Recreating branch history in git from imported branches

I’m in the process of moving a mature repository from an old revision control system (that shall remain nameless) to git. Since the old system doesn’t seem to be used by anyone else there’s no official importer but I found a basic one on Github which I’ve improved a bit. Unfortunately it only handles a […]

Setting color on git status in bash prompt

I’m trying to set my bash prompt to with the following script. Everything works, but the part where I print out the branch name in a Git repository and the status of the branch in color. The colors are somewhat arbitrary, but needless to say it would be red if any files are uncommitted, or […]

SaltStack Error with command

I am writing you, because of an error in the order or highstate. I have a pkg Maldet already installed on my server which is the master, I wish to start this maldet -a /var/www i have this result that can launch scans on the SRV no problem. Linux Malware Detect v1.4.2 (C) 2002-2013, […]

Why is the Jenkins Git Plugin using old parameter values when being triggered by SCM tool

We use a Jenkins build server to build our software after pushes to several Git repositories. Since we went to some code reorganization recently I tried to set up a more sophisticated build pipeline, building each of our products (a Git repository each) in the order of their dependencies. Each job triggers the execution of […]

Restoring gitolite backup not working

I’ve recently had to reinstall de SO on our server. It uses a Debian OS. I’ve reinstalled the gitolite3 package. During the installation it asks me for a admin key. I used the exact same stanza that was found in the in the keydir of the gitolite-admin backup that I had. So then I […]

git: How do I undo a reverted merge in the distant past (pushed long ago)?

Suppose I am responsible for maintaining a git repository with a layout like so: –r1——–r2—r3—-mx—–r4——– [release] \ / \ \—x1–*——x2 [topic_x] \ \ \ \ \———–y1 [topic_y] \ \ \ \ \ `—z1————*———mz2—-z3—- [topic_z] \ \ \ \ `—mt1–mt2—————mt3— [test] The important features of this workflow are as follows: There are a bunch of topic […]

Manually extracting reflog when git reflog fails

The HEAD commit object of my .git repo was lost due to a machine crash: $ git rev-parse HEAD 1f411c372caab4767638df0b47be5e2f576cb582 $ git reflog error: object file .git/objects/1f/411c372caab4767638df0b47be5e2f576cb582 is empty fatal: loose object 1f411c372caab4767638df0b47be5e2f576cb582 (stored in .git/objects/1f/411c372caab4767638df0b47be5e2f576cb582) is corrupt It turns out there are only a few files that are corrupted, but because the HEAD commit […]

How can I change which commit is master in sourcetree?

I want to change master to be at the commit “Local settings for Jakov”. Then I want to delete the two latest commits, “Import xlsxwriter” and “Revert “Import xlsxwriter”. Is this possible?

TC fails on files with empty spaces in name on git project

    During TC build I occured with such problem: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-release-plugin:2.5.1:prepare (default-cli) on project test-project: An error occurred during the status check process: Exception while executing SCM command. Error while executing command. Error inside systemOut parser: Illegal character in path at index 0: “java/releases/13.4.1/Prod/SomeFile%2013.1.1.docx” -> [Help 1]      So that means that […]

A new tag with <tag> gets added in my pom after doing a release on git server

I have a maven-based java project which I released on Bitbucket git server recently using mvn:release perform command and it was successful. However, after the release was done my pom.xml got modified automatically with the code snippet <tag>HEAD</tag> in the tag which kind of surprised me because when doing a release on subversion in my […]

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