Strategy For Keeping Git Feature Branches Up to Date

I like to keep my feature branches up to date with develop. Is there anything wrong with frequently doing “git merge –no-ff develop”. And then at the end, running “git flow feature finish feature1″. These feature branches are shared (which means it is possible that someone else could be working on it, or that I’m […]

Is there any harm letting a git branch “grow old”?

So I’ve heard of the branch-per-feature workflow using Git, and I’ve also read some reasons why this could be a bad idea. My real question is this – if I’m developing just a small feature (like a simple regex time parser), after merging this branch back into the trunk, what happens (or should happen) to […]

Using Git to create an archive of changed files

I am looking for a simple solution to make a archive of recent changed file. I get this simple command from google git archive -o HEAD $(git diff –name-only HEAD^) When I run it in GIT BUSH, it keeps saying saying fatal: Not a valid object name

Retaining svn copy history when converting to git

I’m trying to convert an SVN repo over to multiple git repos. So far I have been using git svn clone svn_repo_project_path for each project in SVN. I have noticed that git does not seem to follow svn copy operations so the resulting history is much briefer than I expect. Suppose my SVN repo looked […]

git p4 submit: patch does not apply

Lately I’ve been running into issues using git-p4. My current workflow is: git checkout -b some_feature # do some work and commit to some_feature branch git checkout master git merge –no-ff some_feature git p4 rebase git p4 submit Not always, but occasionally when executing git p4 submit, the changes do not actually apply and instead […]

local and remote branch need to match names for git push?

It’d be awesome if someone helped me get this. Say I’m working in master or in a branch called MyBranch and I want to push the changes I just committed to a new github branch. When I do git push origin RemoteBranch it’ll say something like error: src refspec RemoteBranch does not match any. error: […]

How do you pass a file list to the linux zip command

I’m using Git for version control and unlike SVN I have not come across an inherent means of performing an export of changed files between 2 revisions, branches or tags. As an alternative I want to use the linux zip command and pass it a set of file names, however the file names are the […]

Trouble with first commit to git repository

I’m new to Git, and have set it up and created my first repository. I’m trying to add a README as the first commit, and I’ve been following the steps on exactly, but I get stuck on this step: git push -u origin master I get this error: ERROR: username/Hello-World.git doesn’t exist. Did you […]

/usr/local/bin/git-credential-osxkeychain: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

I am getting the following error while using credential-osxkeychain /usr/local/bin/git-credential-osxkeychain: Syntax error: “(” unexpected

How do I omit <remote> and <ref> in 'git push'?

When I’m on master, I only have to type ‘git push’ to push commits to the remote repo. I wish I could do so when I’m on another branch, without specifying the remote name and the branch name. Like that: Now: git push origin experimental:origin/experimental Need: git push

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