Git ignore for ionic project

I’m somewhat new applications with ionic and very new to the subject of the repositories, when I do a commit endless files are uploaded that I find it very difficult to identify what are the changes in the project, that’s why I wanted ask for help here, if I can guide you ignore files, if […]

Git fetch and pull with no arguments

I have a git branch checked out named foo. > git status # On branch foo nothing to commit (working directory clean) It was originally checked out using this command: > git checkout origin/foo -b foo –track I want to get updates to this branch from the remote repository. I know that either of these […]

How to chmod 0777 a file and commit as is to Git on Windows?

I’m working on Windows and on the production there’s a Linux system and I’d like to chmod some files to 0777, but I don’t know how to do it on Windows. I rather not do it on production, because I’m unable to commit/push there. Is there a way to chmod 0777 a file on Windows […]

How to push local Git repo to newly created Google Code project?

I have a local git repo created by Qt Creator during the New Project Wizard. I’ve made many commits there. I have created a new Google Code project only now. What is the best way to sync the remote repo to my local one?

List all modified files in git merge commit – even the fast forwarded

I’m thinking if there is a way that when I merge a branch into another branch that ALL changed files are listed in my commit message and not just the ones which were modified in both branches. This would give me a better overview of what was changed in the branch just by seeing the […]

Setting up Git on Network and the copying to website

I am a Git newbie and have a question about how I should set it up within the restraints of our environment, and hoping someone can help me out and let me know if my thinking is correct. Our IT department would prefer not to have Git installed on our Staging Server, so we’re thinking […]

Find committer of a force push on github

In our project (which is hosted on GitHub), someone accidentally force-pushes master every once in a while. No one is aware if doing so, and I would like to find out who does it and what sort of misconfigured tool or bad habit is behind it. So the question is, how to identify the user […]

Moving a git working copy containing submodules

A recent change in Git changed the way the .git directory is handled when using submodules. Instead of having one .git per submodule, everything is now in the “root level” .git directory (the one corresponding to the working copy including the submodules). Then, in each submodule, a file is created which points to the new […]

npm git protocol dependencies

At work we are behind an HTTP Proxy and the git protocol (port 9418) is denied. My project has NPM dependencies and some of these dependencies have dependencies that use the git protocol, for instance: In my package.json “dependencies”: { “jsdoc3” : “git+” } and the package.json of jsdoc3: “dependencies”: { “crypto-browserify”: “git://”, “github-flavored-markdown”: “git://” […]

Fetch/Pull Part of Very Large Repository?

This is probably obvious and has been asked many times in different ways before, but I have not been able to find the answer after searching for some time. Assume the following: I have, say, a 500GB disk at the local end; I have a 100 terabyte remote repository; therefore, the cost of cloning the […]

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