Report of bitbucket and github pull and push

I need a report of all pull and push by all team members.

How to create a secure git repository in the cloud?

I would like to create a git repository and keep a backup copy of it in the cloud. Creating a remote repository would be a simple solution, but the code would be open to anyone with access to the cloud machine, thus compromised. Currently I manage this git repository in the local computer (it is […]

Deleted a Git Branch and it changed my HEAD, How do I change it back?

I’m not entirely sure of my process here, not too sure what I did or how it happened. But we’ve locally deleted the master branch on accident. And now the HEAD of the project has changed to a different branch. I’ve tried to run the command-line of: git remote set-head origin master But this isn’t […]

Rebase is making push impossible

I’m having some trouble with Git using rebase, here is a “draw” of what the situation was, what I want and what I did. Repo state (initial) — C1 — C5 — C6 — C7 (master & origin/master) \ \— C2 — C3 — C4 (my-branch & origin/my-branch) Repo state (wanted) — C1 — C5 […]

Does a Git a push configuration allow specifying the branch as well?

I have a branch which pulls from one remote and pushes to another and U used git branch –set-upstream-to=xxxx xxxx to set the pull repo and git config remote.origin.pushurl to set the push repo. Although the pull is from the master branch on the source repo, the push goes to the upstream branch on […]

Issue while trying to open a Maven project via Git in Eclipse Luna

I have a maven project in Github and I want to work with that in Eclipse. In eclipse, there is an option for File>New>Other>Maven>Check out Maven Projects from SCM. But the dropdown select option near SCM URL is inactive. On clicking “m2e Marketplace”, I cannot find git in the list. Though I did find egit, […]

Remote branch tracking does not change to the new target

I issue git push origin -u for a local branch and the branch is set up track remote_branch and code is pushed. git push origin -u local_branch:remote_branch I then issue the same command again but with a different branch remote_branch_2 name and code is pushed again. git push origin -u local_branch:remote_branch_2 Then I check by […]

Managing Multiple Versions of Code in Git

I have a project that I am currently working on utilizing the GitFlow method. We recently have gotten a client where they will be using our code base with a few changes made specific to them. What I am looking to do is have their code automatically updated with hotfixes and features implemented in our […]

Run local wordpress instance from cloned openshift app git repository

I’m developing plugins for a wordpress application hosted with OpenShift. I can clone the git repository from openshift, and I get a structure like this ├── .openshift │   ├── action_hooks │   │   ├── build │   │   ├── deploy │   │   ├── post_deploy │   │   └── pre_build │   ├── config │   │   └── wp-config.php │   ├── […]

Error on Git Bash (Windows 7): sh.exe”: android: command not found

I’m having an issue running the android key word on Git bash, installed on Windows 7, 64 bit. The error I get is as below: sh.exe”: android: command not found Any one know why this is so?

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