automatically select sha's to edit during git rebase

I have a branch with a few dozen commits that was recently rebased on top of master. During conflict resolution some mistakes were made and now half a dozen of those commits need to be edited. The list of sha’s that need to be edited can be found via: $ git log –format=format:%H master..branch-in-question — […]

Git rebase for deleting commits from remote

Ok I have read a couple of posts here on git revert vs git rebase vs cherry-pick etc. I just want to make sure I get it right before applying it. I have two branches, master and develop. Master was at commit with id 1. Develop was at commit with id 10 let’s say. (assuming […]

GIT rebase overwritten all changes

Ok, this time I really messed up with GIT: I worked for a few days offline on a project, and today I tried to commit/push the changes to GitHub. Somehow, there were some conflicts, that I tried to solve with rebase. I ended up with in a branch REBASE 1/2, I used the skip option […]

Git Subtrees vs Monorepo

We recently decided to move from TFVC to Git and I’m trying to find the best way to design our new Git architecture. Our code is made of independent but tightly coupled modules, let’s look at the following projects: CommonLib1 CommonLib2 ApplicationA (uses CommonLib1) ApplicationB (uses CommonLib1 & CommonLib2) Although CommonLib1/CommonLib2 are completely independent, almost […]

Python self-update from git

I’m developing a game in Python, and I would like to implement a system where the user could select if they want to receive auto-updates from git, and if they do, if they want to update from the “stable” branch or the “beta” branch. Is there a simple way to do this, such as a […]

Learning Git: Remote rejects my push despite proper config?

I’m just learning Git so please bear with me. I wrote some code locally and I would now like to push it to my remote server (origin). I get this error: ! [rejected] master -> master (fetch first) error: failed to push some refs to ‘ssh://’ Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that […]

Git alias slower than original command

Using git 2.8.0, I defined an alias in my .gitconfig: [alias] st = status I can confirm using git config –list –show-origin that I have only one global and one local config file, with alias only defined globally. Then if I run GIT_TRACE=1 git st it takes 7 seconds: 17:18:48.934703 git.c:564 trace: exec: ‘git-st’ 17:18:48.936703 […]

What is the correct address for an image in a markdown document in VSTS?

I have a file in the root of my git repository hosted in Visual Studio Team Services. When I navigate to the file in the web browser through the project portal I can see the correctly rendered markdown except for the images. I would like to add some screenshots to the README file and […]

Git merge updates to a past branch

I have this project I’m working on where I’m building a framework for some content. During development I had a bunch of demo content so I can see what I’m doing essentially. This was all being done in the dev branch. At some point I branched off the dev branch and created a new branch […]

External Diff (Ctrl+D) not working anymore in sourcetree

I was using sourcetree 1.6.x (don’t remember exactly which version) with git, and all of a sudden the “External Diff” right button command stopped working. I was using this command forn the whole day, in the evening I left the computer on and stayed logged on, and on the next morning “External Diff” didn’t work […]

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