Why is Jenkins getting Authentication Failed error for git submodule update?

I have a Jenkins job that pulls from a BitBucket repo that was working fine, and still is. However, I’ve added a submodule and Jenkins is choking on that. Here is a clip from the Jenkins console output: FATAL: Command “C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd\git.exe submodule update” returned status code 1: stdout: Cloning into ‘submodules/my.repo’… stderr: fatal: […]

Git SourceTree – Uncommitted Submodules

I’ve cloned a repository on my local machine (Xcode iOS project) that contains a 3 submodules. One of the submodules is private and inaccessible to me so I commented it out of the .git/config file so I could do some work. Now I’ve come to commit my changes and have been presented with the following […]

Unable to set the sslVerify to false

Actually I’m trying to install an ngCordova plugin for SQLite. But its giving me the error: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to github.com:443 while accessing https://github.com/brodysoft/Cordova-SQLitePlugin.git/info/refs fatal: HTTP request failed. On doing some research, I came across the solution to set the sslVerify to false. I am not able to set the command git […]

What is Error Code 128?

What is git-remote-http error code 128. It happened when I tried to pust to a repo that needed authentication (it never asked for a password.) Is there some central place to find out what error codes mean?

`git branch –list` returns files?

This is strange. I’m trying to make a script that will checkout every local branch and rebase origin/master onto it. So this is my script: for br in `git branch -l`; do git checkout $br git rebase origin/master done Simple. But before I made the script, I wanted to make sure that `git branch -l` […]

git status: what is UU and why should add/rm fix it?

Here is the current state of this feature branch. Recent Steps: Remote development branch diverged Fetched remote development branch Stashed local feature branch’s diverged changes that I want to keep Rebased feature branch from local development branch Stash Popped feature branch changes Stash Apply feature branch changes Results: $ git status # On branch feature-foo-branch […]

Composer & composer.lock in GIT and merge conflicts

Here’s our situation : We have 3 different Laravel projects and all 3 projects rely on our Core project. This Core project is a separate Laravel package hosted on our private repo and is used as a dependency for other projects. Before, whenever something would change in the Core project we woud just run a […]

Git: How to revert everything exactly to the state of a prior commit?

If there have been commits and many changes since an earlier commit, is there a simple way to revert everything to the exact state of that earlier commit? If so, is it possible to easily switch back to the current state if I should so desire as well? I’ve realized that this old commit is […]

git multiple repository management

I am working on a project where we manage external libs/headers and qa with git. Here is what every developers’ directory structure looks like: ~/dev/proj ~/dev/ext ~/dev/qa proj, ext and qa are different git repositories. Under svn, synchronization of these dirs was simple: a single update under ~/dev would update all of them recursively. With […]

How do I configure Jenkins to build all branches except a few which I exclude?

We have some code in git and I started setting up Jenkins to grab our branches and try a compile. It seems that a few of the branches may have begun to rot in the years since they were last built, as they fail to finish a make. I would like to build all branches […]

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