Two local branches tracks two remotes, how can auto-push only one?

I have run $ git remote show origin * remote origin Fetch URL: XXX/client.git Push URL: XXX/client.git HEAD branch: (unknown) Remote branches: cancun tracked cancun_elad tracked dragon tracked piano tracked Local branches configured for ‘git pull’: cancun_elad merges with remote cancun_elad piano merges with remote piano Local refs configured for ‘git push’: cancun_elad pushes to […]

Large object shows up in git pack after deletion

I’m sure I’ve deleted this file, but it still shows up in verify-pack. What gives? $ git verify-pack -v .git/objects/pack/pack-5722438014fe04ec9d559810bd7840afb6006858.idx | sort -k 3 -n | tail -3 bfafbf4c4cd9a5ddbcb637a09c183c6dabe7acde blob 18960384 1061775 9232588 ec890d28afb338b258727f124e0bfbc11f6c0f0d blob 23079936 2279611 1640818 5daf9ca1b4988c240cb9ac9a2d026e5028e9fd8e blob 79966293 3803212 4919563 $ git rev-list –objects –all | grep 5daf9ca1 5daf9ca1b4988c240cb9ac9a2d026e5028e9fd8e DriverLib/json_spirit/Debug/json_spirit_reader.obj $ git […]

Restore git submit history from github

A disgruntled developer who left a project sabotaged the git repository and I have now been brought on. I am unsure exactly what she did but here are the facts: There was a full commit history in github before and I know the SHA of the commit I want to make the current head I […]

Git diff on moved directory

In commit A, some time in the past, I had this directory structure: foo bar a.txt b.txt c.txt baz d.txt I now have: foo ba r a.txt b.txt c.txt z d.txt e.txt How do I do a directory diff of the foo/ba/r directory between now and commit A?

How to update a file in remote repo, without cloning that repo first?

Is there a way to push a commit to a remote git repo, without first making a local clone of that repo? I have a valid URL for the remote repo, I know the path of the file, and all I want to do is push an updated version of the file onto the master. […]

Is there a solution for handling non-linear release schedules with Git-flow?

The Git flow model is working well for our company so far, but we’re wondering about a solution for handling this hypothetical situation. I searched around a bit, but I think my lack of proper terminology for this case might have stymied my Google-fu. If all your releases must “be from” a merge commit into […]

how to manage maven packaging for a binary file generated by a non-java program and not in same git repo

I need to find a solution in which i can still build a war file which has a binary data generated from another program which lives in another repo. So a little background, Currently our git repo is structured such that when you use maven it will package whatever is in the folder, including the […]

how to update my feature/release/hotfix/support branch with new content?

For example, I’m dealing with feature branch, another developer pushed just right now to origin/develop his latest fix, and I have to use (add) his fix in my feature branch. how I should do it ? git checkout -b my-feature-branch … dealing with my issue … … alarm! another developer just released his fix, I […]

XCode automatically creating repository in Home folder

Every time I open a certain project in Xcode which is under git version control, Xcode adds another repository to the organiser with the name of my user account, located in my user directory. When trying to commit changes using Xcode, this repository shows up and shows changes from all the Xcode projects I have […]

How to push two different directories into a git root

I’m currently working on a website containing two folders at root .root ./backoffice ./frontoffice Those two folders are different but need to be on the same level, so they can be accessed directly from the root of the web site ( or I would like to push them to the same git repository, by […]

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