Git: Cloning gitosis admin repo locally

I set up a git repo with gitosis on my ubuntu 10.04 server using the following guide: It works fine and dandy, I can clone the configuration to my ubuntu 10.10 desktop computer, and commit changes there. Thats Ok, but I do most of my actual coding on the server. So I will need […]

How to make git svn clone on an SVN tag fetch the complete history?

In SVN tags are just another URL. So when I clone a URL which points to a tag using git svn clone <url_of_tag>, I expected it to fetch the complete history of the tag but it does not. A git log after the clone shows, <some_hash> git-svn-id: <tag_url>@12256 eaa63c25-6722-0410-8f96-99d88de8df57 git svn clone <url_of_trunk> works fine. […]

Git asking for password on Gitosis from capifony

I setup a server with gitosis (yum install gitosis (CentOS 6.2)) and configure my deploy.rb as follow: set :application, “uda” set :domain, “” set :deploy_to, “/var/www/html/” set :app_path, “app” set :user, “root” set :use_sudo, false #default_run_options[:pty] = true ssh_options[:port] = 22 set :php_bin, “/usr/bin/php” set :repository, “gitosis@” set :scm, :git set :branch, “master” role :web, […]

How to undo a merged or rebased branch from master branch in git from history

Say I created a feature-x branch and merged or rebased with master branch. Now in future is it possible to remove all the changes I added through feature-x branch through git? This is is a common feature where we add some updates for a limited amount of time and remove it then. Can some one […]

git-svn: Keep single merge commit after svn rebase

I am following this pattern to check in my code in feature-branch to Subversion with git-svn: git checkout master git svn rebase git checkout feature-branch git rebase master git checkout master git merge –no-ff feature-branch git commit –amend git svn dcommit (master is my remote Subversion tracking branch) This creates a single merge commit on […]

how to track changes before commiting in git

Is there a way to view the diff’s of my current working state with the last previous commit, so I can compare the difference first before doing a commit. I want to see it in a very easy visual state. Just like seeing a commit in github, where you basically just see all the differences. […]

Git ssh private key passphrase

I am trying to call git fetch from command prompt in windows, the only problem is that it asks for the passphrase of the private key. I have it, but is it possible to be supplied automatically like giving it in an argument to git fetch? I know ssh agent asks for the password only […]

Merge two git repository by applying one ontop of another

I have two git repositories, one “upstream”, that somewhat contains the code from upstream author ( was reacted by an ad-hoc script parsing his in-house rev store ), and the other is the repository I’ve been working in, which is based on one revision on the upstream repository, but uncertain which. I’ve tried going an […]

Git: Reset, remove commit permanently

I have a file in .gitignore. For a task, I need to temporarily remove the entry in .gitignore for the file (or bypass it?) add the file to the repo perform some other tasks undo my changes and ensure the commit is completely destroyed I messed with git reset –HARD HEAD~1, but that blew away […]

how to seamlessly integrate subversion and git?

I’m looking for tips on how to seamlessly integrate subversion and git, for deploying web sites by a small team of web developers. We each have our own development versions of our sites on our local machines. We also have dev, staging, and live servers. As our team has grown, we haven’t updated our revision […]

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