fatal: Interactive git shell is not enabled. got the message fatal: Interactive git shell is not enabled

I have run this command with root: [root@localhost git-shell-commands]# ssh git@ git@’s password: Last login: Wed Jun 20 15:08:26 2012 from new-host.home fatal: Interactive git shell is not enabled. hint: ~/git-shell-commands should exist and have read and execute access. Connection to closed. [root@localhost git-shell-commands]# Anybody could told how to solve that problem?

git commit commits unstaged hunks

I used git add -p to split my code changes into multiple commits. However, doing git commit after that commits all changes, including the unstaged ones. I looked at a few questions on SO, but could not find any obvious mistake. Could you please help me understand what I am doing wrong? Below are the […]

Auto commit on file modify with SVN (or git)?

I’ve been reading and searching for a solution for a couple of days but haven’t found anything that suits my needs. We have frequently updated sites being updated by designers and developers that most of the time don’t commit their changes to SVN. I’m looking at continuous integration type solutions where, when a “versionned” file […]

Update CVS module from within a Git project

I use Git to manage my repository, which contains a CVS module from elsewhere. I am not going to make any local changes to the CVS repo, I just want to update it regularly. Currently I make everything in the CVS repo under Git’s control, after cvs update, I then commit it in Git. Is […]

Which SCM to choose in this situation ? Redmine+git or Fossil or?

We are a small computer science laboratory. We handle projects from very small (1 engineer) to average (10 engineers). We need a version control tool, associated with a wiki and a bug-tracker. We have very few time and resources to spend in our system administration, but we want to have the control over it. Until […]

Git ls-remote and git update with Crowd authentication

I have switched my Git repos to authenticate with Crowd instead of basic authentication. It’s all working great when anyone can authenticate, but I have problems with two commands, any ideas how to solve it? git ls-remote -h HEAD I do not have a way to specify any credentials here (it’s in Jenkins) git remote […]

GPL licensed version control (e.g. Git)

simple question: Can I use a GPL-licensed version control system (like Git) for development of commercial, proprietary code? Wikipedia says: The GPL is the first copyleft license for general use, which means that derived works can only be distributed under the same license terms. I am unsure, however, whether using the version control sys counts […]

How to add a subproject working copy to a workspace in Xcode 5?

Xcode 5 is supposed to improve the management of subprojects from different repositories. According to the documentation, dragging a subproject into a workspace will ask whether or not the new project should be included in the workspace and automatically checked out with the main project. However when I do this, and accept this message, the […]

git pull and fetch fail with “fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly”

From cygwin git on Win7 I’m trying to coordinate with my linux workstation. Both were cloned from the same upstream repository. First I do a “git fetch origin”, then try to fetch from my workstation. $ git fetch origin [… all ok …] $ git fetch b scheib@b’s password: remote: Counting objects: 2031, done. remote: […]

Rabbitvsc in Nautilus both git and svn

I’m new to Linux, I have ubuntu 12.10. I have installed Rabbitvsc 0.15.2. We have both .git and .svn in our project. We use git locally, and svn with our client. This worked great on Windows, we used Tortoise SVN for svn, and used git from command prompt. On Ubuntu 12.10 my problem is: in […]

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