Sync TFS and GIT

Today we have all our source code on our local TFS server. Now we want that some external parties can access a portion of the code. We therefore looking at the possibility that e.g. Clone this code to an external GIT server they can access. I have looked at the git–tfs. But if I understand […]

How can I get things back after git reset –hard

This question already has an answer here: Undo git reset –hard with uncommitted files in the staging area 6 answers

Git: branches should isolate the changes, or should not?

I thought I had already a decent grasp of Git, but just now I’ve been surprised. I thought that branches would isolate the changes from other branches, so I started a big experimental refactoring in a new branch. This refactoring, implied moving many files. When I switched to master I could still see the changes […]

Test to determine if git clone command succeeded

I tried to clone the git repository by passing the username, password. That was successful. But what my intention is that I want to know whether the git clone command executed or not. If not, I would like to handle such kind of errors in shell script itself. My working shell script: cd .. git […]

Is Git’s “master” branch name more than just a name?

I am new to Git and I wonder if Git’s “master” branch is anything more than a name? I would not have thought so, until I saw people taking efforts to merge back not to any branch they feel their main branch but to the one named “master”. Does it have any special functionality? Or […]

Is it possible to keep .gitignore files out of SVN?

I’m using git svn to merge changes from my local git repository to an SVN server. However, when I issue git svn dcommit it will actually commit any .gitignore files that I have in my source tree. This is even after I’ve checked out the SVN repository locally (using SVN), set the svn:ignore property (recursively, […]

How to clone and integrate external (from git) cmake project into local one

I faced with a problem when I was trying to use Google Test there is a lot of manuals how to use ExternalProject_Add for the adding gtest into the project, however most of these describe a method based on the downloading zip archive with gtest and build it as we know gtest github hosted and […]

Cannot force commit file to Heroku

I’m having trouble with this Git issue and I cannot seem to resolve it. I have a node that I’ve been building and I’ve finally reached the point of deploying it. I’m trying to push files directly to my app on Heroku. I know that I can simply pull the data from a Github repo […]

publish to multiple remotes using Github for Windows

Short: Is there a way we can push to multiple remotes simultaneously using Github for Windows GUI. I am aware of the solution involving creating merged-remotes by editing the config file given here: pull/push from multiple remote locations What I am looking for is a simple GUI functionality extending the current user-friendly ‘sync’ and ‘publish’ […]

Git clone: “You appear to have cloned an empty repository”

Some colleagues and I have been working on a project stored in a private git repository. Historically, there have been no problems, but recently I attempted to clone, and got the following problem: Cloning into ‘project’… warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository. Checking connectivity… done. A git log provides: fatal: your current […]

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