submodule bare repo issue

I m facing a weird problem with submodules in a bare repo. I illustrate what I did. I have a repo which contains 4 modules. It looks like this- *Superepo (top level repo)- I added following submodules to this repo: mod_1,mod_2,mod_3 and mod_4 (internal submodules). After that I created a bare repo from this Superepo […]

Install git and backup in dropbox

I’am planning to create a git in my own server, but I need to know if its possible to create it and backup the final version of all the code to dropbox This git will be in my own personal server Thanks

Server Side Hooks on Bitbucket

I’m new to creating git hooks. I’ve successfully created a local git hook but I am having a hard time figuring out how to install a server side hook on Bitbucket. I’ve tried using a plugin called External Hooks and making a External Pre Receive Hook, but that results in my push to Bitbucket being […]

git – update to new branch of rails

I currently have a rails project running of a git tag v2.1.2, to get here id did git checkout v2.1.2 However there are now new fix’s that have been applied to the 2.1 branch, how do I move to this branch rather than the tag?

How to work with different versions of rails project at once?

With git is possible to jump back to early versions of a project. Now, to work with these early versions, they depend often on old versions of libraries. Is it possible to circumvent problems like these: /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rails-2.2.2/lib/rails/gem_dependency.rb:220:in `specification’: can’t activate haml (= 2.1.0, runtime), already activated haml-3.0.18 (Gem::Exception)

Copying my git public keys. Do i copy the keys as my user or as my git user?

I have a git server (gitosis) on a Ubuntu box (10.10).I use a macpro at work, and a macpro at home as my dev computer. I would like to check out the projects on my laptop (running windows 7) I was able to copy my ssh key from my work computer and import it into […]

How to check which repository a specific folder corresponds to

I have a couple very similar looking folders on my machine that correspond to different repositories stored on github. How can I check the git address that a specific folder corresponds to?

How to set the default author email for every git commit in vscode?

In vscode 1.15.0 all my git commits use the wrong author email @localhost while the correct committer email address is used (git version 2.11.0 (Apple Git-81) on macOS 10.12.6). My configuration is as follows: I clone & push the via ssh keys (from and to github) Global = Michael Jordan Global = […]

the correct way of git rebase

for make a rebase normaly I make $ git checkout branchA $ git rebase master $ git checkout master $ git merge branchA ok. my problem is with my fork from other repo, I add three commits and when I make git pull –rebase otherRepo master get otherRepo commits and my commits go to HEAD […]

In Git, how to push a branch to bare, without merging it to master?

I have master and a branch (b1) on my local machine. Is it possible to push b1 to remote bare, without merging b1 to master? And then pull from bare, into another repository?

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