Reset “branch ahead” when using a bundle

In my current workflow, I get a git bundle, which I unpack: $ git bundle unpack new.bundle code and then I add patches to it: $ git am *.patch git log shows that the patches were committed; however, when I run git status, it says Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 2 commits. From […]

How to upload files of local submodule on github?

I have several projects on my local machine. Created a superproject and added projects in different folders as submodules. All submodules files are copied in superproject. File .gitmodules contains local urls. If I try to push superproject I don’t see files of my submodules. How I can to push superproject with submodules files (instead commits) […]

Simplifying development process for Django

I’m a freelance editor and tutor as well as a fiction writer and artist looking to transition to the latter on a full-time basis. Naturally, part of that transition involves constructing a website; a dynamic site to which new content in various forms can be added with ease. Now, I’ve always intended to learn how […]

gitolite repo is currupted after push

I’m trying to setup a gitolite server with gitweb as web interface. I’ve created a new user (named git) and installed gitolite as follows (git was installed previously): git@server:~$ git clone git:// git@server:~$ mkdir /home/git/bin git@server:~$ gitolite/install -ln I’ve created a RSA key ( on my PC and uploaded it onto the the server and […]

How to clone from Bitbucket on Eclipse behind an auth proxy

I’m having problems to clone a git repository from bitbucket on eclipse, the fact is that I can clone from other sites like github, but not from bitbucket. The auth proxy on my company allows me to go out only with http and https, so I cannot use ssh. The url I am using to […]

Configure a project to preserve case on OSX

I’m working on projects where some of the developers are using case-insensitive OSX filesystems. I was wondering if there’s a configuration file+directive I can put in git projects to override/set system-level git configs for case sensitivity. Specifically to “turn it on” so that when the case of a path changes, git will track it as […]

Git rebase showing errors, screwing up the rebased log

Having run the following commands: git init touch README git add README git commit -m “Initial Commit” git branch b01_02_03 git checkout b01_02_03 echo “Data 1” >> f1 && git add f1 && git commit -m “Add 01” echo “Data 2” >> f2 && git add f2 && git commit -m “Add 02” echo “Data […]

how to add colour diff in git send-email

I am using git send-email command, but the diff patch is not colored. If I try git send-email -1 –color it send ANSI colour code in email and unformatted text. I want to be able to mail color diff patch.

Shell script change directories, run git branch to find the branch I'm in and then assign the output to a variable

This is more of a shell scripting question than a git problem. I have a directory structure that is along the lines of: /projects/Project1/package1 /projects/Project1/package2 /projects/Project1/package3 etc… I am using git for each of my packages but I am trying to run a script that will pull the latest changes from the remote for each […]

How to apply a serie of patches with git

It is convenient to send sets of patches using git send-email. But once I received a set of patch, how to apply them? Especially, how to apply them in right order? If I save them in a separate Maildir and I give this Maildir in argument to git am, patches are not applied in right […]

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