Lion OS – brew update returns “Failure while executing…”

I am trying to update my brew, when I set brew update I get this error: error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: Library/Formula/imagemagick.rb Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge. Aborting Error: Failure while executing: git pull -q origin refs/heads/master:refs/remotes/origin/master or error: The requested […]

Heroku Git Repository Size

During late development of an application I’ve been git pushing to heroku such that the repository there is fairly large. I would like at this stage, before site launch, to remove all old versions from the repo as it seems sensible housekeeping. What would be the best way to go about this so my online […]

git – changes to branch since created?

I’m always asking myself a set of questions about branches i’ve created that i’ve yet to determine how to accomplish: What files did i change in branch? What are the actually changes (diff) i made to the branch? What is the log of commits that i made to the branch? Now i think if figured […]

Checkout existing remote branch

I have seen different ways to checkout existing remote branch: Suppose my friend has pushed new branch ‘bigbug’ and I want to check out and switched my local working copy to that branch, I have below options: 1. git checkout -b bigbug origin/bigbug 2. git checkout -t origin/bigbug 3. git fetch git checkout bigbug Are […]

What should I do with Grunt's node_modules directory when I am publisihing my project to GitHub?

This is my first project using Grunt and Git. In my project I have ‘*node_modules*‘ directory that I created by command ‘npm install grunt‘. Now I want to publish my project to GitHub. Should my project contains ‘node_modules’ or I should omit it? I am afraid that it makes the project scary for a developers […]

Merging ActiveRecord migrations out of order

Let’s say I’m working in git on my Rails app, and I have two branches, each with their own migration. 1) branch001 creates a table called tableA via migration 20160101000000_create_table_A 2) branch002 creates a table called tableB via migration 20160101000001_create_table_B Clearly the timestamp for the 2nd migration was created after the first. But let’s say […]

Why can't I view branches remotely

I have a repository set up on a server running Git, the repository has an authoritive / bare repository connected to it. If I then set up a local version of the repository on my development machine with: git clone //ip-address/projectfolder/project.git I can view all of the code without any problems. However, when I create […]

How to update my version of git on OSX 10.8

I’m on OSX 10.8.2 and I’m running git git v1.7.4.4 I just installed git on a remote server and it’s version 1.11.x. I’m I would like to be running the same version of the software but I cannot figure out how to update git on my laptop. I attempted to follow the steps listed here, […]

Git Extensions usable with SVN repos?

Can Git Extensions be used without issues (or at least, with very few ones) as a SVN client? I’ve no problem using the command-line git–svn, but in some cases (picking lines/hunks to commit, for example) I’d rather use a GUI client. If there are issues, I’d like to see them along with your workarounds/solutions.

How do you make `git grep` output look like `ack` output?

I’ve recently found git grep and come to like its speed and de facto searching of only the files in the repo. But coming from ack (ack-grep in Ubuntu), one thing left to be desired is the output formatting, which is unfortunately much more like grep than ack. Go figure. ack: Prints the matching filename […]

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