Files missing from a git clone

So here’s what happened: On machine A, I cloned a shared git repository. Then I started a new branch, added a directory with a bunch of files in it, committed, and pushed the new branch. On machine B I then cloned the same shared repository, created a remote tracking branch for the new branch I’d […]

Shorthand for getting the diff from the last N commits?

I know I can do: git diff HEAD^..HEAD But is there some shorthand that’s easier to remember, like: git diff foo N where N can be any number of commits from now to get a cumulative diff of?

how to undo commit

Hi I want to undo my last commit. What I did is I made some changes to file then I commit them but I have not push them to main repo yet. After git commit -m “comment” command I ran git status and I got this message Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/demo’ by 1 […]

How to use libgit2sharp to create a new branch from local to remote?

I want to create and delete a branch on git using libgit2sharp. I came up with this code but it throws an error at repo.Network.Push(localBranch, pushOptions); using (var repo = new Repository(GIT_PATH)) { var branch = repo.CreateBranch(branchName); var localBranch = repo.Branches[branchName]; //repo.Index.Stage(GIT_PATH); repo.Checkout(localBranch); repo.Commit(“Commiting at ” + DateTime.Now); var pushOptions = new PushOptions() { Credentials […]

will creating a git branch delete my local changes

Possible Duplicate: Git – Create a branch with current changes I have done a whole lot of work on my project which I realise should have been done on another branch. If I create a branch now, will my current changes need to be checked in, or will they be wiped when the new branch […]

What does “commit your changes or stash them” mean?

I have my branch on my GIT repository where I used to commit and push. But today I saw a different programmer committed and pushed to my branch. Now when I try to pull the latest branch GIT completes it half way and then gives error “Either commit your changes or stash them”. I have […]

git diff shows ^M with color ui true

I modified my .gitconfig in such a way that I have some colors when performing git diff: $ cat .gitconfig [color] ui = true I’m working on an ubuntu machine and I edited some code using VIM. After editing a file a execute git diff, once with and once without ui=true. Problem: in the first […]

Maven error “Failure to transfer…”

I am trying to set up a project using Maven (m2eclipse), but I get this error in Eclipse: Description Resource Path Location Type Could not calculate build plan: Failure to transfer org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:pom:2.0.2 from was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of central has elapsed or updates […]

Git and Mercurial – can someone explain this test result

I was doing a comparison on speed for GIT and Mercurial. I choose a big project of 9072 files (mainly php files and several images) with a size of 95.1 MB. This is a fake project, and maybe give someone the idea on how to explaing the results I got – it is a wordpress […]

Import bitbucket into PHPStorm

I feel like I have tried Everything but I keep getting a clone fail error: Here is what I did Open PHPStorm ->VCS -> Checkout from Version Control -> Git In Git Repository URL: I insert Parent Directory: C:\xampp\htdocs Directory name: udlejnings-priser Now when I press Test I get the following error: Repository test […]

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