How to revert project back to a previous commit in android studio

I am working on a project in android studio and would like to revert to a previous push. I attempted VCS => Git => Reset Head (Hard) but my project in Android Studio is unchanged, likely because I’m doing something wrong. I would like to revert the project in Android Studio to a specific earlier […]

EGit: Pruning Remote Tracking Branches that have been Deleted on the Remote Repo

I’m using EGit (for Eclipse) with a team of devs. We have been creating a lot of feature and fix branches for new work, and then merging them into our release branches when they are completed. Right after they are merged into the correct release branch, these temporary branches are usually deleted to keep our […]

git submodule sync command – what is it for?

I don’t understand from the documentation what does git submodule sync do. Please explain.

How to apply this mutt sidebar patch?

Since the homebrew guys now have removed the option of appying the mutt sidebar patch during installation i went searching and found someone who had created an updated mutt sidebar patch for version 1.5.22 of mutt (every mutt sidebar versions seems to always be incompatible with the previous or the next). The patch however, which […]

Git character encoding with Spanish characters

I created a repository from existing files. Inside the set of files, was one with the name “español.gif”. Now, everytime I do $ git status I receive an error: $ path/espa�ol.gif: Protocol error I tried removing the files using $ git rm path/espa�ol.gif $ git rm –cached path/espa�ol.gif $ git rm path/espa?ol.gif $ git rm […]

How do I load a specific git commit?

I cloned a repository and want to switch between to a commit to test my plugin against the core.

Is there any reason I should be working out of a branch in Git if I'm a lone developer?

I just started using Git recently and I was reading up on Git best practices and it seems the most common one is to never work out of your master branch, always create a separate branch and work out of that. I’m wondering if this is only true when working with other developers or if […]

Git push fails to github: failed to read object

The story: I’ve been developing a RoR-app in both my desktop and laptop. It was quite handy to commit changes made on another, push them to github and fetch & merge on other. The starting point is this: I committed latest changes on my desktop, pushed them to github and then fetched and merged them […]

EOF error javascript_include_tag Rails 4

I’m getting an error I can’t seem to figure out the cause of: EOF Error end of file reached called from /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb, line 6: <%= javascript_include_tag “application”, “data-turbolinks-track” => true %> In ruby, an EOF error is a subclass of IOError, and is raised by an IO operation reaching the end of a file. Here’s […]

how to set http as the project default url in gitlab

when opening a project in gitlab, you will see SSH and HTTP(or HTTPS) url on the top of project home page, the SSH url is as default, but I want to set HTTP(or HTTPS) as default, so how should I do? Thanks

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