Gitlab git repository setting for windows share cifs

I’m runnung ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 I’ve mounted the windows share on /mnt/git-data I’ve addded this to the /etc/fstab //windows-share/git-data /mnt/git-data cifs uid=git,gid=git,credentials=.cifscre,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0 And changed the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb ‘s git_data_dir to /mnt/git-data and ran the sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure but gives this error Looks like the git user does not have permission to change the […]

What are the benefits of using git submodule

Currently trying to figure out what sort of package management to use. For example I am currently working on a javascript project with nodejs. I have setup a git submodule and currently trying to figure out which approach to use. cloning the repository into the current repository? cd ./somedir && git clone some_repo using git […]

How to force “git commit -m” to open editor

I am implementing the git template commit message for the team. I’ve done it through .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg hook by adding one line: cat “.gitmessage” >> “$1” Also I’ve configured the below: git config –local commit.template .gitmessage Well, the template feature works fine but only when git commit is called without -m flag. Unfortunately, all the team […]

Insert random picture in my GitHub README

I have a GitHub repo which is an R data package containing biological information on thousands of species. As part of the repo, I happen to have a little over 1k+ images of these species. I thought it would be cool to have a different picture (a different from a particular folder) be displayed each […]

Deploying node app with self-maintained NPM modules

I am developing a very complex app that is using internally developed, open source NPM modules. I often need to change one of those modules (extra features, bug fixing, etc.) in order for the main application to work. At the moment, I have: A directory called my_modules, each containing a git repository one for each […]

Jenkins windows slave No tty allocated failure

I might have hit a roadblock in troubleshooting an issue with building a Jenkins job on a windows slave. I am not sure what needs to be done to fix the following issue? Here are the logs Building remotely on Windows Slave (windows) in workspace c:\Builds\workspace\windows-nuget-push > C:\Git\cmd\git.exe rev-parse –is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10 Fetching changes from […]

How to protect “master” branch in GitHub?

We are a team of a few people. Everyone works on a feature branch and merges his stuff through GitHub UI into master when one is ready. Now is it possible to prevent direct pushes to master, but instead create a pull request whenever a new feature is ready to be merged? Additionally it would […]

gitk installation not working in linux

I have successfully git installed and running. git –version git version 2.6.1 I want to add gitk now. I entered following command to install gitk package but it says no package available. sudo yum install git-gui gitk Returns Loaded plugins: security Setting up Install Process No package git-gui available. No package gitk available. Nothing to […]

installing django apps on ubuntu server gives an AttributeError: 'RegexURLResolver' object has no attribute '_urlconf_module'

i am having hard time installing a django apps on a server using mod_wsgi, i follow this tutorial. I am using django 1.8, python 3.4.3, mysql as SGBD, pip, virtualenv and ubuntu 14.04. The only change is that i used git to install the project (git clone), call a different setting files used for […]

pushing contents to gh-pages with gulpfile

I am trying to push my blog onto gh-pages with gulp, but when it is in the repository there is no style. Here is the page, and here is my repository. I have tried searching for the answer, but I don’t really know what I can try further now. From what I understand, the page […]

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