Maven Release-plugin “tag already exists” for nonexistant tag

My setup: git-repository on an Atlassian Stash-server and Atlassian Bamboo. I’m using Maven 3.1.1 with the release-plugin 2.3.2. The plan in Bamboo looks like this: Check out from git-repository perform a clean install perform release:prepare and release:perform with ignoreSnapshots=true and resume=false Everything up to the last step works fine, but Maven states, that it can’t […]

Github doesn't detect new folder

I am working on a windows 8 laptop with github client connected to my remote bitbuckket git. I recently built the mobile version of my website localhost/WEBSITENAME/mobile been working in localhost/WEBSITENAME now in loaclhost/WEBSITENAME/mobile Now github doesn’t detect the new mobile folder so I can’t push my mobile files. Any help would be great as […]

How to modify existing, unpushed commits?

I wrote the wrong thing in a commit message. Alternatively, I’ve forgotten to include some files. How can I change the commit message/files? The commit has not been pushed yet.

git repo in Dropbox, syncing on Linux and Windows, Whitespace issues

I have a git repo in my Dropbox, that syncs between a Linux and a windows machine. I work on both machines on text files (.cpp on linux and win, .tex/.txt on win). So, my editors and programs both write CRLF (the win programs) and LF (the linux programs) files, all programs understand all variants […]

Git hooks for symlink convertion on Windows

I tried make git hooks on Windows to do automatically convert unix symlinks located in repository to hardlinks+junctions windows on local machine. How I may do this? We use a mix of Windows and Unix based OS’s. I extended Git’s command list like this Git Symlinks in Windows I read about hooks and created post-checkout […]

NuGet Automatic Package Restore when using git submodules

I am trying to understand if there is any way to rely on Nuget Automatic Package Restore when referencing libraries hosted on Github. The problem is that when I add certain library as submodule, it has it’s own /packages/ directory. But, when I add csproj from that library into my solution since there are no […]

Check out git-lfs files on VSTF build

I’ve a repository hosted on VSTS, containig a file stored through git-lfs. If I just let VSTS build checkout the repository it just downloads the git-lfs metadata file containing the ID of the file. Here’s the output how VSTS gets its source: Syncing repository: MyRepo (Git) Checking out c84ef2f2bbad4fa3dc70dbd4100534390b9c8f18 to d:\work\73\s Checked out branch refs/heads/develop […]

Git says Automatic merge failed but when i check the file or run the mergetool there are no conflicts they were resolved correctly

As stated in the description. I would like to not even be prompted to resolve merge conflicts when they were automatically resolved. My Scenario is that I add a line containing a fixed text string to a text file on one branch, do some other commits on that same branch, then on another branch cherry-pick […]

Git ignoring my .gitignore on a Rails project

I’m having some deployment problems, due to Rails’ tmp/cache/assets folder and git not ignoring tmp/* or tmp/. My entire .gitignore is: *.rbc *.sassc .sass-cache capybara-*.html .rspec /.bundle /vendor/bundle /log/* /tmp/* /db/*.sqlite3 /public/system/* /coverage/ /spec/tmp/* **.orig rerun.txt pickle-email-*.html It’s taken from GitHub gitignore repo. What can I do to fix it? I get tons of errors […]

Git Bash Slow on Windows 10

This question already has an answer here: Git Bash(mintty) is extremely slow on my windows 10 3 answers

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