Exclude specific files from 'git pull'

I have a production git repo that I only pull changes from the main repo into; I never change this repo or do commits/pushes from here. I recently accidentally pushed some untracked (at least I thought they were) image files to the main repo from my local dev repo. Now when I try to pull […]

intellij idea: how to disable pre-commit code analysis for Git-backed projects

I have a project in intellij, and I’m using Git/GitHub as source control. Each time I try to commit changes, intellij runs a lengthy code analysis and searches for TODOs. When it finds “problems,” it prompts me whether or not I want to review or commit. I don’t want the pre-commit code analysis to run, […]

What is wrong with this git smudge/clean filter?

I want to apply this filter in my git repository to remove a section from a solution file during checkout and to add this section during commit. This is the section i want to remove or add: GlobalSection(SubversionScc) = preSolution Svn-Managed = True Manager = AnkhSVN – Subversion Support for Visual Studio EndGlobalSection I have […]

How do I check if a file exists in a remote?

Is there a way to check if a file under specified, relative path exist in a remote? I’m fine with fetching the info first if it’s the only option. In other words I’m looking for git-ls-files with an option to specify remote and branch. I’m only interested if the file exists (a list of files […]

Git bash – show files in current directory

How can i check files in current directory, from git bash? Like command dir, in Windows cmd ? I found a command git ls-files, but it’s work only with git repository files. But if i navegate through drive C:\, and want to see files in current directory, how can i do that in git bash?

Django South migration conflict while working in a team

I have a short question about how to use Django-South while working in a team. What happens if two people simultaneously create migration file on changes to the same file? For example, A and B are working on same Django app. They are working in different branch and both at migration 005. Now, both A […]

How to ignore files starting with # in git

i like to know if it’s possible (and if its possible how it can be achieved) to ignore files starting with # in git via .gitignore. I already tried \\#.myfile with no luck.

Cloning Git repository locally

I have just create a git repository on my iMac under the user git account and am now want to clone it from my main user account on the same computer. I have created my SSH key and added it to the .ssh/authorized_keys file. However when I log back in with my main account I […]

Xcode A+ source control symbol

I’ve just noticed that XCode shows “A+” symbol related with source control. What does it mean?

Using meld as difftool for git but listing all files in one window

I want to use meld as my diff tool for git. If I configure my .gitconfig like this : [difftool] prompt = false [diff] tool = meld and run command : $ git difftool then git open a meld window for each file which have changes. But I want one single window with all my […]

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