Could not remove sensitive data

I have a problem with removing sensitive data from one of my git reps. I read the man page at and followed the instructions one by one. at first I did this with success: $ git clone next I did this with succes $ cd github-gem and then I tried the following with […]

Git Commit during Git Rebase – what really happens?

I’m looking for a good description of what happens if one commits during rebase and how this could be ‘reverted’ in an easy way. Let’s consider a scenario, where a large commit is rebased. During rebase a conflict appears and user begins merging changes. Now, imagine a scenario where you were almost done, but you […]

Git – How to selectively apply changes from one branch to another?

Is it possible to selectively apply changes from one branch to another with Git? More specifically, I use a public dev branch for GitHub and a private master branch for deployment. When changes are made to one branch they will need to be applied to the other, but some lines of code need to stay […]

Failed to push some refs when pushing feature branch

What can I do to avoid getting the following message when I push a feature branch a second time: To ! [rejected] feature_branch -> feature_branch (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to ‘’ hint: Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind hint: its remote counterpart. Merge the remote […]

How do I build and use the latest version of git on cygwin?

As for why I’d want to do this, see this question: What are the downsides to using the official Windows Git binaries from cygwin? Or you could look at this: It prevents you from pushing renamed files to the svn server. Cygwin is stuck at a version of git that has numerous bugs when […]

Is there a way to git gc / prune on a remote Git repository hosted by TFS 2013?

Over time the size of .git folder grows for Git repositories hosted on TFS 2013 (Update 4). Whenever cloning those repositories, .git folder can be huge in size initially, until git gc –aggressive –prune=now is performed manually. Microsoft says, that TFS 2013 does not perform git gc operations on its own. Unfortunately, it also seems […]

How can I trust Git merge?

I am not certain I can trust Git to merge automatically. Here is a scenario. Create a program in the master: MOVE 0 TO I. A. PERFORM X-PROC. IF I IS EQUAL TO 25 THEN GO TO A. Developer 1 makes a branch and notices that there is a bug: an infinite loop. He fixes […]

What is the best way to convert a TFS project to a git repo

I know there have been a number of developments on support for git in the VS2012. We currently have a Team Foundation Server 2012 (Update 2) with all of our projects on it stored in the classic TFS format. We are wanting to move from TFS to a pure git repo system (shared folder with […]

How can I know how much percentage of git push is complete?

I’m pushing a code of around 200 MB into a repo. It is taking a lot of time. Is there anyway we can display the progress bar, so that I can know how much amount of code is pushed into the repo?

Why is there no undo/redo in Git?

As far as I know, when you want to undo something in Git you have to explicitly find the command to undo whatever it is you’ve done and issue it. For instance, one way among many to undo a commit and redo it is to follow the example from here, $ git commit … $ […]

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