How can I apply only some of a git stash?

I want to apply some of the changes in a git stash to one commit, and the rest of the changes to another.

How can I have two “streams of development” (branches?) track each other while remaining different in particular ways?

BRIEF: I want to have two (or more) “streams of development” / environments track each other, sending changes between each other in both directions, without converging totally – while preserving certain key, essential, differences? DETAIL, ONE PARTICULAR EXAMPLE: Here is one particular example: I have been version controlling my home directory, glew-home, for, oh, 28 […]

How to see remote changes to branches in Git?

There must be something I’ve overlooked when I learned Git. After all I’m fairly new to it. My workmate says he’s pushed back some changes he made to my commit in our remote repository. However the git log has no record of this new push. How can I see what he pushed and thus know […]

Git commit lost after reset –hard. Not found by fsck, not in reflog

I wanted to clear my working directory of some uncommitted files, but accidentally ran git reset –hard. I realized that I had lost the previous (un-pushed) commit, so I ran git reset –hard ORIG_HEAD. This did not get me to my lost commit. I ran git reflog, but the commit was not listed there. I […]

How to split a git repository and follow directory renames?

I currently have a big git repository that contains many projects, each one in its own subdirectory. I need to split it into individual repositories, each project in its own repo. I tried git filter-branch –prune-empty –subdirectory-filter PROJECT master However, many project directories went through several renames in their lives, and git filter-branch does not […]

How to setup “git cluster”

We are thinking of changing our source version control system from Subversion to Git. We’re pushing the limits on our current setup and think we’ll be better of working with git. We’ve always used a primary server in the office, and a mirror running at our datacenter. The mirror is configured to proxy incoming commits […]

What is the format of regular expressions in gitk?

I’m trying to use the find/”adding/removing string”/regular expression option in gitk. The syntaxes I have tried don’t work, and I can find no docs that describe the syntax of the regular expressions it accepts. I’m trying to match both Modem_Wakup and Modem_UnWakeup. Neither Modem_(Un)?Wakeup nor Modem_\(Un\)?Wakeup, nor Modem_\(Un\)\?Wakeup, nor any other obvious ones work. I […]

How to skip “Hit return to start merge resolution tool” and open mergetool automatically

Git asking to hit return button to open the mergetool for each conflict file one by one: > git mergetool Normal merge conflict for ‘…’: {local}: modified file {remote}: modified file Hit return to start merge resolution tool (opendiff): How can I avoid the hitting return step for my project and just open the configured […]

github project with submodules cloning capistrano

i am trying to build a capistrano deplyoment script for a git project which has a submodule. I am running these commands run “git clone /var/www/myfolder” when i run this the submodule wont clone to /var/www/myfolder instead it only creates an empty folder with the name of the submodule when I try to run […]

Fetch remote log, not the commits

How can I fetch the remote log without getting the changes/commits ? I only want to view the log, if there is any new changes since my last pull. Basically avoiding having to stash or commit my changes first. The git help files have this example, which in inverted form should give the result I […]

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