Git commit from inside script fails

I wrote the following bash function which should create a commit with my username hardcoded. Yes I know about git config, this is just a minimal example to demonstrate the problem I’m having. # function lock-commit() { local commit_author=”Varun Madiath <>” git commit –author=”${commit_author}” “$@” } However when I run this, it gives me […]

Can't find the .exe file to install gitpad

This might be a total newbie question, as I am very new to Git and Github. I want to install Gitpad from Github ( ), but I can’t find the .exe file mentioned in the “How to install” part. Clicking on the link “Click this link” doesn’t work either (gives me an error) and […]

Are git messages we see in shell logged?

This thing came out of curiosity, do git messages that we see in shell every time we run any git command do they get logged or just stdout to shell ?

Git does not detect large rename operation

I make a sort of rebranding and rename all root folders inside the project. Smartgit sees all files as missing and untracked. When I commit some of them are marked as renamed in log but a lot of them not. I don’t want to lose the connection with fork source for these files. I don’t […]

Rollback two commits. Reapply second commit. Branch and apply first commit

In my project, I’ve recently made two commits. The commits are on different sets of files. I’ve also pushed these commits remotely. Something like the following- git commit file-a file-b -m “first commit of new features” git commit file-c file-d -m “second commit of new features” git push -u origin master I would like to […]

Git Hook Pre-Commit Error: Command Not Found

I have a simple git hook that calls some other (VBScript) scripts. The script runs correctly when I call it from the command line, however when the hook is executed it gives me the following error(s): ./RevisionDate.vbs: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ ./RevisionDate.vbs: line 1: `Set copyFSO = CreateObject (“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)’ .git/hooks/pre-commit: line […]

Prevent file which was removed earlier in git history from being removed when pulling branch into site

I am working on a Drupal project which requires the database configuration to be set in a file called settings.php. Because this file varies locally it is not normally stored in git. Unfortunately, a colleague added it to the repository. The file has since been removed from the repo and the file added to gitignore. […]

Visual Studio 2013 – Force renamed project files to commit automatically

I have a project under git version control in Visual Studio. However when I change the name of files, These files do not get included for commits automatically. I know how to manually include them, but I am looking for an automatic solution. For example: In the pic, next to the two files I circled […]

how to add files to github repository

I want to add a bunch of files to a new git repository. I tried creating a new repository using github windows software, then I pasted all my files in the folder that was created and made a commit. It showed the message that 55 files have been committed but there is no change reflected […]

Git – How can I get a file's history added to another file… or something

Okay, so basically one of the dev’s messed up. I’ll try make it short so it’s easier to understand. We have file /src/SomeFile.php in master Developer creates a new branch called task-1 Separate changes are made to /src/SomeFile.php in master and task-1 All normal up to here. Developer decides to change the file structure in […]

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