Updating the Git index failed, LF will be replaced by CRLF?

I’m using git-gui for version control and pushing them to remote locations. When I tried to Rescan files for changes, I got this message and I’m not sure what that means. Please help me out here. Updating the Git index failed. A rescan will be automatically started to resynchronize git-gui. warning: LF will be replaced […]

Xcode and Git installation on MacOSX Mountain Lion

I just installed Mountain Lion and Xcode, so under /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/usr/bin I found the Git directory But when I use Git commands in the shell terminal it returns error of command not found. Any suggestions? I have many Git repos on my mac, so I would like to reuse them without checking them out again :/

Why does git keep messing with my line endings?

I’m on Windows and I have core.autocrlf disabled: $ git config core.autocrlf; git config –global core.autocrlf false false Now, I would assume, that git does not mess with any line endings, but some files in my repo keep causing issues. I just cloned a fresh copy of the repo, and git is already telling me […]

use hooks in git to import and export to cvs

i would like to know if this is possible: create a shared git repository that connects to cvs post two hooks to it: everytime anyone pulls from it, it imports from the cvs repository everytime anyone pushes to it, it exports to the cvs repository basically create a ‘lazy mirror’ of a cvs repository that […]

Is Git's commit atomic?

An update hook can reject parts of a commit and allow others. update() in receive_pack.c runs in a loop which then calls the update hook possibly multiple times during a commit. Each time the update hook is called, it can return failure, seemingly allowing some refs to be updated and some not updated if rejected. […]

How to clone a git repo with all branches and tags from refs/remotes?

I have a local git repo that I created from an svn repo: $ git svn clone -s svn:… I then created a backup remote and pushed everything to it: $ git remote add backup git@myhost:mybackup.git $ git push –mirror backup Now, when I try to clone from my backup, it is missing all svn […]

fatal: Reference has invalid format: 'refs/heads/master~'

When I try any of these commands: git branch git branch -a git pull git log –pretty=format:”%C(yellow)%h%Cred%d\\ %Cblue[%cn]\\%Creset %s” –decorate –graph git log –online –decorate –graph I get the error fatal: Reference has invalid format: ‘refs/heads/master~’ But the following commands work: git log –oneline –graph # removed –decorate git log Running find ./ -iname “*conflict*” […]

Structure in git with multiple websites

I have a website that i keep in git. It is a asp.net webforms website (but that is probably unimportant to this question). The website is used by our customer for 2 (in the future 4) websites. Most of the functionality is shared. But a few things like web.config and a folder with css is […]

What and where does one potentially lose stuff when git says “forced update”?

I recently received a “forced update” warning from git on a repository which only I commit to. I haven’t done any re-basing so I don’t know why this happened. What I want to know is, where should I look to find changes that have potentially been lost? To illustrate, let there be three copies of […]

PhpStorm + GIT line endings changing from LF to CRLF

I have set in my PhpStorm line endings to LF but when I commit to github, sometimes I see some of the files again appear with CRLF line ending (I work on Windows). It happens with the same files I’ve edited and nobody edited them between my commits/pushes to repository. It’s very irritating and I […]

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