Git push failure (Github/RStudio)

I’ve used Git successfully on this machine in the past but suddenly I can no longer push my commits to the Github repo. The last change to the Git toolchain that I made was to install Git, in addition to the Github for Windows client. RStudio could not find Git unless I’d already started […]

git pull *after* git rebase?

I have a feature branch, and a master branch. Master branch has evolved and I mean to have those updates to diverging as little as possible from master branch. So I git pull in both branches, git checkout feature/branch and finally git rebase master. Now here I either expect everything to work smoothly or conflicts […]

Signing commit with OpenPGP subkey fails

I would like to use one of my GPS (2) subkeys for signing commits/tags in Git I.e., my freshly created RSA4096 signing-only key with the long ID B0##… sec# ed25519/9F############## 2016-01-07 [expires: 2023-01-05] Key fingerprint = FC08 HEX HEX HEX uid [ultimate] MY NAME <MY.NAME@foo bar> ssb rsa4096/C9############## 2016-01-07 [expires: 2022-01-05] ssb ed25519/C6############## 2016-01-07 [expires: […]

gitk: How to tell it “stop, don't load more commits”?

Just gitk or gitk –all can try to fill up all memory on big repository. I know than I can gitk -n 1000 to limit it. Also I can killall git (or even Alt+SysRq+F if haven’t stopped it in time) to stop it in middle of thrashing. Is there more proper way to make gitk […]

Improving speed of checkout from git (from github)

I’m using git and TeamCity v6.0 in a Windows environment. I have just switched over from server side checkouts to checkout on agents because of IO issues, however… Initial checkout has become exceeding slow from ~ a minute to >45 minutes. Once the repo is cloned everything is OK. Is there some configuration on the […]

How can I access the 'GitHub for Mac' command-line utility from the terminal?

I recently installed GitHub for Mac, the graphical Git client from GitHub, and also the command-line utility from its menu, shown below: I was notified the command-line utility had been installed in /usr/local/github, but when I checked it had actually been put in /usr/local/bin/github – details shown below: When I try to run git I […]

Is it okay to upload non-code files to GitHub?

I’m going to upload a -mainly PHP- project of mine to GitHub, but I’m unsure about uploading all the ‘non-code’ files like CSS, .htaccess, HTML, images that I use for the website design, etc. and even code files that aren’t in PHP (e.g. JavaScript). Should I upload everything or only upload the PHP files if […]

How can I use full paths in git?

This command works fine: git diff relative/path/to/file.ext But if I use the full path, git says that path “is outside repository”: git diff /full/path/then/relative/path/to/file.ext I suppose git does not find a .git directory in /full, so that’s why it fails. But how do I make git understand full paths, like subversion does? Update: git version […]

Why isn't .gitignore ignoring .sass-cache?

My project looks like this: .gitignore: /node_modules /dist /.tmp /.sass-cache .sass-cache /bower_component No idea why, but .sass-cache is still being staged: User@User-PC MINGW64 /e/alex/istagingadmindashboard/frontEnd (deve) $ git add . User@User-PC MINGW64 /e/alex/istagingadmindashboard/frontEnd (deve) $ git status On branch deve Your branch is up-to-date with ‘remotes/origin/deve’. Changes to be committed: (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to […]

How do I tell git to ignore files that start with a tilde?

My text editor creates swap files that start with a tilde. I accidentally checked on of these into git. How do I tell git to ignore any files like this anywhere in my project tree? So I had /folder/another/file.txt /folder/another/~file.txt I want ~file.txt to be ignored by git.

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