git-svn import only branch

I want to import only 1 branch from my svn repo as a git repository. So I want the contents of that branch to become the master. I don’t want anything else in the repository. I also don’t really want to be able to commit to the original svn repo. Actually, I don’t want anything […]

Git submodules on master

I am new to git submodules, and I notice they always refer to specific commits. Is there any way for a superproject’s submodules to always refer to the head of the master branch, so “git submodule update” or “git pull” in the superproject simply does “git pull” on all submodules. Thanks.

PHP filtering files and paths according .gitignore

I want to use PHP to read all files and paths ignored by .gitignore configuration. Just like how git does. It’s possible to read directory repeatedly and use regular expression for each file to filter. But it`s so ineffective if the path have too much files. Any good and most effective way to read target […]

Preventing local .gitignore from being pushed to svn repo with git-svn

I’m using git-svn to use git locally and deploy a client’s svn repo. However, after migrating the svn ignore entries to the .gitignore, I have to commit those to git. But I don’t want that file being pushed as a commit to the svn repo everytime I do a git svn dcommit Any advice?

Git with 2 developers

If I’m working with one other developer on the same project, but where we each have our own areas of work (which overlap, but not frequently) how would you recommend we set up git?

Bitbucket git reset

I’ve done this git commands: git reset –hard hash git push -f All was good locally, I don’t see any commits after ‘hash’ commit. All was good after pushing too, there were no errors, but on Bitbucket main panel of my repository (Overview) last commits still are. And I don’t understand it, have I reset […]

Daily and weekly backup strategies

I would like to understand more about Complete GIT backup in Server on everyday or weekly basis. I have tried the @VonC fully and incremental backup script ‘sbin/save_bundles‘, mentioned in this answer, which gives the following error. Error message: ./ : line 7 : /home/.bashr : No such file or directory ./ : line 69 […]

How to configure Eclipse EGit to use custom proxy settings?

I’m behind a corporate firewall, so most of the time (e.g. Eclipse updates) I want to be going through a proxy. However, the servers I pull from in Git are all internal. I currently have to change my proxy settings every time I switch, but I’d like to set it up so that EGit uses […]

How to cleanup disk space on openshift when 'rhc tidy' has not enough disk space?

My quota on openshift has exceeded: Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace /dev/mapper/EBSStore01-user_home01 1048572 0 1048576 6890 0 80000 I found a different stackoverflow questions that the disk space can be cleaned by ‘rhc app-tidy’ But when i run this command i get the following error: Warning: Gear xxx is using 100.0% […]

Code push from GitHub to Google App Engine

I have an application on the Github repository, and would send it to the GAE (google app engine). How can I do? Thanks!

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