How to define ESC char in git?

I want to use coloring in git output, e.g.: git log –decorate –color When I issue this command I get output looking like ESC[1;32m where ESC is in reversed color. This looks to me as a valid escape sequence, except that the \033 must be sent and not the characters E, S and C. When […]

Using git subtree merging, while also merging in all branches of all merged subtrees

I’d like to use a popular, open source issue tracker (Redmine) that offers git integration. Unfortunately, each project in the tracker can only be associated with one git repo. Creating multiple projects in the tracker is not my ideal setup. With that in mind, I’ve attempted to use git subtree merging (explained here, and here). […]

Git alias with two commands (stash pop + merge) executes only the first command. Why? How to execute also the merge?

I set up a git alias like this: git config –global alias.popmerge ‘!git stash pop && git merge master’ Then I call it, like this: git popmerge The “git stash pop” is executed, but the “git merge master” is ignored. If I run “git merge master” right after the “git popmerge“… it sumply runs as […]

Git pull fails: You have unstaged changes. Git status: nothing to commit (working directory clean)

When trying to do a git pull I get “You have unstaged changes.”. When I do a git status it says: nothing to commit (working directory clean). Why? I can do a git reset –hard, then pull, but I don’t understand why pull fails in the first time.

Sprockets::CircularDependencyError application.js has already been required

In my application, I receive a Sprockets::CircularDependencyError application.js has already been required. This affects every page in my application because none of the JS loads. Note – this error occurred after a fairly complex merge. My assumption (please correct me if I’m wrong) is that this error occurs because two different files require application.js. If […]

Specification for syntax of git dates

Is there any specification for the syntax of dates passed to git? For example, what dates are accepted by the “–before” option to “git rev-list”? Assuming there is no such specification, is there any way to get git to transform a date into a canonical form, so that one can check that a given date […]

Directory showing up as a grey folder on github, but not tracking its content. Why?

I have a directory “ui-kit” that shows up on github as a grey folder. It’s not clickable. Here is the whole content of .gitignore: # Fleetwit docs uploads/* .env *.prj *.pui # Logs logs *.log #Node node_modules # ========================= # Operating System Files # ========================= # OSX # ========================= .DS_Store .AppleDouble .LSOverride # Thumbnails ._* […]

Does a git clone/push/pull mirror the exact contents of the repos involved?

I wasn’t sure how to word the question, so apologies if it’s not clear. If you git clone a repo that had a bunch of dangling objects, do you clone those? Same for the opposite. If you did a git gc and pushed that to someone else, does their repo lose anything the git gc […]

Git rebase, skip merge-commits

Starting with hack—F1—-M1—-F2 (feature) / / C1—–C2—-C3 (master) I would like to end up with hack—F1—-M1—-F2 (feature) / / C1—–C2—-C3—F1′—F2′ (master) So far the best I have is git checkout feature git checkout -b temp git rebase -i –onto master hack temp * Big drawback: manually remove the merged-in C2 and C3 from list of […]

Author not defined when importing SVN repository into Git

I’m trying to import our SVN repository into Git. When I run either this command: git svn –authors-file=/path/to/authors –trunk=trunk clone https://my-repo/project . or this command: svn2git https://my-repo/project –no-minimize-url -v –authors /path/to/authors Both return this error: Author: patrick not defined in /path/to/authors file ..but as far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with my […]

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