Embedding a patch to a custom Linuxbrew formula

I wanted to embed a patch to a custom Linuxbrew formula and I have been following the instructions from the formula-cookbook website: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/wiki/Formula-Cookbook Unfortunately, I do not know how to continue the installation after I add an embedded patch to the local formula in interactive mode . On the command prompt it says to type […]

Git Workflow with Bitbucket

I’m looking at using bitbucket to allow for easy updating of a web application and deployment to the production server. Is it standard practice to continue on a git repo and then when ready to deploy (to either production or development for testing), you deploy from your local computer rather then bitbucket? So in effect, […]

How do I make git understand that its “push” has failed? Git push failed. Cannot add files to a commit now.

I want to re-add, re-commit, and re-push everything. Git thinks it’s pushed out to the remote repository, but somehow it failed. Below are the steps I’ve gone through and the results. 0. create remote git repository in github.com 1. git init In my working directory git add . git remote add origin https://github.com/me/myfiles git push […]

How to route pages using ui-router based on role and authentication in angularjs

I am new to javascript and angularjs. I want to have login and roles for my angular app. I have written java rest api for login. When I call login API with user credential it returns TOKEN and ROLES. I also have TOKEN verification API which will verify TOKEN is valid or expired. My requirements […]

TFS 2013 Build Definition in Git (how to associate build to commit)

What’s the best way to track a build (a versioned binary) back to a commit in git. Let’s say the versioned binary is I want to know exactly what commit that was built from. I realize that you can track it from TFS build history and then see the commit hash in the build […]

How to share objects between two git repos that have almost the same history?

I have two remote repos A and B. B is separated from A not a long time ago, so they basically have the same commit history. Now I already have a local clone of A, and added B as another remote, but when I do git fetch B its trying to re-download all the objects […]

Commit part of a file with command line git (for use with a script)

Now before anyone says this is duplicated it is not. Everyone else is asking as a person committing. In my case, I have to have a program commit certain lines of some files. I would rather not use git add -p and then have to parse output and do command line interaction via a program. […]

Why is the Git version I install with Homebrew different from the version on the website?

When I installed Git with Homebrew it shows as version but on the website the download is for 2.0.1. Why is Homebrew installing a different version of Git?

Using git while running virtualenv

I just started using virtualenv for a python project. Is there any issues with initializing git and setting up version control while in the virtualenv? Or, should I deactivate before setting up version control for the project directory? Thanks for the help.

RStudio and Git Yosemite

I seem to have a path problem, perhaps of my own making. I have Yosemite installed (fresh install) and have installed Git, BUT did not use the Xcode install. I installed Git directly from their website. I have altered the path (this is for bash) so Git can be found from the Terminal. I have […]

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