Use LDAP for SVN user authentication

I have an SVN server, and I’d like to use our LDAP server for user authentication. Right now I’m specifying usernames and passwords per repository, which is working OK, but more people are deciding to use this server. And I really shouldn’t have access to their passwords. I’d like to use LDAP to authenticate users, […]

“Inconsistent line ending style” nightmare

I’m completely stuck with an SVN error when committing 2447 files at once. I’m using TortoiseSVN (latest version) on Windows 7 64bits. The fact is that some files were created on Mac, and others on PC, so TortoiseSVN stopped the commit with an annoying Inconsistent line ending style error. In the beginning, to solve this […]

Subversion resolve all conflicts quickly

When I have several conflicts, is there a way to resolve them all by just telling SVN to keep the version that is in the repository? Unfortunately, we’re still using 1.4.

Follow symlinks in SVN

I have a linux directory (and don’t need any windows checkout): /home/me/projects/project1 In this project, I need SVN (1.8.8) to follow a symlink “link1”: /home/me/projects/project1/link1/<some_directories_and_files> But SVN won’t let me do that, it just add link1 but not its content. If I try to add its content, I get an error: svn add link1/* svn: […]

How to inject SVN revision number into JAR?

I want my JAR/WAR application to know what is the SVN revision number of its source code. I want this revision number to be later rendered for web end-users at the bottom of a web page, etc. Is there any existing Maven plugin to automate the process? I think that the plugin has to collect […]

maintaining configuration differences between dev and live environments during deployment from SVN

We use the ExpressionEngine CMS (php) to create websites. For each site, we set up a subversion repository and commit the EE installation as well as any custom templates, images, javascript, etc. that are used. Included in the repository is the file containing all of the environment variables and the .htaccess file. We have a […]

How to fully delete Subclipse plugin?

I am having trouble getting rid of Subclipse from my Eclipse configuration. I made the decision to switch to Subversive due to the m2eclipse project dropping support for Subclipse. So I uninstalled Subclipse and then installed Subversive using the About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Uninstall method. Now, when I go to any Team related […]

Perforce for a Subversion user?

I’ve just changed jobs. My previous employer uses Subversion, my new employer uses Perforce. Are there any resources out there that’ll help me, as a user, change my mental model from a Subversion one to a Perforce one? What are the analogs to common SVN commands? Which concepts are implemented differently? I’m not particularly interested […]

Should generated documentation go into source control?

I’ve been recently (finally) getting around to documenting one of my open source projects. The project is a class library for .Net. I’m using Doxygen for generating HTML documentation from the source code. Now, my question is should I store the HTML files Doxygen produces in my source control?

Visual Studio Publish Failed: “Unable to delete file … Access to the path … is denied.”

I’ve recently switched from a Windows XP machine to Windows 7. I use Subversion and TortoiseSVN. I cannot publish my .NET application in Visual Studio. I get over a thousand errors like this: Unable to delete file “obj\Debug\Package\PackageTmp\Views\ViewName.svn\text-base\ActionName.aspx.svn-base”. Access to the path ‘C:\Code\SolutionName\ProjectName\obj\Debug\Package\PackageTmp\Views\ViewName.svn\text-base\ActionName.aspx.svn-base’ is denied. Why is Subversion giving me trouble? How do I fix […]

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