Cannot push local Git repo to Visual Studio Online project

I have a local repo generated using Visual STudio 2013 that I am trying to push to VSO. The local repo is a simple C# command line application with Git source control. With the goal of uploading my local repo to VSO, I created a new project on VSO, selected git as my choice of […]

Git ignore push only

Is there a way with git to ignore local changes to a file but continue tracking it into the remote repo ? I wan’t to fetch but not push a file. In my case, I want the .project eclipse file to be committed the first time on the “master” repo, but the dev team doesn’t […]

git ignore everything but some subdirectories

I need to control only “debian” subdirectories on my tree : pkg/.git pkg/.gitignore pkg/package1/package1-2.2.1/debian pkg/package2/package2-1.0/debian I tried this kind of .gitignore but it won’t work : * !.gitignore !*/*/debian When I run git add package1/package1-2.2.1/debian git’s answer is : The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files: package1 Which is quite logical. […]

Git: cannot do a partial commit during a merge (SourceTree)

After updating the SourceTree to it’s latest version I am fighting with this issue. Assume following scenario: There are file A, B and C under the version control and there is just one branch. In my working copy, I make some changes to the file A so it turns into a A’ as well as […]

Does picking a range of commits with cherry-pick or rebase –onto end up with the same result?

I sometimes want to pick a range of commits from a different repository. I know two ways to do that. 1. git checkout myBranch git cherry-pick begin..end or git rebase –onto myBranch begin end I find the first version easier to remember. However, I read a lot about how cherry-picking is evil compared to merging […]

Securing git server

I setup a git server over ssh as However, I am still able to access the server by ssh and see all the folders on the server. How do you usually secure the server so that the git user cannot get out of the home directory and possibly do damage? I read some things […]

Throwing away old history on git repo full of binaries

I’ve got a git repo with three years worth of PowerBuilder binary files. The repo is pretty huge (just under 10GB), I assume due to the fact that git can only do so much for binary deltas. I’d like to get this repo to a manageable size, and I’m willing to throw away a bunch […]

Mercurial equivilent to git's HEAD~1

In git it’s quite convenient to identify a commit relative to the latest commit in the repo with HEAD~1. I have searched and cannot find an equivalent for this in mercurial. I find mercurials revision numbers rather annoying.

Should git ignore the *.pch files created by XCode?

Should I add *.pch files to .gitignore in XCode projects?

“An internal error occurred” when trying to commit to git from eGit in Eclipse

[SOLVED] Somehow, I managed to not have “write” permissions to the .git directory. So was trying to write the commit and getting bounced. I’ve been using Eclipse for a few months, but had been just running git from the CLI. I decided that was inefficient and that I wanted to use eGit, so I started […]

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