Source Tree and Github not seeing all of my files

I tried creating a repository of all the files I am using in this project. And for some reason when I added files to my local directory, only some of them were picked up by SourceTree and commited and pushed to Github. Here is what the local directory looks like (Each folder contains files): The […]

“git status” in brief or short format like “ls -1”?

I need to take a bunch of files that have changed and scp them to different boxes for testing. I’m having trouble figuring out how to make git status give me a listing like ls -1 so I can script the actions with minimal effort. I have an existing script that does what I need […]

How to create a new branch on both local and remote? GIT

This question already has an answer here: How do you create a remote Git branch? 17 answers

setup git to ignore index.php in root folder only and not all index.php files in subfolders

I have .gitignore as index.php protected/config/ I wanted to ignore only index.php in root but git is ignoring all files with index.php in sub-folders as well. How I can modify .gitignore to ignore only specific index.php file and not all files with name index.php

What are Microsoft's plans for distributed source control?

I’ve been using Mercurial for some development lately and have been loving it. I’m curious, is Microsoft using any form of distributed source control internally, and/or are they moving toward it in any way? I found this article: It says that Microsoft is using Git for version control, but I don’t have any evidence […]

Git man page seems incorrect

I’m new to git, so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. I have installed git from source on SLES Linux, and all looks good. I have added the following to $MANPATH: /usr/local/git- When I do man git, I’m presented with Git(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Git(3) NAME Git – Perl interface […]

remote: Invalid username or password, fatal: Authentication failed for

I have just clone repo an then make one commit add it and was trying to push it – but have this error: Any ideas how can I fix this evill?

Providing custom files for git submodule

My project uses Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants as a submodule in /machine. VVV offers the possibility to configure it through custom files. My custom files are: machine/ ├── Customfile ├── config │   └── nginx-config │   └── sites │   └── mysite.conf └── www └── mysite ├── vvv-hosts ├── └── wp-cli.yml These paths are all ignored in VVV’s .gitignore […]

How do I modify cygwin's PS1 for git bash completion?

Here is my current PS1: $ echo $PS1 \[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[32m\]\u@\h \[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\]\n\$ I have installed git bash completion and it isn’t showing the current branch in my command prompt. I think this needs to be edited but I’ve got no idea what to change to make it show the current branch. Note that I like the colors […]

Undo a git pull –rebase?

I just ran git pull –rebase and forget to specify “origin”. It looks like git pulled from all different branches. Is there a way to revert my repo from here to undo the pull? Thanks

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