How do I Automate Keeping my TortoiseSVN Project Up-to-date?

I am using TortoiseSVN for my Subversion repository held on a USB drive. When I move from one PC to another, is there a way to automatically identify that files are out of date (without using the Check for Modifications menu). It would be nice just to be able to see that the folder on […]

SVN export just the changed files from tags

Does anyone know how to export only the changed files from two tags using svn? Lets say I have tag 1.0 and then later fix bugs in the trunk. Next I am ready for a new patch release so I tag it 1.1. Now I want to export the changed files between tag 1.0 and […]

Cornerstone vs Versions for Mac OS X

I’ve been using svn on the command line for 5+ years, but I’m thinking of switching to GUI. The two kings of Mac subversion apps seem to be Versions and Cornerstone. Most of the reviews/comments I’ve seen comparing the two are from way back in 2008, when Cornerstone was first released. It’s now 2010, and […]

Team Synchronizing Perspective for Intellij?

In eclipse there is a “Team Synchronizing Perspective” that basically does a directory diff to the cvs repository. It is very handy. For various reasons I am looking to move to intellij. Is there an equivalent in intellij with either cvs or svn? Thanks.

Automating SVN pre-commit to Review Board and then Commit to SVN after approval

My objective is to use SVN pre-commit hook to post a review request directly to reviewboard instead of committing it to repository. As second step I want that on approval of a diff it should automatically go to repository. is that possible to do ? If yes then some pointers will be appreciated. There are […]

TortoiseSVN (relocate to new repository)

We are facing a problem in relocating our application from the old repository to a new one. Initially we were using //10.X.X.50/svn/XXX. Now we try to shift to the new repository at //10.X.X.152:8443/svn/XXX as the server hard disk has crashed (10.X.X.50). While we are trying to use relocate option in TortoiseSVN – it gives an […]

Can I check out svn:externals to the root of the parent directory?

I have two svn repositories, one each for the iOS and Android versions of a mobile app. Both versions of the app share an identical SQLite database. At present each repo has its own copy of the database, which means changes have to be applied twice. Instead, I would like to add a third repo […]

export changed files using tortoise svn to another directory

For my project I would like to export only the changed/added files since last update (those marked with red exclamation or plus sign) using tortoise svn, however I can’t seem to find the right combination to do this simple task. What I do now is do xcopy with specified modified date, however it misses some […]

Delete file from the working copy only but not from the repository

Since I could not find the answer of the above question anywhere in the web, I come with the solution myself. It’s a manual process but I couldn’t find any other standard solution. So here it is: Suppose you want to delete the file test.txt from directory work. Now if you delete test.txt forcefully by […]

Making Commits to a Local copy of an SVN repository

I’ve checked out a copy of a project hosted on google code. I’m going to be making changes to it, and I’d like to keep these under version control on a repository on my local machine. I’d like to use svn if possible, because I already know the very basics of creating a repository, checking […]

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