How to push a “git replace –graft”

I’ve used git replace –graft to record that a version was actually a (manually performed) merge between two versions: git replace –graft <merged-version> <predecessor-version> <version-merged-from> That made a change to my (local, private) repository. I now want to make that change available to other members of my team, by “pushing” it to our shared repository […]

Visual Studio Git error: “The index is locked. This might be due to a concurrent or crashed process.”

Received an error in Git for Visual Studio: The index is locked. This might be due to a concurrent or crashed process.

How can I search a bare Git repo for a string in the contents of the current revision?

Is it possible for Git to search the contents of the text files in a bare repository for a specific string? I’m building a search feature for WebGit .NET to allow for searching the current state of all repositories for text.

git: how to have per project configuration?

This question already has an answer here: Can I specify multiple users for myself in .gitconfig? 16 answers

Git & Issues about Simultaneous Teamwork

I am new to Git. I have a public repo on GitHub and me & my friend need to work on the project simultaneously. We are using Netbeans 7.1 which has built in Git features. I can clone from and submit to GitHub but for example consider we have the following structure: […]

git.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I am working on project using git as a VCS. Development env is on winddows and project contains some long paths so I am forced to use cygwin with git. I have installed cygwin with git, created ssh key, uploaded key to server and that all works fine from console. But when I try to […]

What is the recommended source control ignore pattern for Seam projects?

After generating a project using seam-gen, what is the recommended ignore pattern for source control? What should the recommended .gitignore file (or svn:ignore, or equivalents) look like?

git rebase -i for specific commits?

I have a branch with a few commits I’d like to interactively rebase. However, after pulling and merging there are now other commits interleaved with mine so I can’t just do something like git rebase -i HEAD~3 Is it possible to do an interactive rebase while choosing individual commits? Something like git rebase -i 23duirs […]

How to list files ignored with 'skip-worktree'

I have used git update-index –skip-worktree <file> as suggested here to make git ignore local changes to a tracked file. But now I have forgotten which files I have applied it to. How can I list all files that have skip-worktree flag applied to them?

Don't want to use double quotes when using git commit -a -m

I’m a bit tired of using double quotation marks, when I use git commit git commit -a -m “fix xxx error” when I set alias like this: coam = “!f() { git commit -a -m $1; }; f” It works when I type git coam fix it commit as git commit -a -m “fix” but […]

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