversion Support of GitHub to checkout the code, but it doesn’t handle symlinks. For example, on my machine I have a symlink : […]

How can I cleanup git working file set (like hg up -r null)?

How can I cleanup git working file set (like hg up -r null)? So only $proj/.git hierarchy present and git st don’t show D (deleted).

Understanding the Git Workflow

Please have some patience as I am still trying to find my way around with git. The whole practice of forking and branching all over the place makes it a bit harder to grok what’s going on. I am trying to get a workflow going but, I’m running into hurdles. So far, this is what […]

Github failed push

So to make a long story short, I’ve been working on a web app for the past few months. Recently I had to get a new laptop and cloned the repository from github onto my new machine… However whenever I commit changes to my app and attempt to use git push -u in the app’s […]

Visual Studio 2017 15.3.0 git changes include “storage.ide” even though .vs/ in .gitignore

I upgraded VS 2017 to 15.3.0 a few days ago. Since then file “storage.ide” has remained in my modified files, even through I have used a suggested .gitignore for VS, which includes the .vs/ folder. This includes the following. # Visual Studio 2015 cache/options directory .vs/ I then added the following to be more specific […]

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