how to solve git error while installing linkedin from git://

i get this error while using bundle install in ROR. Fetching git:// fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (No such host is known. ) Git error: command git clone “git://” “C:/RailsInstaller/Ruby1.8.7/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/ca che/bundler/git/linkedin-3e3919d62b37a1f8879ade6b51b3eeb032fc8973” –bare –no-hardlinks in directory C:/linkedin/linke dinfrongit has failed. I am using windows.

Why GitHub suggest “prefix your version names with the letter v?”

This is the content at GitHub’s right sidebar: Tagging suggestions It’s common practice to prefix your version names with the letter v. Some good tag names might be v1.0 or v2.3.4. If the tag isn’t meant for production use, add a pre-release version after the version name. Some good pre-release versions might be v0.2-alpha or […]

Github desktop for mac cannot login

I’m new to github and I’ve just downloaded github desktop for mac (v217), but i cannot login, it always says “could not reach server”. Image : the error msg I’ve tried : Both my username and email for ‘Login’; Reinstall github desktop; Login with Git by trying “git push” to my repo and succeeded; And […]

GitHub: Would my Fork get updated when the master is changing?

Possible Duplicate: Can I update a forked project, on git, to the original/master copy? I’ve created a Fork as I would like to change some of the code in the master project: I would like my Fork and its repository to get updated, when any new files are pushed into the master repository. Would […]

Untrack all files on git

In the move from C9 to hosting on my Macbook via SSH, I’ve had to re-download Kohana and change some other things just to get my site working; I don’t want those to be committed. Is there any way to untrack all tracked files so only future changes are committed? Or is there something else […]

How can I create a patch that spans commits using Sourcetree?

I observe that when I “Create a patch“, the dialog creates the patch that is “to” the commit I selected “from” it’s predecessor. In the dialog, I can tantalisingly select two separate commits and the diff panel shows the diffs that are between those two – that’s the patch that I want. But when I […]

How do I verify that a specific public key file is used with git?

I sent a 3rd party my public SSH key, which they used to add access for me to a particular repository. However, when I try to git clone, I get errors (in fact, I’m asked for a password). I’ve run into issues before when what I thought was my public key, wasn’t in fact the […]

Git workflow/Deployment

I’m new to Git and trying to move my website away from SVN to GIT for version control and also deployment. I’ve got a number of developers who will work on their local machine and I’ve got 3 servers, ‘development’, ‘staging’ and ‘production’. I’ve been reading books and watching videos of how Git works so […]

How to setup Git on local network?

I downloaded Git setup and trying to setup for computers in my network. I searched for the process but I found it for to host code on line on I found a few links but there is not the whole process. I am aware for how to push and pull.

How do you share your git repository with other developers?

I have a central git repository that everyone pushes to for testing and integration, but it only is pushed to when features are ‘ready’. While in the middle of a big task, developers frequently have many commits that stay on their hard drives. Sometimes in the middle of these projects I’d like to either see […]

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