Git merge of moved files

I forked a repo and changed the file A. Now file A in the upstream repo has moved to a sub directory. I am trying to merge the upstream repo to my fork. Git thinks that file A was deleted in its original location and a new one was created in the new sub directory […]

Is it possible to let Gerrit randomly pick a reviewer?

Is it possible to let Gerrit randomly pick a reviewer? If it isn’t possible by configure Gerrit, is it possible by doing it via Git commands / scripts?

Getting commit information from a RevCommit object in JGit

I called the jgit log command and got back some RevCommit objects. I can get back some basic information from it and I use the following code to get the list of files that changed. There are two more things that I need though: 1) how do I get the information below when the commit […]

Where does 'git fetch' place itself?

So let’s say I’m working on license.txt in my local repository, and I modify it. Before I commit, Susan modifies and commits it to the remote repository. If I do git fetch, what exactly happens to my updates? Where do the results go?

Is there a way to re-order Git stashes?

In Git one can make multiple stashes: git stash save “quick temp stash” git stash save “another quick temp stash” git stash save “This is important but I need to put it on the back burner” git stash save “This is almost certainly garbage, but just in case …” Now, I know that I can […]

How can I “back out” a feature branch merge in Git?

I am relatively new to Git and I want to know if this is correct to do and if there are other ways to remove a feature branch which is merged to master branch. Let me explain with a example: Let us assume we are working on three tickets (bugs/enhancements) and there are three feature […]

Fabric error: Fatal error: local() encountered an error (return code 2) while executing 'git commit -m 'message'

I’m trying to setup a fabfile to deploy my Django app. I can’t figure out why I’m getting this error: Fatal error: local() encountered an error (return code 2) while executing ‘git commit -m ‘changed settings for prodserver’ $ fab create_branch_deploy_to_prodserver [localhost] run: git checkout prodserver_server [localhost] run: git merge master [localhost] run: cp […]

Visual studio 2010 git extention manage remotes unable to connect

I am pretty sure I am making a trivial mistake. I am using using Git Source Control Provider for VS 2010 and Git Extension UI. I am completely new to git concepts and I am doing everything through UI and not using command prompt. I created a repo and then a private and public key. […]

Where can I download the latest gitx app (dmg) from gitx branch

The gitx version on trunk is out of date, but its time consuming to download and compile the latest code from branch. Has any one got a download link to a latest branch build?

Does git cherry-pick save any metadata?

Given a commit that is cherry-picked into master from a branch, and later that branch is merged back into master: How does git know that the changes coming from the previous cherry-pick should not collide with the changes from the merge? Is any sort of metadata saved with the cherry-picked commit?

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