How to write a web based GUI for a bash script?

I have a bash script on a server which is used to build a software project and then runs some scripts over it. Right now I need to access it via ssh and call it with a syntax like this: ./ branch_name it then pulls the code from git and builds the branch given as […]

Cannot push new branch to git server

I am new with git and I am trying to set up a git repo in a VPS. I created a git repo in the server and then cloned it to my local PC. But when I try to create a new branch in my PC and push it to the server, even though it […]

Data corruption using git

I was working on a project and experienced hardware failure. I have about 30 commits I did not get to push before this happened. I recovered from the crash and checked my repo. I now get this error message from a git status. error: object file .git/objects/a8/f43fd5a872feda2a771e6a1ced1518f455d9f3 is empty error: unable to find a8f43fd5a872feda2a771e6a1ced1518f455d9f3 error: […]

git clean exclude with regex

I’d like to find a regex-way of using git clean. Without regex: git clean -dfx –exclude=”.idea/” With regex (tried; not working): git clean -dfx –exclude='(.*\/)*(\.idea\/.*)(.*)’ git clean -dfx –exclude=”(.*\/)*(\.idea\/.*)(.*)” git clean -dfx –exclude=r'(.*\/)*(\.idea\/.*)(.*)’ git clean -dfx –exclude=r”(.*\/)*(\.idea\/.*)(.*)” How do you use git clean with regex?

Create a folder structure using LibGit2Sharp?

The idea is this. We are running an internal “GitLab” with a bunch of repositories. Some of these repositories are used by UX people that they would like to have synced with a website used to show clients their work. They asked me to make an interface where uses could enter the url of their […]

GitHub facing while pushing it to remote

I created the repository in GitHub and I have not created any branch I edited the same master branch without creating a new branch. Any one please guide me how to push the edited master to remote?

How to add (ssh) key to IBM Bluemix DevOps Services' git repository?

How can I add an (ssh) key to IBM Bluemix DevOps Services’ git repository, so that I don’t have to authenticate via username/password whenever I push or pull?

Is it possible to add nested submodules in the root repo in git?

I want to make submodule in my repo: Root / \— /A (submodule) But also I want to nest another submodule, also in root: Root / \— /A (submodule) \– /A/B (another submodule) And I can’t add B as submodule to A, since A is a third-party repo. The real-life example. llvm + clang trees: […]

rbt setup-repo returns with error

I am using git as my code repository. While trying to setup the review board server form git cmd line rbt returns with the below error: ERROR: Could not load SCM Client “git”: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified ERROR: The current directory does not contain a checkout from a supported source […]

Show git commit logs only for a specific remote?

I’m using git 2.3.0. and trying to find 3 latest commits on a remote repository myremote. $: git remote origin myremote I would expect that the command git log -3 –decorate –remotes=myremote would achieve what i want. However, I can see the logs that are not strictly from myremote. Example. $: git remote commit 63d8a59f6 […]

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