Efficient project architecture with git

Firstly, let me introduce general architecture of a project. It is hierarchical. We develop server application for our customers. It is stored on main server. Say, local server 1, local server 2, …, local server n are the servers (main application instances) in different companies. Each company has one local server. Mostly all local servers […]

How to move branch in SourceTree into Folder?

I have the following branch structure in git: master feature-2 bugfix/bug-1 feature/feature-1 Now I want to move branch feature-2 into the feature folder. How do I move branches into folders? Either via SourceTree or the git command line.

My Android Project has are now Colored Red after Experimenting with CVS in android studio

I am studying with the CVS in Android Studio and after that, my folder and all files are now color red. How can I make it back to normal again? Please check the link of the picture and see it. http://imageshack.com/a/img199/8914/3sws.png After further checking, probably this is the cause? I’m not sure if this error […]

Git-tfs trying to pull from old tfs server instead of our new one

My team transferred our tfs from an old server to a new one a little bit ago. We are using git tfs to manage our local changes and to push them into tfs. However I am running into an issue when I clone a exsisting repo from tfs like so git tfs clone http://our.new.tfs/tfs $/project […]

Can't start a GIT build on Teamcity

I’m trying to configure a build with Teamcity and GIT. Getting the following error during checkout – Failed to perform checkout on agent: Unable to run git at path C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\ I’ve installed msysgit and git extensions and the above path contains git.exe. Any ideas?

Git or SVN for Rails app?

Which version control system should I use for a Rails app: Git or SVN? Here are some factors to consider: I’m the sole developer I’m familiar with SVN I’ve only used Git for a week, it seems pretty similar to SVN really. I want to put my repository on a remote location and connect to […]

Git push to a new remote after shallow clone

Is it possible to do this? I have a few branches and quite a few commits, and I am trying to git push – –all origin but I am getting shallow update not allowed. Thanks in advance.

git prompting me before commit

Is there a way git prompts me a “You are attempting to make a commit in the production branch. Are you sure (y/N)?” message before every commit. As it is obvious from the message, I want it only on a specific branch (say production branch) to avoid any spurious commits.

Find last commit in Git repo that contains a certain string pattern

This question already has an answer here: Finding a Git commit that introduced a string in any branch 6 answers

How to delete remote branch (e.g. Github) from command line?

I have a git repository in my local machine: I add a new branch called test and add a few commits Then I checkout to master branch and add commits to it. So I use git push –all github and continue working on master. After some time I decide to completely remove the test branch […]

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