Why should I use tags vs. release/beta branches for versioning?

I’ve been using git for about a year and would like to use tagging to, well, tag commits at different versions. I’ve found lots of info on the commands to use to work with tags, but what I’d like to know is why use tagging at all if I can just create a new branch […]

Why does Git say my master branch is “already up to date” even though it is not?

Basic Problem I just deleted ALL the code from a file in my project and committed the change to my local git (on purpose). I did git pull upstream master to fetch and merge from upstream (so in theory that deleted code should be back). Git tells me everything is up to date. Everything is […]

Can I undo the last git push?

A team member accidentally pushed half a gig of unwanted zips to the remote repo last night when they were in a rush. Yes… oops. Nobody has pulled or committed since. Ideally I want to just ‘undo’ what happened. I have looked at filter-branch and was thinking of trying something like git filter-branch –tree-filter ‘rm […]

Git Bash: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent

I’m new to Github and Generating SSH Keys look a neccessity. And was informed by my boss about this, so I need to comply. I successfully created SSH Key but when I’m going to add it to the ssh-agent this is what happens What seems to be the problem?

How to download a branch with git?

I have a project hosted on GitHub. I created a branch on one computer, then pushed my changes to github with git push origin branch-name Now I am on a different computer, and I want to download that branch. So I tried: git pull origin branch-name …but all this did was overwrite my master branch […]

Why doesn't Git use more modern SHA?

I read about that Git uses SHA-1 digest as an ID for a revision. Why does it not use a more modern version of SHA?

Git show files that were changed in the last 2 days

How can I have a list with all the files that were changed in the last 2 days? I know about git log –name-status –since=”2 days ago” but this will show me ids, dates and commit messages. All I need is the list of the file names which were changed. Is that possible with git?

TortoiseGit not showing icon overlays

I have been using TortoiseGit for almost a full year now. It has been working very well for me until yesterday, when I encountered a problem. I was deleting a folder when Windows Explorer sort of crashed on me (it hung on “discovering items”) for over an hour, then I restarted the system. Since that […]

Git revert local commit

I have a git repo hooked up in phpstorm on windows. I committed a few change sets then pushed them to our “central repo”. After this I have then made a few more commits. I no longer want these commits that have not been pushed to the central repo. How do I clean my working […]

How can I check in a bash script if my local git repo has changes

There are some scripts that do not work correctly if they check for changes. I tried it like this: VN=$(git describe –abbrev=7 HEAD 2>/dev/null) git update-index -q –refresh CHANGED=$(git diff-index –name-only HEAD –) if [ ! -z $CHANGED ]; then VN=”$VN-mod” fi Is there some kind of boolean check if there has been changes since […]

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