Using git within an svn checkout? (without git-svn)

I did a number of searches, but couldn’t find an answer to this question. Apologies if it is a duplicate. I’d like to know if there are any problems initializing a git repo (for local usage) within an existing svn checkout, but without using git-svn. Here’s my scenario: My team uses svn and is not […]

Git: Only push private config file to test repository and not to github?

I have a Rails app with a config/my_private_data.yml file. I would like to push the entire app both to my test server and to github. However, when I push to the test server, I want to include the private file. When I push to github, I don’t want to include the private file. What is […]

Conflicts with `git rebase`

So, yesterday I posted a question regarding some weird conflicts when I tried to rebase an upstream branch into my local topic branch. In the end I used git rebase –merge upstream and solved a lot of conflicts in files I haven’t touched since the previous rebase. My understanding of rebase in such a case […]

git – pushing branch descriptions to remote

Once a week we have integration meetings where we review code in branches not merged in to master. As a starting point we use this to list open branches git branch -a –no-merged master We name our branches after ticket numbers so it tough to see what we are really looking at. I get back […]

When a git commit has multiple parents, what are the stats calculated against?

When a commit has multiple parents, like this one, we see that it has 4 additions and 4 deletions. My question is compared to what? Are the additions and deletions compared to the file as it existed in BOTH parents? Or how exactly is it compared?


We’re getting git installed here at work for a project and I’m playing around with it with another co-worker. I’ve been resolving some choreographed merge conflicts but I’m ending up with a bunch of extra files I don’t want. They are .BACKUP .BASE, .LOCAL and .REMOTE files. Based on those names, they seem to be […]

SmartGIT does not ask for ssh key

after switching over to a new computer I had to install SmartGIT for Windows again and now try to clone my Keys are stored C:/User/myusername/.ssh, SmartGIT comes with a clean installation and URL for cloning my repository is correct – unfortunately SmartGIT does NOT ask for the key, it just tries to connect to […]

Rewriting git history to make crlf consistent

I have a git repository that has a fine variation of LF and CRLF files. Before making a possible switch, I want to rewrite commits where the parent and the current commit have different LR/CRLF encodings. So I tried the following “one-liner” (slightly edited) where I try to run todos if the parent version of […]

Can't run project in Eclipse imported from Git

I have a project in my Eclipse workspace from Github (via File -> Import -> Projects from GIT). However, I am unable to run the example because the only option I have under “Run As” is “Run Configurations.” After going to “Run Configurations” I click “browse” and the project that I imported from GIT isn’t […]

Convert multiple hg repositories to single git repository with multiple branches

I am switching to git from Mercurial and have been using hg-fast-export successfully. Now I have a tricky situation. I have a project which is using separate hg repositories per-branch and I want to convert these to a single git repository with ‘proper’ branches, keeping my hg changesets if possible. So the current structure looks […]

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