Serializing git commits and sending them via REST

I have for example 3 machines with same git repo. And I also have DMZs between pairs of machines, DMZ here being internal network without external access, machine B only has access two both DMZs and as such needs to server as conduit between machine A and machine C. All machines have gitolite installed (for […]

git clone failing even after setting proxy with username:password

I am trying to clone the RestKit from This is what I have done so far: Installed git. Set up the .gitconfig file with correct params in ~/ [user] name = myName email = myEmail [http] proxy = http://<username for proxy>:<password for proxy>@PROXY:8080 sslverify = false [https] proxy = https://<username for proxy>:<password for proxy>@PROXY:8080 […]

Cannot Push in Eclipse GIT?

It shows 9 committed changes that haven’t been pushed (as there is an up arrow with ‘9’ next to it). However, when I click on “push to upstream”, it indicates the branch is “up to date”. Then, I am confused why the up arrow appears…

How to use git to download a project

I’m new to git and can anyone tell me how to download this project? I don’t know why the author writes ‘replace “kai” with your user name’, but I just followed this instruction and used my user name. However, it prompts me to type in the password while I didn’t set up any password. If […]

git push rejected “%commit-sha% was not committed by %programmer-A%”

I have a repository with two main branches, master & develop. And there are two programmers A & B commits into them. Basically, they commits into “develop“, and with a stable version, commits would be merged into master and pushed to remote. The problem happened when I pushed local master to remote master after I […]

Why does git rerere refuse to resolve some conflicts?

I’m trying to use git-rerere, but it just refuses to resolve some conflicts, even when repeating the exact same merge. I can’t figure out what’s so special about these conflicts or why it is skipping them. Rerere doesn’t seem to have any verbose mode or any way of explaining why it resolves certain conflicts and […]

Sincronize databases with git deployment

So I own a VPS server running CentOS, and decided to use git for deployment. Man! That’s fun. Push, done! I’m really happier than i was with the old ftp approach. But I wish I could go further, today it deploys automagically all my files, but it doesn’t even touch my db. And if I […]

Git not adding updated files

When I make changes to any files in a repository that I’m working in and add them with git add . or git add –all and then commit, it says nothing to commit, working directory clean. I made a temp directory, then checked out my master directory and merged with the following: git checkout -b […]

Git push access denied from inside /etc

I am trying make my puppet directory (/etc/puppet) a Git repo and push to GitHub from there. Everything works from from my home directory but from inside /etc/puppet, I get a Permission denied (publickey) error, even if I use sudo. It seems like maybe there is a problem reading my public key but my Linux […]

Viewing git patch without context

Since apart from the actual changes, each patch contains a little bit of surrounding lines, I wanted to use that information and present me a side-by-side comparison with nice visual representation edited lines, removed lines and so on – the one we’re used to in meld / IDE. I just hate “pluses-minuses” view. I know […]

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