Limit POST Hook to git branch, not repository, on Bitbucket

Complicated title, let me explain. I want to limit an automatic POST hook when I push to the master branch; so it won’t fire when I push to the dev branch. This is so the app will only deploy to the live servers when the changes have been merged with master and the new master […]

How does git know which ssh key to use for its operations?

I have SSH keys in place, inside ~/.ssh. Many of them actually. So I wonder how does git know which one to take when it tries to connect to a repository over endpoint?

git subdirectory which is ignored

I have a project named ‘myproject’ which is version-controlled by git. It has a subdirectory named ‘data’ which is gitignored. Can I ‘git init’ for data directory and manage it as a separate git tree? I tested it and it seems to work. But I am not sure if that’s a good practice and has […]

Why can't I use git log –follow with –full-diff?

git log –follow <myfile> shows the git log for one file. I’d like to see this log with all the changes (diffs) in this file. I try: git log –full-diff –follow <myfile> But this fails with: fatal: –follow requires exactly one pathspec Why? How can I get the diff I wanted? Or maybe, is it […]

The working copy <Project name> failed to commit files. – The repository has an uncompleted operation

I’ve just updated my Xcode from 6 to 7 (and code from Swift 1.2 to Swift 2.0) and try to create new branch in Xcode. After that I can’t push my code to Bitbucket. Is there a way how can I delete repository from directory and setup Bitbucket again and maybe push to another (a […]

is it possible to generate a graph in Visual Studio Online to show coders' contributions?

Question is pretty much explained in the title. Did a project with version control in Visual Studio Online. Can I make a graph that shows one coders’ amount of contributions and/or lines of code versus others? I know I could do so with GitHub, but can’t seem to find it on VSO. This is a […]

Git – is git required on server?

I’ve read a lot of information but still can’t understand. Let’s suppose we have server machine and client machine. The client connects to server via ssh. There is no any authentication on server for git. I consider the simplest configuration- there are three clients and one server. On server git repo is stored Do we […]

Is there a way to trigger a shell command automatically after repository update/switch?

I would like to perform a shell command that takes care of cache files and compilation after I have run git pull or svn update (in another project)?

Git: Authoring a commit that depends on multiple other Gerrit changes?

At my place of work, we use a Gerrit server for code review. Often times different people will author commits that are unrelated. I’ve run into an issue where I must author a commit which depends on two other, unrelated commits. Let’s say there are two commits on a gerrit server: Commit A: “Added function […]

Installing Git via Homebrew doesn't switch default to the Homebrew one

I have OS X Lion, and it comes with Git version (Apple Git-26). I then used Homebrew to install Git, and everything went fine. But then when I did git –version, it still showed Git version Does anyone have this issue?

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