bash __git_ps1 command not found

I am a beginner trying to setup a developer environment on my new Mac following the steps from this link: After executing the files from git, my terminal window now shows: rbenv: version `1.9.3-p194′ not installed -bash: __git_ps1: command not found The first line only shows when I open a new terminal window, while […]

Is there a way to get the affected files of a commit with a git post-commit hook?

I’m using git within a perforce repository. I want to be able to know exactly what files were affected by a git commit so I can turn around with a post-commit hook and open those files for edit in perforce, so the perforce server knows about the changes. Is there a way I can get […]

git-svn clone or svn2git unexpectedly stopping

I am trying to migrate from git to svn with the following command: git svn clone –stdlayout https://my_sourcecontrol or with git2svn svn2git –notags https://sourcecontrol -v During the migration, it just stops with the following statement: W: -empty_dir: directory When I do a git branch -a I see it has imported the tags and a number […]

Eclipse git and ssh-agent

I use eclipse with git (egit). I would like to make use of my ssh-agent so I can push from eclipse. Does anybody know how to set up egit to use ssh-agent? background: I can’t upload my key to eclipse as my keys are on a cryptostick. My ssh-agent can loaded with the help of […]

Create a git diff of a file from SourceTree

How to create a patch file from a Source Tree Actually, i need to create a patch file of a specific modified file. i can view this using External diff or git diff filename in git bash.

Way to see the whole commit history of a repo in Egit/TortoiseGit?

I’m looking for a way to see, though egit, to the whole history of my current git repo. From what it looks like, egit’s “Show in History” will only show commits up to the current commit. With this I mean that if I do commit1 and commit2 and then decide to do checkout of the […]

git repository to staging site to live site

I’m just learning git and its basic fundamentals. I’ve got a live Magento store running and need to version control it asap. I’ve got git loaded on my work machine and have played around with setting up repositories, adding, committing and pushing files. I’ve tested my setup with Assembla and a free account (for now) […]

OpenCV 3.0.0 make error with FFMPEG

I have been using OpenCV for a while. However I have recently changed my system to a cluster where I do not have any admin permission. The problem is like this : In my home folder, I installed FFMPEG (latest stable version available on ffmpeg site). I installed it in $HOME, and so in $HOME/lib […]

What does it mean that a Git push can not be fast foward merged?

Can someone please provide a simple example of what would cause a Git push to a central repo to fail because a fast forward could not occur? What would the local repo vs the central repo’s state need to look like in order for this to occur? Really having trouble visualizing this…

Howto have Jenkins not clean a git workspace

Our Jenkins job that builds our project triggers on changes in the master of several GIT repositories. When it starts building it cleans the workspace of all the repo checkouts. We want to use the job only for clean build on request and by default for incremental builds. Some of our generated code is (still) […]

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