Version control system for game development with UDK?

We’re a team thinking of making a game using the Unreal Development Kit and we’re looking around for version control solutions. I have always preferred decentralized VCSs like Git and Mercurial, and used it for all my personal projects. Though I have heard of problems regarding game development using these systems, with them not being […]

GIt integration for Coda app

Anyone can recommend a solution for this?

Structured releases (Git flow) for multiple projects in a single repository (monorepo)

I’m using Git Flow with multiple projects, each with their own repository, successfully. I’m looking to merge these repositories into a single monorepo. The main reason being shared dependent projects across multiple projects, which, currently means we need to commit fixes across multiple repositories (see: cross-project changes in the link above). Facebook and Google seem […]

Git Publisher “target remote name” validation problems, single repo

I am trying to use the Git Publisher plugin to tag a successful build with the $BUILD_TAG, but I cannot figure out a value for the Target remote name that it will accept. If I use the Repository URL in the GIT configuration I’m told, No remote repository configured with the name . I tried […]

npm install from git repo subfolder

I have a repo with various components and I want to be able to include the components as individual dependencies (but I don’t want to create a repo per component). Is it a way to use a subfolder of a github repo as the path for a dependency in npm ? (that will not involve […]

“Project description file” error in git?

I’ve a small project that I want to share with a few others on a machine that we all have access to. I created a bare copy of the local repo with git clone –bare –no-hardlinks path/to/.git/ repoToShare.git I then moved repoToShare.git to the server. I can check it out with the following: git clone […]

What are common pitfalls of timestamp based syncing?

I am implementing my first syncing code. In my case I will have 2 types of iOS clients per user that will sync records to a server using a lastSyncTimestamp, a 64 bit integer representing the Unix epoch in milliseconds of the last sync. Records can be created on the server or the clients at […]

Rails local asset:precompile – is there an automated way to check for changes?

I ran into problems with asset pre-compilation during deploys, so I opted to go for local pre-compilation and check in the resulting files to my source tree. I don’t really have any problems with that approach, except that sometimes I forget to run the precompile task and release without precompiling assets! 🙁 I’m wondering if […]

can't git-push to heroku due to “Build stream timed out”

I have a Django app on heroku, I commited and pushed many time before but on the last time I’ve tried to push I got this error (and I keep getting it): $ git push heroku master Counting objects: 16, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (9/9), done. Writing objects: […]

Applying a diff file with git

So I was trying to use apply a diff file to my git dev branch. The diff I wanted to apply was this one here: I used git apply PATH_TO_PATCH.patch Now on trying to apply it I get a load of errors cumulating with a fatal: git apply: bad git-diff – expected /dev/null on […]

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