rbt setup-repo returns with error

I am using git as my code repository. While trying to setup the review board server form git cmd line rbt returns with the below error: ERROR: Could not load SCM Client “git”: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified ERROR: The current directory does not contain a checkout from a supported source […]

Show git commit logs only for a specific remote?

I’m using git 2.3.0. and trying to find 3 latest commits on a remote repository myremote. $: git remote origin myremote I would expect that the command git log -3 –decorate –remotes=myremote would achieve what i want. However, I can see the logs that are not strictly from myremote. Example. $: git remote commit 63d8a59f6 […]

How to integrate a maven project with parent pom as module?

I’d like to use a parent maven project/aggregator to build my project and a dependency which I have in my source root as git submodule, e.g. aggregator pom.xml – dependency pom.xml – project pom.xml I naively adapted this layout from GNU C/C++ projects, like coreutils which simply checkout dependencies as submodules and updated them to […]

recover file after git rm with no previous history

Not sure there´s a solution to this: I accidentally staged a directory with: git add * then, upon seeing this, I did (major, major mistake, should have of course unstaged) git rm -r my_directory To top it all, I followed up with: git commit -m ¨horrible commit¨ Now the files are nowhere to be found. […]

Using SSH authentication with JGit to Access a Git Repository Securely / Auth fail

I’m using JGit in scala to access a remote Git repo, and I need to use SSH for authentication. JGit uses JSch to provide secure access. I followed this tutorial : http://www.codeaffine.com/2014/12/09/jgit-authentication/ However, i have always, an ,com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail my method is: def sshCloneRemoteRepository() = { // 1 / Override SSH configuration with JschConfigSessionFactory […]

Flatten old GIT branches to master

I have a GIT project with master branch and a couple of other branches. All of these additional branches contain only one commit: — a — b — c / / / — A — B — C — D — E — F — G I’d like to flatten this GIT repository to contain […]

How can I diff between HEAD and the n-th last revision that changed a file?

If I want to see the differences in a single file between 2 commits, I can run something like git diff HEAD..HEAD~3 — file Unfortunately, if that particular file didn’t change between those commits, that command is useless. If I dont want to use gitk, I’d have to look up the commits with git log […]

Git Push a Local PodSpec

I am currently trying iOS developing on my own and my project has now become quite large, so i want to git push to github just in case i screw up. However, as i tried to git push, it always gives this “large files are detected, File Pods/nighthawk-webrtc/lib/libWebRTC-8444-arm-intel-Release.a is 118.31 MB; this exceeds GitHub’s file […]

How do I find out which remote git branch I checked out?

git checkout origin/some_remote_branch … > You are in ‘detached HEAD’ state…. How do I later find out what I checked out?

git submodule has “new commits” when I checkout master

I have a submodule called Helpers. When I clone my main project with –recursive, the Helpers submodule is in a detached head state (as all of the tutorials say it should be). If I now ‘git status’ in the main project directory, everything is clean. If I ‘cd Helpers; git checkout master’, I would expect […]

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