Is it a good idea to put db/schema.rb to .gitignore list ??

so what I’m suggesting in my job, is to put db/schema.rb into .gitignore file, so we don’t have (time to time) merging problems. There are some concerns that if something terrible happen (meteor fall from the sky right on the DB server and simultaneously all the db/migrete files are corrupt) we could loose the schema, […]

Can't find a decent git gui for windows. Anyone know of one?

I’m running win7 and need a good git client with a GUI. I like bash but it feels clunky in windows. the GUI that comes with the windows package at git’s website is missing a lot of stuff too. I’m considering switching to Ubuntu and using Gedit + git instead. What should I do? stay […]

Clone Github repo to specific Windows folder?

How to change the cloning folder of a specific git? My default storage directory is here C:\Users\myPC\Documents\GitHub But for this one git I want to put it in C:\somefolder (and not like C:\somefolder\myproject but all the files under C:\somefolder) How to do that? I tried git clone command line but then the git doesn’t […]

Alternatives to github network graph viewer?

When I click the “forks” button on github, I want to get a summary, which is what I get with the network graph viewer – but it’s not exactly ideal. What I would ideally like is a summary that: shows commit messages and lists changed files excludes commits and branches that have been merged into […]

Composer says Git not found

When installing dependencies via “composer install”, I’m getting error: Installing doctrine/lexer (dev-master bc0e1f0) Cloning bc0e1f0cc285127a38c6c8ea88bc5dba2fd53e94 [RuntimeException] Failed to clone, git was not found, check that it is installed and in your PATH env. ‘git’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I’m not sure what to do… […]

Does git return specific return error codes?

Like merging errors, or rebase errors. Does it have a unique error code?

Git subtree merge strategy, possible without merging history?

I’ve been trying to move away from submodules in order to get a self-contained repository, and the subtree merge strategy seems to match this use-case. However the merged repos’ histories appear in my own project’s history, which is reather annoying. I’ve tried git filter-branch –subdirectory-filter path/to/subtree/ HEAD which works… until I try to update a […]

How do I execute a Git command without being on the repository folder?

Is there a way to execute Git commands against a repository without being on that repository folder? For example something like this: git /home/repo log? Please do not tell me to cd to it. I’m doing this via an exec call.

Git pre-commit hook failing in GitHub for mac (works on command line)

I’ve created a very simple pre-commit script:- #!/usr/bin/env sh # Run tests npm test if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then echo “Tests failed. Aborting..” exit 1 fi exit 0 When I run git commit at the command line (with failing tests), I get the expected exit 1 with the message Tests failed. Aborting… However, […]

How to fork a non-GitHub repo on GitHub?

Is there a best practice for this? I was thinking either to Create a repo, add original repo as upstream remote Create a “mirror” repo, then fork that Create a “mirror” repo, then create a “topic branch“ Something else related:

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