Multiple Projects in VisualStudio 2012 in one Solution using GIT

I am looking for a Solution having multiple Projects in one Solution, using one GIT repository per Project. I want to be able to have multiple projects in one solution but each project has it’s own GIT repo. Lets say I got these project structure : Solution Project – Some Client – Some Other Project […]

Can't “pull” with smartgit, “fetch only” is available

I use SmartGit as a GUI for git. But so far, I always have the same problem. In my projects (all of them), I can’t pull, the button is disabled, it’s only the “fetch only” button which is available. But if I run the command git pull origin master it works fine and I can […]

Working with zend framework and git in large projects

I’m having some problems working with zf and git in a pretty large project. The zf application has about 20 modules and for the moment everything is stored in a single git repository. So when you checkout the application, you checkout the entire set of modules, css sheets, js files, etc. What I would like […]

A way to access Git without installing client software? (Web access available?)

If I am working on a project from a hotel computer, is there a way to access a git repository (gitorious) using a web based client? I have a portable c++ compiler for the coding part, but I need to download and commit files to git without the ability to install git software. A portable […]

How to make git-config to use spaces instead of tabs

When I use git-config to edit my .gitconfig file, it inserts tabs. Is there a way to make it insert spaces instead of tabs? (The motivation is that when I hand-edit the file, I always insert spaces. Git’s use of tabs makes the file inconsistent. Of course I could just use tabs myself, but that’s […]

Can I update a single source file on Heroku without recompiling the slug?

I’m working on a rails project that’s being hosted on Heroku. I’m wondering if it’s possible to update one file, without restarting the app. Why. I have a bug, but I can’t track it down. It works perfectly on my local system, but it seems to stop mid way through processing on heroku. As there […]

Git Sparse Checkout Leaves No Entry on Working Direcotory

I am trying to use sparse-checkout to just check-out a directory from a BitBucket repository, but getting a “Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory” error when I try to pull. The BitBucket repository has the following directory structure: SomeProjectRepo JohnsProject MarysProject MyProject I have a local directory on E:\Temp\SomeProjectRepo on my Windows 7 […]

Succinct way to create a tracking branch with Git

Today I had to work with a remote branch called origin/}__test_syntax_error_in_simpack_settings. I wanted to create a tracking branch for it. I had to type: git branch }__test_syntax_error_in_simpack_settings origin/}__test_syntax_error_in_simpack_settings I didn’t have autocompletion on the first argument, only on the second. I don’t like typing. Is there a faster way to do this? The main barrier […]

How do I open the Git GUI from a command window?

How do I open the Git GUI from a command window? I’m using Windows 7. I’ve tried running this: “C:\Apps\Git\libexec\git-core\git-gui” but that’s not a windows script. When I right-click on a folder, I see an option that says, “Git GUI Here”. When I click on that, the Git GUI opens up. I want to do […]

Web-based git commit tool

Maybe I’m lacking some google search skills, but, before I start building one from scratch, Is there a ready-made web-based git commit tool? What I need it to do is allow the user, from a web interface, to: have the list from “git status” pick the files he wants to commit (maybe also see a […]

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