Git log – How to filter (exclude) files from appearing in `git log`? (git pathspec magic)

I need to use the git-log command to create a report of the number of added and removed lines by commit, on average between two dates. Currently the command I use is: git log –since=”2015-12-01″ –until=”2015-12-31″ –shortstat But I need to filter some files in the process. Thoses files are autogenerated, and we don’t want […]

How can I keep a git mirror in sync (including deleting branches)?

I’ve cloned a git repo using git clone –mirror, and I’d like to keep the mirror up to date. So far, I’ve been using git fetch –all, but I’ve noticed that branches deleted in the original repo are not deleted in the mirrored repo. I’ve looked at How to update a git clone –mirror? but […]

Is there any way of stopping Sublime Text's Git plugin messing with the status bar?

I’m using the Sublime Text Git plugin (with ST3), but I don’t need or want the stuff it adds to the status bar (at the bottom of the UI). I can’t seem to turn that off though. In Git.sublime-settings I’ve set both statusbar_branch and statusbar_status to false, which has removed some but not all of […]

Git-flow and client-specific functionality

How would you recommend to manage client-specific functionality and change requests within Git-flow, or Git in general? Should client-specific features be in a separate branch dedicated to the client? (Each client having its own branch from the develop branch.) Or should they be in a separate repository? (Each client having a dedicated repository, with the […]

Cloning a repo without tags?

I want to create bare git project without tags using clone.But through Google came to know that there is no option like “–no-tags“. Is there any way to clone without tags like below? $ git clone {path}/test.git –no-tags –mirror Any help will be appreciated!! 🙂

Advantages of git fetch; git rebase origin master

Possible Duplicate: git pull VS git fetch git rebase I see some git project recommended you to update the project via git fetch; git rebase origin master Are there any advantages in doing this, as compare to git pull from the perspective of opensource projects on github, since you always trust the remote anyway.

How do I give all GitLab users access to all repositories without making the repos public?

We’re a small team (about 20 people) and I want to give everyone access to all the repositories but without making them public. Is there a way to make all repositories accessible to every user without making them public? Or so they could at least see/browse all the repos? So far my approach was to […]

How does Git's typical workflow compare to Mercurial's?

On, a typical hg workflow is described as: 1.If you haven’t done so in a while, get the latest version that everyone else is working off of: hg pull hg up 2.Make some changes 3.Commit them (locally) 4.Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve got some nice code that you’re willing to inflict on everyone else […]

How do I close a GitHub issue without making a commit?

I thought there would be a simple way to do this, but I’m really having a hard time finding any answers in any search I make. I have some issues that I need to close because we decided that it is not really an issue, so I need to close it. I already know how […]

Can you order git log by commit timestamp?

So I recently rebased a branch and merged it into master. When I do git log, I get a pretty, linear history of commits. But I want to see my commit history based on timestamp so I can easily compare when the commits on two branches were made in realtime. Is there a git log […]

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