Avoiding merge conflicts when merging master into per-host customized branch

I want to store all my dotfiles in git repository with separate branch for each machine. I have a problem I can’t solve that blocks me from using git for that purpose. I’d like to know how other people solved it. I’m going to have a single master branch which contains only template definitions and […]

How to get information where branch starts?

As far as I know, commit object contains information only about parents, so if I have situation something like this: * branch-1 | o | o master | o which is some kind of equivalent of * branch-1 | o / o master | o but what if my master will go forward? o master […]

How do I handle images in a Git repo?

I have inherited a medium sized iOS project – ~30,000 lines of code – that has an insane number of image assets. Of course we use Git/Github to scm. Currently the images are included in the directory tree and thus gets ingested into the repo, bloating the heck out of it and generally making development […]

git commit config on initial commit but never again?

I have started to use git for my projects, when I create a project it has a config folder containing configuration files: application/config/config.php application/config/database.php application/config/routes.php When I first commit I want these files (with their defaults) to be committed, so they exist in the repository as the “default” configurations and if I clone to repository […]

Is it possible to have all “git diff” commands use the “Python diff”, in all git projects?

When including the line *.py diff=python in a local .gitattributes file, git diff produces nice labels for the different diff hunks of Python files (with the name of the function where the changes are, etc.). Is is possible to ask git to use this diff mode for all Python files across all git projects? I […]

can't connect to github via ssh

I tried to clone one of my repositories on github from my newly installed linux machine running manjaro with fluxbox. i set up the user.name and user.email and uploaded the correct ssh key. but i always get The authenticity of host ‘github.com (’ can’t be established. RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:nThbg6kXUpJWGl7E1IGOCspRomTxdCARLviKw6E5SY8. Are you sure you […]

Trouble installing private github repository using pip

To preface, I have already seen this question Is it possible to use pip to install a package from a private github repository? I am trying to install a package from a private repository that I have access to using pip. I am able to directly clone it like so: (myenv)robbie@ubuntu:~/git$ git clone git@github.com:matherbk/django-messages.git Cloning […]

Git repository from one machine to another

So I have a git repository that i pulled at one point and that repository resides on a server. I don’t have access to the original repository that I pulled it from. How do i get the code from the existing server to another computer? EDIT 1: So here’s what it looks like: COMPUTER A: […]

Track files locally, but never allow them to be pushed to the remote repository

I’m working on a project that involves the use of very sensitive data, and I’ve been instructed to only transmit this data online via a custom file transfer system. The project itself is under git source control and includes a sqlite file containing the sensitive data. Up to this point, I’ve simply been ignoring the […]

git svn windows linux whitespace problems

I use git (with git-svn) on linux and a colleague uses svn on windows. So many times, git reports whitespace issues. In fact it fails to commit a linear history because of these problems and creates merge conflicts. What is the simplest way to configure svn/git and git-svn on windows and linux so that there […]

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