Understanding Git for Visual Studio 2015: Revert

For a test I have a simple console app and I commit it (Initial). Then I add a comment and commit it (00). Then I change the comment and commit it (01) Now I want to simply revert back to 00. Changes | Actions | View History right-click 00 | Revert Are you sure you […]

Benefits of Git vs TFS

I’ve noticed a buzz word “we should use Git for TFS”. My understanding is that Git is just DVCS. TFS support everything from branching, labelling, merging, checking in, checking out, shelving, etc. Could someone please help me understand under what scenarios should team use Git or TFS? Apart from local repository and distributed, what other […]

git-http-backend with AuthzUnixGroup not working properly

I am trying to set up a git repository over my Apache 2.2 on a CentOS 6 box, with git installed. I have tried following many different directions, and I am at a loss. My current situation comprises of being able to clone normally, but being completely unable to push. It seems as though I […]

Do an automatic pull request after pushing to server

I have installed gitlab on a vps server which is also my remote for committing my local changes. When i commit and push to the server (git@domain.com:root/project.git), the code will be updated. On my vps i have this workflow: – var/www/ – project (created through git clone git@domain.com:root/project.git) – Files within the project When i […]

GIT error while push: error: RPC failed; result=7, HTTP code = 401

While I trying to push some commits to remote server, I get this response (after waiting about 5 minutes): git.exe push –progress “origin” events_devel:events_devel Counting objects: 195, done. Delta compression using up to 2 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (41/41), done. Writing objects: 100% (47/47), 475.15 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done. Total 47 (delta 32), reused […]

Git: updating website when pushing to remote repository?

I have a website that I’d like to update whenever I push to a remote repository. I am coming from a svn background and still trying to figure out git. Right now, I have done the following: Setup a Git repository on my local machine containing the website. Cloned the (bare) repository to my web […]

Error occurred while installing openstack : ./stack.sh:137:die

I tried installing openstack through devstack using the following commands $ git clone https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack.git -b stable/havana devstack/ i followed this link to do it. I try to run stack.sh using:- thushara@ubuntu:~/devstack$ ./stack.sh Result:- WARNING: this script has not been tested on trusty [Call Trace] ./stack.sh:137:die how to set FORCE=yes? How to overcome this error?

Hudson won't fetch from Git

I have been hitting this one for over a day now, it’s driving me mad! I have Git installed on a Win7 PC, and selected the PuttyGen option on install. I have generated ssh keys using PuttyGen; I have added the ssh key to my Git account, and linked the private key in Pageant. I […]

User who made Pull Request doesn't appear in Contributor List after merge

I have a repo Test. GitHub informed me that user woo27, who forked my repo Test, has done a pull-request, and these are the official recommended commands (see screenshot below) to merge: git checkout -b woo27-master master git pull https://github.com/woo27/Test.git master git checkout master git merge –no-ff woo27-master git push origin master I did exactly […]

Github: how to fork after cloning?

I cloned a git repo to my local machine, played around with it a bit and found it cool. Now I would like to keep the result as I modified it in my own github space. How can I proceed? I suppose the regular way would have been to fork the repo on the first […]

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