TFS build definition associated commits

Can anyone help me get the list of git commits out of TFS 2013 that are associated with the build I’m currently creating? Currently I’m doing Build my azure cloud service Use msbuild task to get version number Update the version number in my nuspec Use nuget.exe to pack into to a nuget package Use […]

How to do backup of development branches with Gerrit?

I’m using Gerrit to manage my git repository. Patches are sent to Gerrit server and merged into the git repository when they are approved. However, often a feature takes some time to develop and the developer wants to keep a backup of the code under development. The obvious solution is to push the branch directly […]

How to remove duplication in git tree from git-svn

I am using git–svn to track a canonical subversion repository. My local repository had the commits from the svn, but also additional branches that I was working on concurrently, that were not in the subversion respository. My old computer died, and so I’m trying to duplicate that setup on my new computer. Luckily I backed […]

How can I configure git to open the relevant COMMIT_EDITMSG in sublime text 3?

On a windows machine. I have run git: config –global core.editor “[path to sublime_text.exe] -w” and sublime text does in fact open when I make commit, however instead of opening the relevant COMMIT_EDITMSG it opens up a new blank tab titled “$@”. I then have to open up the correct COMMIT_EDITMSG within sublime text before […]

git ignore whole folder excluding one file

Hey this does not work for me: vendor/* !vendor/predis/ vendor/predis/* !vendor/predis/predis vendor/predis/predis/* !vendor/predis/predis/lib vendor/predis/predis/lib/* !vendor/predis/predis/lib/Predis vendor/predis/predis/lib/Predis/* !vendor/predis/predis/lib/Predis/Profile vendor/predis/predis/lib/Predis/Profile/* !vendor/predis/predis/lib/Predis/Profile/ServerVersion24.php Where did I make a mistake?

error: Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory

First, let me tell you that I have already checked all the similar threads and searched google to find what the problem may be, but no success. My problem is that I’m trying to use sparse checkout in git, but I get this error: error: Sparse checkout leaves no entry on working directory I have […]

set a Git config recursively for all submodules

I need to run the command: git config core.filemode false The problem is that I have a few projects with at least ten submodules each. For some reason, all the submodules have that value set to true so I would have to remove/update that config manually. Is there a way to tell Git to set […]

Trying to merge a branch back into master, merges with no changes. The branch has new classes and files, but merges in without bringing those

We are trying to merge a branch back into master and whenever we try it merges with no changes, there is nothing to push. The branch has several new classes and files master does not, and hundreds of changes to existing files that master does not have. How can we get this to merge? If […]

How to merge my local project with a github project?

Some months ago, I downloaded a GitHub project ( in order to adapt some parts of the code and to develop it in Eclipse (The creators develop the project in Intellij) and I downloaded the zip file, therefore I didn’t clone the repo. On the other hand, my local project is out of date and […]

Trigger Jenkins Job only when changes happen to a particular branch

I have configured a jenkins job and I wish it should be triggered when I make some changes to the Github for that particular branch. I use the Github plugin and has enabled “build when a change is pushed to github“. But this option is triggering my Job if someone else create a separate branch […]

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