How to maintain long running git branches

Git branches ideally should last for short time, probably for 1-2 days. Then it gets merged into some mainline. But in some cases, where we work on very big features, we maintain branches. And when 2 or 3 people each work on these very big features in exclusive areas of code, it becomes kinda tough […]

Git rm several files?

How do I easily remove several files without manually typing the full paths of all of them to git rm? I have plenty of modified files I’d like to keep so removing all modified is not possible either. And also it is possible to revert the changes of several files without manually typing git checkout […]

Laravel – Artisan not working

I’m aware of the other questions out there, but they are different to my situation. I installed a fresh copy of my own laravel, and I tried running php artisan list, which works. Now, I have a colleague who has installed a copy of laravel himself, and he pushes his entire directory onto a git […]

How to block push to master branch on remote

Is there any way to block code push directly to master? I tried adding a script in .git/hooks/update: #!/bin/sh if [ $USER != “git-repo-admin” ]; then if [ “$1” == refs/heads/master ]; then echo “Manual pushing to this repo is restricted” exit 1 fi fi But this doesn’t work – Everybody can still push. I […]

How can I get a list of git branches that I've recently checked out?

When moving between git branches I sometimes forget the name of a branch I was recently on. How can I display a list of recently checked out branches/tags/commits?

VisualStudio: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Checkout

I’m using TFS with Git, installed Visual Studio Tools for Git. I’m trying to pull all commits (5 in total) from TFS, but I get this error below: An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Checkout (MergeConflict). 2 conflicts prevent checkout How do I resolve this?

How to git push using ftp?

I want to upload (using only ftp) to my server only changes. I have a working git repository in my local. But I cant figure out any way to push using ftp. I can use git push to send other hosting, beacuse it allow ssh, but this hosting only allows ftp.

Versioning large text files in git

I’ve used git for awhile for source control and I really like it. So I started investigating using git to store lots of large binary files, which I’m finding just isn’t git’s cup of tea. So how about large text files? It seems like git should handle those just fine, but I’m having problems with […]

git clone timed out when used through https proxy

The command “git clone” times out when being used through an https proxy. I’ve successfully had git functioning behind a proxy before, and have read other stackoverflow related to git and proxy usage. Now I’ve configured it on a host in my current organization to use a non-authenticating proxy, but it’s timing out. the […]

Can Git-svn be used on large, branched repositories?

I am trying to use Git as a frontend to a SVN repository in order to be able to use Git’s nice features like simple branching, stashing etc. The problem is that the SVN repository is quite large (8,000 revs) and contains lots of branches and tags (old as well as new). It’s a near […]

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