Deploying changes to an app hosted on Heroku without using Git

I have an application on GitHub that is deployed to Heroku. Even if I’m at a computer where Git is not installed, I can make changes to the files in the repository via the GitHub website. However, I’m not sure if I can deploy those changes to Heroku without invoking “git push heroku“. Does anyone […]

Why do merge conflicts happen?

For example: I have a master branch. I create a file file.txt and I write Master branch in it, and then I commit it. I create another branch called fix20, and modify the text of file.txt to This is fix20 branch. Then I commit it. I switch to the master branch and then I create […]

problem with commit message after conflicts been resolved when merge

I am new in Git. Currently, I am experiencing this scenario: Step 0. I am working on a sub-branch Step 1. I have added & commited file1, file2, file3 on my sub-branch with commit message msg1, msg2, msg3 respectively. Step 2. I checkout master to switch to master branch Step 3. I pull origin master […]

How can I view the history of a single branch in EGit for eclipse

When reviewing code in eclipse using EGit plugin, before merging it to the develop branch, you switch to the branch and see what files changed with the commits on that branch. For this I would like to see -only- the commits to the current checked out branch. When using Team -> Show in History, I […]

git does not ignore a file

I accidentally tracked the .idea/workspace.xml file created by rubymine and now i can’t seem to remove the file from being tracked. It’s been checked in multiple times because of this, but i’d really like it to stop being tracked because is causes merge conflicts. Here’s how i keep trying to remove the file. git rm […]

git-flow for multiple staging / production environments

I am trying to apply git-flow for a project with multiple websites that share a same code base. I currently use many feature branches, one develop branch, one support branch, and MANY production branches: one for each site, since some config files are customized per site. The git flow tool does not propose many master/production […]

“TAG – diff” in gitweb – is it possible?

Suppose I have two versions v0.1 and v0.2. In between, there are about 20 commits. Now if I want to make a kind of code review on the two versions, gitweb only offers me the possibility to make diffs between each commit. I would just like a diff of all commits done in between the […]

double checking GitLab installation : gitlab-shell self-check failed

I installed GitLab and everything seems fine. Until I double check application status by running: sudo -u git -H editor /home/git/gitlab-shell/config.yml. This item is in red and seems to have an error: gitlab-shell self-check failed Try fixing it: Make sure GitLab is running; Check the gitlab-shell configuration file: sudo -u git -H editor /home/git/gitlab-shell/config.yml Please […]

Is 'git –bare init' wrong?

Is git –bare init wrong? Should it be: git init –bare

How to make “git describe” mention the presence or absence of local changes?

How can I check, in a script, if local changes are present? Perhaps in combination with git describe?

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