Github code review before submission?

Similar questions have been asked around here before, but I haven’t managed to find a suitable answer to my situation yet. My team and I are sharing a private github repo and we would like the ability to review pushes into this repo before they are committed so that if there are any issues that […]

“Not currently on any branch” after doing a commit

I did a checkout to an earlier commit: git checkout 12345 Then back to the last commit: git checkout 56789 And then continued committing and I’m: Not currently on any branch. Perhaps, I should’ve done: git checkout master After the first checkout, instead of pointing to a commit id. Still, any idea how to get […]

Should I parse git status or use gitsharp?

I’d like to integrate git into production pipeline to stage 3dsmax files. While it is alright to work with git through TortoiseGit, I’d like to communicate with it from the Maxscript to add custom menu commands to 3dsmax. Should I parse git status output text to determine folder status or should I use some wrapping […]

How do I merge local modifications with a git stash without an extra commit?

I stashed my changes to work on another task. When I finished the other task, I resumed work on the modifications I stashed, except that I forgot to pop them first. Now I have partially completed work both as local modifications and in the git stash. When I try to merge them using git stash […]

How is a merge-base done in JGit?

I’m looking at the JGit Documentation, currently at version, and I cannot find the equivalent of git-merge-base. I would like to determine if a branch is up-to-date, behind, ahead, or diverged, as shown in git: check if pull needed. What is the most concise way in JGit to find as good common ancestors as […]

git identify the most recent intersection of two branches

Is there a shorthand for identifying the last commit common to two branches? For example if I have master and then topic1 splits off from master, and they both continue master: a——b——c——d \ topic1: r——s——t Is there a way to identify say b? For example if there was such a thing as master#topic1 (same as […]

What happen to Git tags pointing to a removed commit

Say I do the following: Create branch X Create Tag t (to branch X) Push Remove branch X What happen to tag t? is it just floating there? is it considered as garbage? Should I remove all tags pointing at branch before removing the branch itself? Reference From Git Basics – Tagging: Git uses two […]

Code Review tools for Ruby/Rails?

What is the best code review tool for Ruby on Rails projects? We are currently using Subversion, but considering moving to GIT.

Are there any restful interfaces to git?

I have been looking for a restful api to git and dont seem to find any. The closest thing i got is Github’s api to access some repositories info. Are there any other impelementations out there?

Strange behavior from git log –since

I have a test repository with 18 commits. git log | grep Date: returns the following: Date: Fri Sep 20 08:04:13 2013 +0200 Date: Fri Sep 20 08:03:28 2013 +0200 Date: Fri Sep 20 08:02:05 2013 +0200 Date: Thu Sep 19 09:53:10 2013 +0200 Date: Wed Sep 18 17:04:41 2013 +0200 Date: Wed Sep 18 […]

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