Executing 'git pull' from SSH in Dreamhost to GitHub without password

I am having difficulty SSH’ing git commands (e.g. git pull) without having to GitHub enter username and passcode. I can SSH into my Dreamhost server and manually run git pull. I then have to enter my GitHub username and passcode. This is fine and dandy but I’d like to run git pull WITHOUT having to […]

How to get the last commit from HEAD in a git repository using libGit2Sharp?

How can I get the last Commit from the current Head? I guess I need to get the current Branch (repo.Head), then the SHA1 (how?) and then lookup the commit using the SHA1 (how?).

Get all revisions of a file in git

I have a git repository, with multiple files in it. I need to get all the revisions (not diffs) of a specific file foo.bar, and store it as something like 0001-{date}-{sha}-foo.bar, 0002-{date}-{sha}-foo.bar, etc in a new folder. How can I do that?

Git with centralized workflow

I’m new to git, and am using a centralized workflow, similar to svn. I’d like to periodically know what my status is compared to the central repo. For example, if I run the following commands… $ git clone git@github.com:centralrepo/test.git $ cd test; <make some changes inside test/> $ git commit -a $ git pull …git […]

Can git switch options be shortened?

Can git commit -a -m “commit msg” be shortened to git commit -am “commit msg” and work as expected? Basically, can options be given as “short” switches and let the last switch accept an argument?

How to get the SHA of the checked out code with ansible git module?

I would like to store the currently checked out commit SHA-1 hash for the version of code with Ansible. I want to set_fact of this version for use in another role.

How can you get one file out of a another branch of a Git repository/

I’m using Git. I have some code in one branch that I want to get. Is there an easy way to get just the version of one file from a different branch or an easy way to make this other branch appear in another directory of my file system? Just to be clear, I want […]

How to ignore a file in a Git repository without .gitignore nor a global setting?

I try to add a temporary-but-not-so-temporary file to a Git repository without adding it to the index. I don’t want to add it to a .gitignore nor to a file like ~/.gitignore_global because it would just apply for a specific repository. Is there any way to ignore a file to be indexed in a specific […]

How do I revert a pushed commit back to being unstaged?

I tried searching for an answer to this, but haven’t found anything that matches quite like this problem. Feel free to link me to an answer if there is one already out there. What I did was commit and push a large number of changes as one commit. I didn’t merge that push into master […]

Using git, how to avoid rebase and push?

I think the only rule about rebase and push is that After commits are pushed to a public repo, don’t rebase and push But is it true that if we only use git push or git push origin <branch-name> and never use the –force or -f flag, then it can never happen?

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