git filter-branch does fails when used with more than one file from git ls-files

I trying to move some files with their history from one repository to another. There are many topics which discuss this, but i hit some problems which I did not see mentioned yet. So the steps i do are: git clone –no-local –no-hardlinks /path/to/origninal-rep repA cd repA git remote rm origin git filter-branch -f –prune-empty […]

Push to Multiple Repos, suppress errors

Our deployment system involves pushing to a remote with multiple urls. However, one, some or all of those urls may have a more recent commit (hotfix for example), so quite rightly it will fail if the deployment is pushing an older commit than exists in the remote location. However, this appears to be killing the […]

How to let git config file recognize aliases that defined in ~/.bashrc?

I put some aliases for launch text editor, so I don’t have to type in the full path. However, when I try to use these aliases in git config file. It seems like can’t recognize those aliases. Is there any way to achieve this?

smartgit failed to finish gitflow release

I’m new to git and github and muddling my way through. I’ve been working on a develop branch using smartgit. I then finished this and wanted to create a release which I did and then finish the release to bring everything up to date in develop and master. HOwever the process was stopped because it […]

For my ExtJS 4.2.2 app, what should I store in git when generating workspace/app/package?

I generated a workspace and an application using Sencha Cmd, which copies a subset of the ExtJS 4.2.2 SDK into the workspace, and creates a folder skeleton for the app. I’m wondering what I should store in git, because the build system pulls from git for the latest code. So I now have this folder […]

Modular web-app project structure & version control

I’m trying to write a collection of plugins for CakePHP and having some trouble structuring various parts of the project. I know this has probably been asked a couple of times before and I found some related topics on SO, but no really satisfying solution. Some requirements: The different modules are loosely coupled, however, they […]

Managing Java wrapping of a C++ API for use by a Java GUI: proper version control

We have a large project consisting of the following: A: C++ source code / libraries B: Java and Python wrapping of the C++ libraries, using SWIG C: a GUI written in Java, that depends on the Java API/wrapping. People use the project in all the possible ways: C++ projects using the C++ API Java projects […]

checking out git commit. Putting it at top of branch

Hi guys I have a master branch that has a broken commit at the tip of the branch. The working version is the commit before that. How can I make the remote repository have the commit before that (C2) as the commit at the tip and delete the broken commit (C3)? I am using github […]

git pre-commit hook – run java formatter before a push is committed bash script

I am trying to create a bash script where I would run jalopy (Java Code Formatter) on the files that are about to be committed to make sure that Code Formatting is done properly and otherwise reject the commit. I have researched and have tried the following so far: #!/bin/bash AllVariables=”$@” checkingAnyArgs=’/tmp/checkingAnyArgs’ echo >> ${checkingAnyArgs} […]

How to tell composer to also checkout the submoduled components?

I’m new in composer and git. I recently created a project forked then created a submoduled on it. In composer, I was able to get the forked project but it did not get the submoduled component. How am I going to tell composer that it should also install/get the submoduled component of my project. Thanks […]

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