How to undo 'git fetch'

I just added additional remote A to my repo B and then run git fetch A How can I undo fetch? If I just remove remote A: git remote remove A1 would it undo fetch? UPDATE: git remote add A path/to/A git fetch A The above is commands I run so in result I got […]

Vanishing file included in .gitignore

this is probably naive question: i have file config.yml which is in .gitignore file when I’m switching branch to ‘someotherbranch’ and next i switch back to master then I don’t see config.yml why ignored files are vanishing after switching branch and what can I do to avoid it?

Generate a PDF logbook from git commits

I know that I am able to view previous commits in various ways using git log but I was wondering if anybody here could recommend some good tools for creating a PDF or HTML logbook from git commits. I was hoping I would be able to generate something similar to the style of Github commit […]

Propagate a remote location via clone/push/pull

Our project uses several third-party open-source libraries, some of which require custom modifications. For each library we created our own local git repository, added the original source location as a vendor remote, cloned from there, modified it as needed and pushed it to an internal remote repository (let’s call it origin). These repositories are then […]

Jenkins build using variable ${GIT_BRANCH} as sonarqube parameter without “origin/”

Large team with separate git branches per team and sonar as a code quality checker. The scm tool is set up to pick up every branch that corresponds to this name: ‘feature-branch-*’ which works perfectly, for the maven build. I wanted to set up sonarqube so it would use a different branch for every actual […]

Github showing empty changes for new commits

My Github for windows is showing some files to have changes, but when I compare the files they are the same! I have a screenshot here: I can actually edit these files and then the error goes away, but then it comes back with a new file at random… Any ideas?

Importing Gitlab Wiki to new Gitlab instance

Trying to deploy a new wiki into gitlab from a previous gitlab server. I know how to create a bundle file: git bundle create wiki.bundle –all This gives me a bundle file of my wiki (called wiki.bundle) and when opened there is a lot of markdown files that correspond to the wiki repository. When I […]

How to force Git (2.5+) HTTP transport prefer SPNEGO over Basic authentication?

Summary: I am using Git for Windows 2.5.1 to authenticate with a Kerbesized Git server. When I am using the URL in the form, Git does not even attempt the Negotiate authentication, and asks for the user name and password. A workarouond to force Git to use SPNEGO is to provide empty username and […]

Cannot continue git rebase

Here’s what I have tried. Hopefully somebody has a moment to look at this and suggest something. Thanks! Edit: I believe I have answered my own question: Clone my repo $ git clone leoj3n/roots Cloning into ‘roots’… remote: Counting objects: 3177, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1362/1362), done. remote: Total 3177 (delta 2117), reused […]

Git Init –Bare Error – fatal: Out of memory? mmap failed: No such device

I get that on initializing a bare repository, though there is about 1GB ram available in my remote machine. I’ve also taken a look at git add error : "fatal : malloc, out of memory", but it does not really help. I don’t understand why this error is created, it seems quite weird. Why does […]

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