XCode Won't Commit To GIT

Been googling for a while with no luck. I have been working on my app for a week and I’m trying to commit to git now, so I can start branching and try some new stuff. But I can’t commit my changes. I get the following message: “The working copy “APP NAME” failed to commit […]

Why does git-pull manpage say “You never do your own development on branches that appear on the right hand side of a <refspec> colon on Pull: lines”?

The manpage for git pull, below “Options related to fetching” says You never do your own development on branches that appear on the right hand side of a colon on Pull: lines; they are to be updated by git fetch. If you intend to do development derived from a remote branch B, have a Pull: […]

View all revision numbers that made changes to a particular file in Mercurial

I would like to see all revision numbers that made any changes to a particular file. The output should look like follows: 20 27 59 If it is not possible, is it possible with Git? Thank you.

Which remote branches are my local git-svn branches bound to?

I have the following .config file in my clone repo using git-svn: [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = false bare = false logallrefupdates = true symlinks = false ignorecase = true hideDotFiles = dotGitOnly [svn-remote “svn”] url = https://svn.domain.com:8443/svn fetch = trunk:refs/remotes/trunk branches = branches/{some_branch}:refs/remotes/branches/* When I do git branch -a, I get: $ git […]

Enabling git in Windows 10 command line

I cannot seem to make git work from my native Windows command line. I have tried PowerShell, I have the path to the git bin in my Environment Variables, but it is still giving me a “command not found” when I type git. I have looked at the solutions here, and none of them work […]

Why doesn't git diff work between two dates?

I checked out a project from an internal GitLab server using Eclipse, then I pulled all the changes. When I view the history from Eclipse. (Team > show in history), it displays the full history of the project. Now I go to the relevant project from the terminal. /home/workspace/ProjectX/ I am trying to get the […]

How to push commits from changes made to a submodule into main git repo?

I have decided to switch from SVN to git for my app repository. My repo structure is like this: ~/AndroidStudioProjects/MyMine $ tree -L 1 . ├── ActionBarSherlock ├── Android-Universal-Image-Loader ├── Android-ViewPagerIndicator ├── Crouton ├── ListViewAnimations ├── MyMine ├── SlidingMenu ├── aFileChooser ├── drag-sort-listview └── out 10 directories, 0 files As you can see, I have […]

How to include library projects in Android Studio that are stored in a separate git repository?

In Eclipse it is possible to add a library project as a dependency to your Android project but maintain the library project and Android project in separate git repositories. The idea is that you might have a library project that is constantly being built up with new features by a number of programmers and stored […]

When should pdf files be tracked in a Git repository and when not

I am developing a LateX package (http://www.openlilylib.org/lilyglyphs) which contains a number of small PDF files. Currently there are only a few dozens of them but as the package and its user base grows there will probably hundreds of them (but unlikely more than 1000). The PDFs are typically only a few KB in size, but […]

how to change gitconfig location?

I am running this command under windows 7: git status Now I am getting this error: fatal: unable to access ‘H:\/.config/git/config I am disconnected from the network at the moment. Can I still fix this by changing the config location or creating a new config?

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