git status showing two files modified after rename due to case

Using git, I apparently didn’t use the proper approach when renaming files based on case sensitive file names on my Mac. Here is a simulation of the situation I’m in currently and am unsure how to get out of… Create the repo and add a sample file: git init touch Foo.js git add . git […]

Exclude readme from Github pull request

I’m using Github and trying to create a pull request on someone else’s project that I have forked. I edited the in my fork, but I don’t want them to get that commit. How do I do that? It seems painfully simple but I cannot figure it out. Right now I’ve simply copypasted the […]

git/ Github notification on pull request involving subfolder

Is it possible to setup a trigger with git or github s.t. I’m notified if a subfolder of a git repo is updated? Or better, is it possible to setup a trigger s.t. I’m notified if a pull request involves a subfolder of a git repo?

SSH into EC2 and can't execute git clone command

I’ve ssh‘d in to a new ec2 instance, which I’m setting up for our production environment, and tried to git clone a project from another ec2 instance which we are using as our development box but I get the below error. $ git clone ubuntu@?.??.??.??6:/var/git/our-project.git our-project Cloning into ‘our-project’… ssh: connect to host ?.??.??.??6 port […]

Why git prepends a `TYPE LENGTH\0` header in object files?

I read the Git Pro and knew that git prepends an header to object file, which is TYPE LENGTH\0, for example: header = “blob #{content.length}\0” But I’m wondering for what purpose git keeps this header?

Access file from gitolite-hosted git repository directly using http client

I’m hosting git repositories with gitolite, and have setup both ssh and http access. I can clone repositories over ssh and http using the git cli. Now, I need to be able to load a file from the git repository over http without using the git client. Specifically, I need to provide the URL […]

New git repo from selected files in existing repo

I have a project under git control in which the code is organized into sub-directories for different parts of the project. Now I think that the contents of a particular sub-directory might be better off being an entirely different project of their own. Is it possible to cherry-pick files (or lets just say folders) from […]

Pipe output of git show through a filter?

We use Gerrit and Bugzilla, so our commit messages have footers à la: commit c557164627b6a53017a2b6ea5122393415445d43 Author: Tim Landscheidt <> Date: Mon Jun 23 22:09:21 2014 +0000 Tools: Install xsltproc Bug: 66962 Change-Id: I01cfb2f72c3a7de39a5ac2b3439022122fdfbb15 In Gerrit’s web interface, the “Bug” and “Change-Id” footers have autolinks to the corresponding Gerrit and Bugzilla pages. On the command line, […]

Is it possible to undo a git push –force on GitHub?

This question already has an answer here: How to recover from a git push -force? 2 answers

Git: master / develop / feature branch merge commits

Here’s the flow I’m following: master branch is always in sync with production develop branch is always the next version to be released feature/feature-name branch is the feature currently being developed. After the feature is done, a pull request is raised from feature/feature-name into develop branch, then from develop branch into master branch. We do […]

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