Setting up git for development and production

I am using below mentioned life cycle to push any changes or feature on production. Localhost (Developers work on localhost) -> migrate their changes to staging (for QA – Changes of more than 1 developer can be there) -> Production. Here is the workflow which i am using, -master(runs on production) -staging (runs on staging […]

Wrongly applied git stash to a different branch

I was initially working on a branch, say A and stashed some of the changes in that branch using git stash save <message>. Upon completion of my work in that branch, I switched to a different branch B, and then wrongly typed git stash apply thinking I was on branch A, which resulted in conflicts […]

How do I push a play! framework java application to a Dokku in Digital Ocean droplet?

When I try to push a get an error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/webjars/WebJarExtractor$Cache : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 I realize the problem happens because when I execute the “push” action form Git, Dokku installs the OpenJdk 1.6, but I don’t know how to solve this problem (I already installed the Oracle Jdk 8 on my digital ocean […]

Automate git repository creation on TFS 2013

So, there’s a sizable Gitorious installation, with hundreds of (mostly small) repositories. Management wants to combine TFS and Git on the same infrastructure, since TFS 2013 supports git repositories. That means we need to migrate hosts/servers. But .. so far I fail to find a way to create git repositories that doesn’t involve me clicking […]

How to update the repository with unaccepted pull requests?

The common circumstance is like this: in the, we could fork another developing repository into our own account and continue the development with our own ideas. But meanwhile, the original repository we forked would also be alive thus have many pull requests. So, how could we git pull these pull requests, which hadn’t been […]

How can I recover files after accidentally running “git clean -df”?

I have accidentally run git clean -df. It removed my files from my current commit, which I had yet to push. Now, in git status, those files are marked with D, which means “deleted”. Is there any way to get those files back?

Laravel + git, contributors have different environment

Me and my coworker are trying to use local git repo for our Laravel project. I am using Ubuntu, with PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.9, and he is using Debian with PHP 5.4.39. When I pulled his committed version, I get an error when trying to run composer update: user@ubuntu:/var/www/frontend$ composer install Loading composer repositories with package information […]

How do submit a pull request for a feature branch that has my changes

Here is my scenario. I have a branch where I perform code iterations. I then have a branch off of that when I want to freeze the code base. If a bug is found in the frozen code base, then I have to create a feature branch off the frozen code base and merge back […]

Git commit from inside script fails

I wrote the following bash function which should create a commit with my username hardcoded. Yes I know about git config, this is just a minimal example to demonstrate the problem I’m having. # function lock-commit() { local commit_author=”Varun Madiath <>” git commit –author=”${commit_author}” “$@” } However when I run this, it gives me […]

Can't find the .exe file to install gitpad

This might be a total newbie question, as I am very new to Git and Github. I want to install Gitpad from Github ( ), but I can’t find the .exe file mentioned in the “How to install” part. Clicking on the link “Click this link” doesn’t work either (gives me an error) and […]

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