git – manual replay of commits from git log to a different repository?

I have a repository with some commits. I want these commits replayed on a different copy of the repository in the exact same order, same commit messages, etc. I’m hoping there is some combination of git-log, patch, and git-commit that can re-run the commits on the new repository.

Git Quota Limits

Does Git have a limit on how much data can be stored in a first push? I am moving all of my websites into Git, some are years old of data. I downloaded the site, created a repository and ran $ git add . At some point it will say the nothing can be written […]

Best practices for maintaining configuration of embedded linux system for production

I have a small single board computer which will be running a linux distribution and some programs and has specific user configuration, directory structure, permissions settings etc. My question is, what is the best way to maintain the system configuration for release? In my time thinking about this problem I’ve thought of a few ideas […]

php remote development workflow: git, symfony & hudson

Edited: (after seeing Luke’s answer) I’m looking to develop a website and all the work will be done remotely (no local dev server). The reason for this is that my shared hosting company a2hosting has a specific configuration (symfony,mysql,git) that I don’t want to spend time duplicating when I can just ssh and develop remotely […]

Git is driving me nuts, how can I create a new remote branch based on an existing non-master branch?

I’m sure this is very simple to do, but I have followed a number of tutorials and cannot figure this out. I currently have two branchs on my remote & local machines: master *search_refactor We want to create a new remote branch called design_refactor and have the code in this new branch to be (initially) […]

How does a git branch relate to other branches in my repo?

I’d like to view the context of commits around a git branch: any nearby ancestors or descendants in my repo. This is easy with gitk if the branch is recent and appears at the top. It’s tedious if the branch is old.

GIT core.editor setup on windows along w application PATH reference

so i wehnt ahead and opened up my .gitconfig file and manually input the [core] editor = ‘C:/Program Files/Notepad++/notepad++.exe’ which would allow me to execute command: (im trying to setup my .gitignore list) “C:/Program Files/Notepad++/notepad++.exe” .gitignore im JUSt not interested in typing this out every time that i need to make a file SO ive […]

Why does git remember changes, but not let me stage them?

I have a list of modifications when I run git status, but I cannot stage them or commit them. How can I fix this? This occurred after pulling the kernelmode directory from a bare repository somewhere in one huge commit. % git status # On branch master # Changed but not updated: # (use “git […]

Composer: use specific commit of your own fork of a third party library

With following way I can use forked repo (sampleRepo) with no problem. “require”: { “some-one-else/sampleRepo”: “dev-master” }, “repositories”: [{ “type”: “vcs”, “url”: “” } ] I have changed few things on forked repo and released more than one version. My question is how can I load specific commit or version from updated fork? I need […]

Working with repos

When working with repos (I have github in mind), should we also commit third party libraries? For example, boost and poco compile to 5G with samples. Should we upload all that to github? If not, then how do we keep the libraries in sync with other people? Sorry about lack of capitalization and grammar. I […]

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