Phabricator hosted Git repository setup issues

Okay so I am having trouble setting up Git repository hosting on a Phabricator LEMP stack running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS server. I followed the Diffusion hosting repository guide and I can add new hosted repository and it processes all successfully with finding the git library files and setting up the repository. Now I have […]

Custom domain for git repository

I have a repository on github at I need to change it as Is it possible in github, bitbucket or anywhere else? Actually I need to maintain bower in that repository. The user need to install the bower by run the command bower install without any authentication.

Sync another remote in Git

I have cloned a git repository A and created local branches for all remote tracking branches. Next I have added another remote B and pushed all the branches from A to B using: git push other –all A couple days later I pulled from A: git pull origin and got a bunch of new changes. […]

How to listen to submodule changes without cloning in Jenkinso

Jenkins is on a detached head. Whenever a submodule gets updated, I need to trigger a build. However, only the main project gets cloned. Two questions How do I tell Jenkins to trigger a build when a submodule gets updated, but not clone the submodule? I need the main project code cloned instead, but Jenkins […]

Get history of *size* of a file in a Git repository

Is it possible to get the history of the size of a file in a git repo from the command line? Something like the following would be ideal, if it is possible: git foo path/to/my/file.ext output a29847fa Feb. 5 2016 666 bytes 2ad7eec Dec. 12 2015 63475 bytes [etc.]

A place to store metadata associated with a git repository?

We have an in-house tool that can group together multiple repositories – a bit like git submodules, but works with other repository types – CVS, hg, etc. It currently uses a single ‘meta’ repository to store information about all our repositories – dev branches, release tags, etc. But I’m wondering if it’s possible to distribute […]

github and local repository on NAS (ZFS) file modes

After doing git clone wiki I find that all the files are immediately showing as modified old mode 100644 new mode 100755 Oddly, a get reset –hard does not fix it. I can do a chmod directly, but I worry as to why git set them the wrong way when checking out, and will […]

Building jenkins job only once, when tracking multiple branches?

In one jenkins job, we want to track multiple branches and trigger it only once when there are changes in any of them. Is that possible? The problem is, that we have to run a bunch of jobs for each branch serially and they should not interfer. What we want to achieve is for example: […]

Display url of git pull

I have some rewrite rules in my global git config: [url “”] insteadOf = git:// [url “”] insteadOf = git:// [push] default = simple [url “https://”] insteadOf = git:// [url “”] insteadOf = I need this for the work firewall. However I still cannot do a git pull: git clone But this will […]

How to correctly change filename case in Git on OSX

On OSX 10.10.2 and Git 2.2.1 with this filesystem: File System Personality: Journaled HFS+ Type (Bundle): hfs Name (User Visible): Mac OS Extended (Journaled) I’ve seen several questions and answers related to this: Unresolvable Git error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout The actual solution that worked in that question […]

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