How to recover files from index

I accidentally erase files. Fortunately, I have added those to index. Please tell me how to recover those files to working tree, without commiting.

Jenkins get list of builds and parameters

I would like to make an API call to Jenkins to fetch a list of builds along with their parameters and status. We currently pass a git commit sha1 as a parameter to build a specific branch. Any ideas how I can get this information easily?

Using git-remote-hg on windows

According to this answer it should be fairly easy to set up git to work with mercurial “no dependencies or anything”. This doesn’t seem to work all that smooth on Windows tough. I tried to follow this guide After fixing the makeFile to work on my system and building git i couldn’t call […]

GitLab unable to automerge. Merge request contains merge conflicts that must be resolved

GitLab is unable to automerge requests. All merge requests get the message “This merge request contains merge conflicts that must be resolved. You can try it manually on the command line” The message seems incorrect, and I tested this by creating a new branch with “git branch -b new-branch-name” and change a file that is […]

Customising the default TFS Git build template

I’ve saved the default TFS Git build template (GitTemplate.12.xaml) to a new Class Library project, fixed all the missing references and when I compile I get this: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Xaml.targets(347,5): error XC1043: Extension ‘Microsoft.Activities.Build.Validation.ValidationBuildExtension’ threw an exception of type ‘System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException’ ‘The invocation of the constructor on type ‘Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Activities.Git.GitPull’ that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception.’.` […]

Why is it necessary to lose untracked files when you set up github pages?

Github has a feature where you can put up HTML pages. (Details here). Anyway, I recently used this to put up the aforementioned page. The basics of the instructions to do so are: // In order to create a new root branch, first ensure that your working directory is clean by committing or stashing any […]

Delete git master branch on a private server (not GitHub)

I have a project hosted on my own personal git server (it is not on GitHub). The master branch is a stale old cookie, and I don’t need it anymore. A couple of months ago I created a 0.8/develop branch off of master and since then we’ve gone through 0.8/master, 0.9/develop, 0.9/master and we’re currently […]

How to keep track of origin/master in my dev git branch

I am new to git and I would like to know how to tackle a very basic scenario. I read so many posts on stackoverflow about git but still can’t figure out the answer. We have an origin/master remote branch that everybody is working on. I have a featureA that I want to implement and […]

Reverting push to remote with sourcetree

I accidently pushed a feature branch to the remote master. Now I want to revert the master to the previous commit. When I select ‘Revert current branch to this commit’ only the local branch is reverted, and because the remote master is 55 ahead (accidental push) I cannot push the just reverted local master to […]

How can I add my pre-commit hook to an existing git repository

I have a pre-commit hook and I want to add it to the repository so that by checking it out my colleagues have it instantly in place. However if I try to add it ( being in the root directory of my project) I get the following result: $ git add .git/hooks/pre-commit error: Invalid path […]

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