git status says up-to-date with remote even though it's not

We have a git repository hosted on a shared network drive that multiple co-workers access. I’ll call this the “Central Repository”. Employees clone this repo to their local machines, make changes, then push changes back up. We’ve noticed that if someone pushes a change to the Central Repository, other employee’s local git repos don’t indicate […]

`git:remote` is not a heroku command

I deployed an app a few days ago and I am trying to modify some pages. To work on my current version, I wanted to fetch my files from heroku. I used: heroku git:remote -a fierce-escarpment-8305 like it is said on the page and received the message: ! `git:remote` is not a heroku command. […]

Adding ignore files to git repo retroactively

So I had this project where at first I did a git add . so I could just get working and not get bothered with which files were going to be version-controlled or what. That, of course, got painful, as while between each commit I usually just change 3-5 files, all the build files (.class, […]

Git: move HEAD back to a previous commit

I’ve made some changes in my master branch that I no longer see fit. For arguments sake, I have a commit hash named 791fda4e1ac0e1a393e01340bf0fba3f333a73ff that I’d like to make my HEAD now, as that’s when everything was stable in the repo. I’ve tried to do the following: git reset 791fda4e1ac git reset –soft HEAD@{1} git […]

what does this error message imply: fatal: unable to access 'https:URL': Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized?

I have tried many different searches relating to certificates but I don’t get it. I don’t know how to see if I have good certificates or not. This message was given after trying to push a a git commit in Fedora like this: $ git push origin master Is this certificate related or git related? […]

git pull options to prevent merge conflicts

Is there an option(s) when doing git pull that will not allow any possibility of a merge conflict? I’ve looked at the merge strategies but none seem to meet this description. I’m looking for an option like git pull –quit_if_possible_merge Basically, want a command for pulling to production site without any risk of a merge […]

Why the same git script is producing different hashes?

I’m writing a script to serve as an example of Git usage. However, every time I run it, a different set of hashes are produced, even if the commit message, author, date, parent and contents are the same: rm -rf /tmp/git-teste git init /tmp/git-teste cd /tmp/git-teste echo ‘zero’ > master.txt git add . git commit […]

Tortoise GIT – show changes created in branch after merge

is it possible to show only commits a and changes created in specific branch? If I do this before merge it works. If I merge master branch to this branch (to make it actual) then I see commits and merges made in master branch. Is some way how to filter it? thanks for help

How can I create a large message on git merge?

I would like to do a git merge to plough the work of one branch back into another. However, since a lot has been done and I’m going to do a no-fast-forward merge I would like the commit to contain extensive information about what’s in the merge. If I were doing a normal commit I […]

git diff filtered by file name

I would like the results of git diff to be filtered by the file name. In particular, I want a diff for all of the files named “AssemblyInfo.cs”, but located anywhere within the git repository. I am using git on Cygwin, if that makes a difference.

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