Why do I receive the error “Untracked working tree file” when switching branches in Git?

Until yesterday my project has only a branch with a .gitignore file similar to: *.log upload/* !upload/global/empty.txt It worked fine until I added a new branch and changed this .gitignore to not ignore upload files. The new .gitignore file remained with only one line: *.log I returned to master branch without problems, but now each […]

Most Flexible Open Office Word Document Format (Not MS Word) For Git Versioning and Collaboration

I am looking to start a collaborative word document in Git, and want to know what is the best format? Some loose requirements I have for this document are: potential to easily add some simple markup, like bold, italics, maybe some font sizes or highlighting (nothing too technical). Ability to work seamlessly in git without […]

How to view git log in Emacs?

Emacs shows me conveniently the git log of a single file under git with C-x v l. But how can I view the entire history? In the shell I do git log in a directory under git. Is there a more emacs-affine way to do this?

commit one at a time in git

git add -p allows you to traverse through each modified file one at a time. I would like a similar version; however, it needs to allow you to stage one file at a time. I want to be able to stage and provide the commit message as well.

clone from a git repo and commit to a new repository

I’ve created a skeleton theme for the Ghost blogging engine. And committed this to a github repo, I want to be able to clone this repo as a new theme. $ cd ghost/content/themes git clone https://github.com/StyxOfDynamite/styx_ghost_theme.git new_theme_name $ ls -l new_theme_name this successfully creates a new theme, a copy of the base theme, however I […]

Why does git stash creates 2 commit objects? Seems like 1 was adequate

When doing git stash 2 commits are created. One is referenced by the stash ref and has 2 parent commits. One parent is the index of where we did the stash. The other parent has the actual contents of what we stashed. Why are 2 commits needed for the stash? It seems to me that […]

How to install GitFlow for Windows

Is there a way to install Git Flow on Windows? I tried this tutorial but I’m unable to understand it. I already have Git Installed on my PC, can I use GitFlow from my current Git installation?

How to git clone a specific tag only without getting the whole repo?

I want to get linux kernel source for cross compiling stuff for my router, but the repo is huge (3gb) if I do git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git and then check out that tag, the clone took forever, my bandwidth is limited. if I run this git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git –branch v2.6.22.19 –single-branch the filesize recived is around 150mb, […]

git rebase causes feature branch to lose tracking information

Whenever I’m rebasing in my feature branch from our ‘master’ branch, my feature branch seems to lose its tracking information. What’s wrong with this workflow? $ git clone repo_url $ git co -b feature/my_work_task Do a bunch of work here $ git commit -am”Commit my work” $ git push # push the branch upstream $ […]

Managing a Git Staging Server and Live Server

I’ve been using Git/Beanstalk while developing a new site and it has worked wonders for pushing changes from Local server to the Staging Server. I’m now at the point where I want to go “live” with a Production Server and was wondering what the normal procedure is (many of the other links don’t cover this…). […]

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