GIT equivalence of SVN Changelist?

Just curious if GIT has something like Subversions Changelist feature, its something that I find quite handy working with on the fly, I know I could run something like cat ‘changelistfileimade’ | xargs git update but am curious if there’s a built in method too? Cheers.

Avoid the effects of a revert commit in another Git branch while merging

Working with git flow. We have a co-worker who is not familiar with Git that accidentally merged develop into master yesterday. Develop has quite a few features that are launching with our next release, requiring a revert on the merge. This has created a commit which undoes all of the changes. When we merge master […]

How can I remove an applied git patch?

I have a git repo, where we apply many patches in test environment. git apply –stat –check –ignore-whitespace /home/kent/Desktop/patches/test.patch –exclude .gitignore git am -s –ignore-whitespace /home/kent/Desktop/patches/test.patch –exclude .gitignore –exclude .gitignore If I have to remove the patch and apply a new one, at present I clone the live content and reapply all the test patches […]

git merge conflict due to renaming in two branches – how to fix & avoid in future?

I have two local branches master and dev. Both branches contained three folders: projectBeta project project_v1 I wanted to just keep projectBeta and remove project and project_v1 and then rename projectBeta as project. So that’s what I did separately on both branches, committing as I went along. All looked good until I tried to then […]

Automatically commit an empty .gitignore file after git init?

I would like to start off all my git repositories with an “empty” initial commit by simply touching an empty .gitignore file and committing it. My reasons are roughly the same as in this question. Baiscally, the first commit (the “tail”) has no parent commit, so various weird and unexpected things happen that would not […]

Adding Tags to a Pull Request

I have a repo iontech/Anagen forked from agiliq/Anagen I made a few commits to my fork and added a tag. Then I opened a Pull Request. This Pull Request includes only my commits. How do I include the tag I’ve created into the Pull Request?

“src refspec does not match” and “failed to push some refs” errors on git push

Possible Duplicate: Error when “git push” to github I tried to push my new branch (let’s just call it new_branch) to remote rep. There is no such branch there yet, but git push origin new_branch:new_branch should create it. When I try to do it, this is what I get: error: src refspec new_branch does not […]

Moving master head to a branch

I have several feature branches and a master branch. Feature2 is done. Normally I would rebase (working with a remote SVN repo and would like to keep the history, so no regular merge) and ff-merge. But since master hasnt changed since I branched, I would like to move the master head (at E) to G. […]

Running tests on feature branches

I have a build configuration with a test VCS root that connects to git branch dev, 3 build steps and 1 trigger. These are my build steps: Build tests Run tests Build & Deploy I would like to run all of these build steps for branch dev but only two of them (build and run […]

Stage file by its file name, regardless of directory–Git

I have very nested directories in a project, and I’m a lazy programmer. Let’s say I have a file name I want to stage my file regardless of whether it’s in the root directory or ./src/holy/sweet/mother/of/baby/raptor/jesus/this/is/a/long/hiearchy/ My goal would be to be all, “Yo Git, add EventEditor” and bam. It stages it with me […]

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