How to find modified files in git, even with reverted commit?

I create a tag in the repository, let’s say v1.0.0. Later there are 2 commits: first one with some changes and second one with revert of that changes. I’d like to find all modified files after tagging. I tried: git diff –name-only v1.0.0 master but for git diff there weren’t any changes – files look […]

git: different possible output of cherry-pick

I am trying write a script that automate git cherry-pick. I need to be able to handle all possible failure of git cherry-pick. So far, I’ve counted 3 kind of outputs: +Cherry-pick success, no merge conflict. Exit code is 0. The output look like this: git cp ed54dfc [dev/nango/cp3_nocconflict 97f2dce] test cp1 1 file changed, […]

Squashing all git commits into one and signing it

I’m quite new to git and I created a pull request for a repo which needs all my commits to be signed. I forked the repo earlier and created a branch that contains my work. As I have ~100 commmits, I’ll prefer not to have to edit each one from “pick” to “squash” using git […]

Make a local Git repo from master based with Zend Repo as Origin

I would like to make a clone of a master branch on the test server where we have the master branch and the test site running. This repo is a Zend PHP Framework Application. In the config file @ /home/me/public_html/ I have now: [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = […]

Unable to add Git repository hosted on OS X Server

I created a repository on OS X Server called myTestRepo. For HTTPS Access, I am allowing logged in users to read and write. When I try to add this repository in Xcode, I get an error. In repository address, if I enter ssh://iMac/git/myTestRepo.git I get the following error Could not read from remote repository. If […]

GIT clone + composer create project

The question is it possible to use composer create-project for directory that is already a GIT repository. I have such situation – I want to create Laravel project and I want to have this directory under GIT version control on my local machine. If I first clone my local repository (which is empty) and then […]

How to create a new git repository with a file that is already in a git repository, keeping the commits

I have a repository foo that contains a file Alice.js. I want to take that file (that has lots of commits) and create a new repository only with the commits from that file. How can I do this? Example: Initial repository . +- Alice.js +- Bob.png +- Another.file do magic New repository . +- Alice.js […]

-w doesn't exist. Create it?

So I’m trying to learn how to use git right now and am following the Udacity git tutorial. After I add to the staging area and commit, my text editor (N++) opens up and I get this message: C:\Users\myUserName\version-control\reflections\\-w doesn’t exist. Create it? If I click “Yes”, it create the -w file and asks me […]

BitBucket and Merge Conflicts

I have a code source that has 3 branches to it: master Branch 1 Branch 2 I’m working on Branch 2 while another programmer is working on Branch 1. I have recently pushed my changes to my branch after having pulled any changes locally. Then I merged my branch with the master. I’m now trying […]

GitLab 7-0 stable not able to push or clone

Hi, I tried various links and configuration setting to resolve my issue. but I’m not able to do so. If you still feel the question is copy or not useful I’m requesting you to please and a comment and I will delete the question without bother anyone. I did gitlab 7-0 stable setup in a […]

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