Does github require each committer to have their own fork of the project?

I’d like to try git (hosted on github) for a new project, but I have a doubt on how it works. I am working with another guy, do we need to have two forks of the project and then merge them every time one of us makes a change to the code or is it […]

Autocomplete issue while typing git stash show stash@{1}

First I type git stash show. Then type s and tab, and it shows git stash show stash@{, till now it works fine. But after I type 1 and tab, it becames git stash show stashstash@{1}, and it is obvious wrong. I think there may be some wrong in the following code in .git-completion.bash, but […]

Adding an existing android studio project to gitlab repository

I have a project in android studio that i want to commit to a gitlab repository. I have a link for this repository. What do i need to do, step for step, to add this project to said repository?

How do I “reopen” a git commit?

(Note, I’m not looking for the answer git rebase -i) In mercurial, I can “reopen” a commit by importing it into my patch queue: hg qimport tip The commit is “open” in the sense that it’s just like before I had committed it, I can revert, do hg diff, hg status, etc. How do I […]

Link to existing github repository

I have created a repository on github and would now would like commit changes to this repository using git. I have a project file structure (created using heroku) to be commited. What steps are required in order to link an existing github repo with git ? In the past I’ve used “github for windows” UI […]

Docker: how to build an image from a non-master branch on Github repository

Is it possible to build an image from a non-master branch on a Github repository? For example, I have the repository // with a branch development that I would like to use for my image. Unfortunately, the following command only seems to allow building from the master branch: docker build -t myAccount/myImage git:// Here is […]

git: who pushed in post-receive hook

How do I determine who pushed to the repository? I.e. Somebody does git push origin master and in the post-receive hook on the origin repo I need to use the name or e-mail of Somebody.

Git hash search engine

Given a Git commit hash, where I, for some reason, do not know what project it comes from, how can I figure that out? Note that I do not necessarily have the corresponding repository locally on my computer. I tried regular search engines (Google) and code search engines (Ohloh Code search), but they do not […]

How can I commit many new files with git gui without clicking each of it?

I have a ton of new files to commit. Clicking each one in git gui (Windows) to stage is annoying. How can I can I commit a whole bunch of files at once?

Fix git “not currently on any branch” after merge conflicts

I tried to commit the changes. After a lot of problems and conflicts, I managed to resolved every problem. However, the code I committed is not currently on any branch (as the git status shows). How can I fix this problem? I tried several solutions but none worked for me. I tried the command git […]

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