Cannot add missing files to VS2015 VSO Git

I have added some public lib files manually (i.e. not via Bower) to a MEAN project. My local Git repo is happy that they are new (see attached image). However, when I try to either ‘Commit’ or ‘Commit and Push’ I get the error message ‘No changes; nothing to commit’: What’s going on? How can […]

Apache and GitLab on same server

I have a problem, that nginx is saying that :80 port is already in use by gitlab. By editing /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb I’ve changed external_url ‘′ And it’s not working. Tried to change /opt/gitlab/embedded/conf/nginx.conf port to 81 – same problem. After each action I executed gitlab-ctl reconfigure && gitlab-ctl restart What I`m doing wrong? How to change […]

Deny WRITE access to specific branch in gitolite

There is my part of my gitolite conf: repo myproject RW+ = teamlead1 teamlead2 – = dev1 dev2 dev3 R production = dev1 dev2 dev3 RW+ = dev1 dev2 dev3 R = deploy So, I want: teamleads to have full control of myproject repo devs to have only READ perms for “production” branch, and full […]

Git command to discard a modified or untracked file

I would love to be able to run a command that discards the changes to one particular file, whether it’s untracked or modified. Right now I run git status and it gives me something like this: $ git st On branch master Changes not staged for commit: (use “git add <file>…” to update what will […]

Git push -u origin master: Permission denied (publickey)

I created a new git repo using git init, and added a git remote: origin<myname>/<myproject>.git (fetch) origin<myname>/<myproject>.git (push) When I try push to my repo using git push -u origin master, I get the following error: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct […]

Git submodule and git clone create names in lowercase

Why git submodule and clone create directory names in lowercase? How can I get original names, such is if repo name is RepoName I would like to add submodule not reponame but RepoName and the same for cloning.

How Do Unmerged Paths in Index Occur

In the “git status” man page, there is a table that describes the meaning of the XY status code when the short-format or the porcelain format is used. Specifically, the table is: X Y Meaning ————————————————- [MD] not updated M [ MD] updated in index A [ MD] added to index D [ M] deleted […]

how to get submodules to trigger a Jenkins build

I have a submodule A that is not a standalone application. It requires the main application for it to work. I would like to create a CI build for A so that whenever a commit is pushed to A it triggers a build with the main project code. How do I do that in Jenkins? […]

Xcode snapshot fails when using git lfs

I have git set up with the git-lfs extension. When using Xcode 6 to do a search and replace then it uses git internally to take a snapshot of the project before doing the replace. Now that I am using lfs the snapshot fails with the message: error: copy-fd: write returned Broken pipe error: cannot […]

Moving files and commit history from one git branch to another without changing the SHA

I have a branch called add-ivp-solver that I have submitted as a PR for a project on GitHub. The branch has gotten a bit bloated and we now wish to move some of the files out of add-ivp-solver to a new branch called add-models which will be submitted as another PR in the future. I […]

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