error: gnutls_handshake() failed GIT repository

The following error appears when I try to clone git repository. I have the rsa public keys configured properly as well. $ git clone Initialized empty Git repository in /home/arun/.git/ error: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received. while accessing fatal: HTTP request failed

How can I commit to an old git tag?

So two months ago I migrated our codebase in SVN into Git with the complete changeset history. Immediately after that, we tagged a new release and continued working. So while we’ve continued working in the new tag, some people have continued fixing bugs in the old tag in SVN and now I’d like to pull […]

make git log –graph –all show current location like hg glog does

How can I make git show my current node in the log graph? git log –graph –all marks all the nodes equally with *, but I’m used to Mercurial where hg glog visually differentiates my current node by depicting it with @. This is especially useful after git fetch (aka hg pull), when my current […]

Git – Merge vs rebase

I have had a look at When do you use git rebase instead of git merge? But I’d like to be sure about which solution to choose in this case : I want to implement a new feature on Master so i branch it to a new Feature branch. I do 10 commits on Feature […]

cannot rebase: you have unstaged changes git

I am on a branch named new_nlp and when I do a git status, I get the following: # On branch new_nlp # Changed but not updated: # (use “git add/rm <file>…” to update what will be committed) # (use “git checkout — <file>…” to discard changes in working directory) # # deleted: untitled. I […]

Xcode always freezes when switching branches

When using Xcode 8’s built-in source control, switching between two branches almost always causes Xcode to freeze and requires force quitting the app. My branches aren’t particularly worlds apart. Doesn’t seem like it’s guzzling excessive memory or CPU either. What’s the deal?

Apt-get does not find package `git` on Ubuntu 12.04

I am trying to install git on ubuntu 12.04. But when enter the command sudo apt-get install git I get the following message. I have run sudo apt-get update already. Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Package git is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may […]

Git pushing to remote branch

I tried to follow this post but got confused rather than getting my problem solved. Here is the scenario. I have created a branch like git checkout -b <branch_name>. I then worked on some changes and did git add . git commit -m “comment” Now all those changes are in my <branch_name> branch. What i […]

Git has forgotten the remote repository I fetch from / push to

This morning I went to do a git fetch and got the following error: fatal: No remote repository specified. Please, specify either a URL or a remote name from which new revisions should be fetched. This used to work fine. It looks like git has forgotten the link between (all) my branches and the repository. […]

Setting default diff algorithm does not translate to default merge algorithm (patience)

I’ve seen many blog posts and stack overflow posts say that git config –global diff.algorithm patience will allow both diffs and merges to use the patience strategy option with the default recursive algorithm. I have found this to not be the case, and I pose the following demo to show why not. git config –global […]

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