git push origin master fails

I am trying to upload an existing folder into gitHub. Following instructions I typed the following in windows: $ git remote add origin and then $ git push origin master I get the following error. The server’s host key is not cached in the registery. you have no guarantee that the server is the […]

How to isolate Eclipse workspace from git local repository?

I installed EGit on Juno and created a Java project in workspace of Eclipse. Then I shared that project to Git. Then when I check the project’s properties, I found that the project had been moved from its original workspace into Git local repository. When I make some changes in Eclipse editor, the changes are […]

This compilation unit is not on the build path of a Java project

When I try to use ctrl+space this error is shown: This compilation unit is not on the build path of a Java project. I see that there are similar topics but my work environment is Eclipse and i pull my project from Git (I import project as general project) and i use Apache Ant. Can […]

Diff between commits in Visual Studio 2015 using git

Using Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 and git as source control, how do you diff between 2 commits on a branch? Note that I am not talking about diff on the granular file level (ie. view history of file and comparing), but rather for entire commits. I would expect to be able to compare when […]

Trying to migrate to Github from Bitbucket, getting file size error

I’m trying to migrate from bitbucket to github. What I did was remove bitbucket from the remote and add my github account instead. I then tried to git push -u origin master but I got a large file detected error and then a this exceeds Github’s file size limit of 100MB. I know which file […]

How to pull from the remote using dulwich?

How to do something like git pull in python dulwich library.

Maintain different directory structure in different git branches

I had a problem with git. I have a repository of a project that’s getting old and want to start a new version. I’ve created a new branch (3.0-wip) and deleted the files and folders to start again. However, if I checkout my master branch, the files and folders are gone from there too. How […]

Git fetch failing using jgit: Remote does not have <branchname> available for fetch

I have a bare repo located at main.git and am trying to fetch a branch (foo, let’s say) in another repo, test, which has only just been git init‘d: fetchtest/ |- main.git/ |- test/ |- .git/ Using regular git commands, I can do a git fetch ../main.git foo:foo and this will make a new branch […]

Why cherry-pick pick change more than one commit?

I have 2 branches here, say branch1 and branch2. There are lots of new feature added in branch1, and the branch2 is stable. Today, I want to merge just 1 feature from branch1 to branch2. So, I just run git cherry-pick <commit-for-feature1-in-branch1. I suppose there should be only the change in <commit-for-featur1-in-branch1 will be merged […]

What does the “.git” mean in a git URL?

I setup a git repo in foo cd mkdir foo cd foo git init Now I want to reference that remotely git clone git+ssh://me@somemachine/home/me/foo.git fatal: git remote error ‘/home/me/foo.git’ does not appear to be a git repository So I take .git off and it works. But nearly every example I see has “.git” at the […]

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