Which will get Priority between “github pages” and “directory kept at root” in case of name conflicts and why

Say I have an index.html put on my username.github.io, which I can visit by the url, http://username.github.io Now consider 2 conflicting cases Say, I have a repository named repo1 with gh-pages activated. So, it should be available at http://username.github.io/repo1 I also have put a folder named repo1 with an index.html inside it, at the username.github.io […]

JGitFlow maven plugin doesn't push release branch to remote

I’m using jGitFlow plugin as follows: <plugin> <groupId>external.atlassian.jgitflow</groupId> <artifactId>jgitflow-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>1.0-m5.1</version> <configuration> <pushFeatures>true</pushFeatures> <pushReleases>true</pushReleases> <pushHotfixes>true</pushHotfixes> <noDeploy>true</noDeploy> </configuration> </plugin> When I run mvn jgitflow:feature-start and enter branch name (say testSomething) it got pushed to origin immediately. I can see that by listing branches git branch -a: * feature/testSomething remotes/origin/feature/testSomething So far so good. But now I’m doing […]

Git scripting: ways to do it

I want to script Git. Is just creating a Unix script the best way to do it? #!/bin/bash git push origin master && git checkout develop && git merge master && git push origin develop I was also proposed: git config alias.pushdev ‘!git push origin master && git checkout develop && git merge master && […]

Open git diff in sublime from command line

How can I open a git diff in sublime from the terminal?

How to update git submodule who's history was rewritten

Say I have a git submodule already setup, and the upstream commit history has rewritten (for example a rebase squash was preformed). Say the commit my submodule head is set to no longer exits. So I want to set the head hash submodule’s repo’s head. How do I do that?

Git annex installation on Windows

I have installed git and git-annex on my Windows 8 to use with git bash. Git is ok, but git bash could not find git annex at first. I restarted my computer and now when it turns on a message pops up saying it cannot find git-annex-autostart.vbs. However the file is indeed at the path […]

Display current branch name on every `git log` line

If I create a commit with Git, it provides a simple log message with the branch name, short SHA and a one line description: [branchname 481f23b] Fixes from code review But if I use git log –oneline, I only get short SHAs and subjects: 481f23b Fixes from code review bb4070e Merge branch ‘update-docs’ into ‘master’ […]

Clone repository using TFS fail

Trying to clone GIT repository. Using TFS2013 & VS2015. Clone on my local machine worked fine. I used this path(http://yourtfsserver.co.uk/tfs/defaultcollection/_git/GitTest) to clone locally but when I try to clone this repository on the server where TFS is installed I get below error. When i try to clone I get this error Response status code does […]

Git acting up – unadded files that are added

So doing the following, on a branch called “beta”: $ git checkout master error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checko ut: Documentation/packages/CoreTheme_Template_helpers.html Documentation/packages/default.html Please move or remove them before you can switch branches. Aborting Ok, $ git status # On branch beta nothing to commit, working directory clean Whats going […]

How do you update the GIT_SSH environment variable on Windows

I’m using TortoiseGit, and I’ve just upgraded Git for Windows from an older version to 2.7.2. In the process, the location of ssh.exe has moved from C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\ssh.exe to C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\ssh.exe. This has broken my ability to fetch changes in TortoiseGit, since it can’t find ssh.exe at the original location. Looking at Show Environment […]

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