Managing and viewing branches in a GIST

I created a gist and cloned it locally where I am happily managing it. I also created a development branch and committed/pushed it (mainly as an exercise to understand git). I can see and manage all of this using posh~git locally, but I can’t find any trace of the new branch in my gists at […]

Gitolite gives error message when pushing gitolite-admin: could not symlink

The full error message is: could not symlink /var/lib/gitolite/.gitolite/hooks/common/gitolite-hooked to subdir/myrepo.git/hooks This happens when I do any changes to gitolite-admin and push these changes. What are these hooks for? Do I need them? What’s the problem with the symlink? I have specified another location for my repositories in $REPO_BASE, but I made the gitolite user […]

git branch -d <BRANCH>: Fatal – Couldn't look up commit object for HEAD

Say I am in a bare repository (a remote), if I try to delete a branch with git branch -d <branch_name> I get the following error: fatal: Couldn’t look up commit object for HEAD Why? Is there a reason why I should be unable to delete branches from a bare repository?

How to save the configuration after changing lines from a git config –edit

allow me to explain my query here. I’m trying to reset all authors including my git-pairs git pair –reset isn’t working anymore. A documentation had advised me to do the configuration using git config –edit I entered the command git config –edit and removed the [user] and [git-pair] values… How can I save the configuration […]

Splitting git commit into a few commits

I have fixed two bugs in a piece of code, and it modifies common files. For example, bug fix 1 modified file A, B, C, and bug fix 2 modified B, C, and D. I have all changes in one commit. For the purpose of code reviews, I need to split the changes into two […]

Is there a way to just commit one file type extension from a folder?

I’m learning to control my source codes with git and I’m still really noob at this part. Anyway, the question speaks for itself, I have a folder with a lot of stuff and I would like just to commit “.c” extension files. Is there a command to do this trick or do I need to […]

Accidentally pushed temporary branch to origin, want to discard it

I had created a local throw-away branch temp, and accidentally called git push –all origin which added it to my github repo. I then deleted the temp branch locally and did another git push –all origin but the branch still exists in github, though no longer associated with the master branch. How can I tell […]

PHPStorm use private key to sign commit

How do I sign git commit in PhPStorm? command-line which works (the option ‘-S’): git commit -S -m “My message” But cannot find a way to achieve it using PHPStorm.

Single quote usage for example Git commit refs in documentation

For example, this question, has the following diagram M1 – M2 – M3 \ \ \ \ A1 – A2 A1′ – A2′ What does the single quote on A1 and A2, i.e. A1′ and A2′, in this context mean?

Git Extensions doesn't show up in VS 2010 after installing

I have tried installing Git Extensions numerous times and can’t get it to show up in VS 2010. There is simply no tool bar menu ‘Git’. Any ideas?

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