Why did my TeamCity build stop working?

I have a TeamCity build configuration that has been working fine until recently. Suddenly, there is a build stuck in the queue that says it is not compatible with any agents. The reason given is: Implicit requirements: teamcity.build.branch defined in Parameter: BuildFormatSpecification My BuildFormatSpecification parameter is defined thus: %MajorVersion%.%MinorVersion%.%PatchVersion%-%teamcity.build.branch% That in turn is used in […]

Git push failing after Heroku app name change

I changed my app name from “my-app-staging” to “my-app-staging-new” in the Heroku dashboard. Now I can no longer push changes to it- git throws the following error: ! No such app as my-app-staging. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. How do I resolve that?

Reading a Git commit message from PHP

I’m looking for a way to read a Git commit message with PHP. I suspect I need to use a Git hook, but I’ve never worked with them before, so I need a push in the right direction. Specifically, I’d like to implement the following process: A PHP script is executed automatically after every commit […]

Sharing files across branches in Git

There are a bunch of files in my project that are sometimes modified but always shared among many different branches. Examples include build scripts, batch files that include paths, etc. Even the .gitignore file itself is an example. I want this stuff in source control, but I don’t want individual branches to keep track of […]

Git hooks for metadata storage/retrieval

One of git‘s unavoidable quirks is its inability to store and retrieve metadata about a file. For example, on the mac, labels are stored with “extended attributes” (accessible with xattr), and any checkout/reset/merge/pull command will erase those attributes if the file is affected by the checkout. I’ve looked around to see if someone has written […]

Why can I not switch branches?

I’m trying to switch branches in git but I’m getting this error message: error: you need to resolve your current index first I’m using git under xcode4 git status # On branch DateCode # Unmerged paths: # (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage) # (use “git add/rm <file>…” as appropriate to mark resolution) # […]

git operations occasionally hang in Jenkins on Windows

We are running continuous Jenkins builds of a git project hosted at Assembla. Jenkins is running on Tomcat6 under its own user, and generally works fine. However every once in a while (say once in every 10 builds), the checkout operation at the beginning of the build job simply hangs. At other times the git […]

funny refname error when creating a new remote branch

So I’ve gotten a project up on github and everything is dandy. Now I want to create a new branch. Here’s what I’ve done: created a new local branch pushed the new branch to github Here’s the problem: During the push to my remote, I get this error: Repository ssh://git@github.com/<username>/ProjectColossus.git funny refname error: refusing to […]

How to get rid of false dependencies in gerrit

It appears that when using gerrit, by default all changes depend on the previous one. I do not branch for new changes, I simply work off the master branch and then push the commited changes to a remote origin/master. A dependency is created every time even if the two commits have nothing to do with […]

git-shell – New repositories

I have a server with a dedicated git user and repositories I’m trying to use the git-shell method to allow my devs to work on several projects. I’m about to change the shell of my git user to git-shell If I do that, I won’t be able to connect with a standard shell anymore (that’s […]

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