How can one take several top-level projects in Gerrit and move them under another “container” project?

I have a Gerrit installation within which are several related projects (each in a git repository). Another project is coming online would also use gerrit, but for the sake of tidiness I’d like to take the existing set of projects and put them under a new super-project (so that at the top level one sees […]

How to manage utility modules and code snippets with git, boost,

When programming I accumulate code snippets and utility classes. I want to store those for practical future use. The question briefly is what is the best way to do this. More elaborate with an example: When writing code we keep reusing our nice tidbits to cover common tasks. However in order to make our projects […]

How to use my changes for merge in git?

How do I force “my changes” when merging in git? Someone put all bin directories in git and now I have a terrible merge conflict 🙁 Now it says the following: When you have resolved this problem run “git rebase –continue”. If you would prefer to skip this patch, instead run “git rebase –skip”. To […]

git cherry-pick or merge specific directory from another branch

I’ve seen different posts on StackOverflow that explain cherry picking a bit, but the comments in their code aren’t very specific as to what’s a branch and what’s a directory. Example git checkout A — X Y doesn’t tell me much. Basically I want this: Create new branch featureA off of master Merge directory /tools/my-tool […]

How to remove history of deleted git subtree folder?

I added a git repository using git-subtree. The problem is that I did a hard reset back to before the repository was added with git-subtree. Now the commit history is still in the repository but it’s disconnected from master. Any idea how to remove it? I tried git rm –cached with no luck.

Git repository setup for development from two machines?

I’ve just started using git, and am impressed with the workflow differences from SVN, but I’ve run into one structural/setup question that the documentation doesn’t seem to intuitively explain how to set up, and I’m wondering if it’s even possible. My setup is that I have several computers I do development from (desktop and laptop), […]

Why Git use 2 different commands to show HEAD?

I noticed there are 2 HEADs: .git\HEAD .git\refs\remotes\origin\HEAD When I use git show-ref HEAD, it only gives me this: ce0762c073b407d794f54f0b5d2a50375fdcb609 refs/remotes/origin/HEAD Whle when I use git rev-parse HEAD, it gives me the value of .git\HEAD: a758e523fe40e799194878bac567b7f4b8eec2b9 Why Git use 2 different commands to show HEAD? Any strong reason?

Corrupted Git Repository (data stream error)

This question already has an answer here: How to recover Git objects damaged by hard disk failure? 7 answers

Gitlab refuses to create remote repositories

I have installed gitlab 6.5 using this guide. I have run sudo -u git -H bundle exec rake gitlab:check RAILS_ENV=production and everything is green. The problem is I can’t clone or push stuff to the server with HTTP. I saw that the server is not creating a git repository in the folder, but only the […]

How to include ssh private rsa key when accessing git repo via ssh (gitosis)?

At this moment I’ve got one git repo added through gitosis. The manual i used is I can clone it and push in it via ssh auth with private and public keys (on gentoo), but windows users which are using Git Extensions can not. SSH keys placed in $HOME/.ssh, and ssh asks for a […]

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