Difference between git reset –hard <filename> and git checkout — <filename>

As far as I understand, git reset –hard will update in the index and working directory to whatever the HEAD points to? Git checkout — will update in working directory to whatever that file state in the INDEX is? So if is unstaged, then they will do the same thing (change the file in the […]

pip install from a subdirectory of git repo in non-editable mode

The following works fine: user@host ~/test> pip install -e ‘git+http://git.mydomain.com/project.git#egg=project-sdk&subdirectory=sdk/python’ But the following fails: user@host ~/test> pip install ‘git+http://git.mydomain.com/project.git#egg=project-sdk&subdirectory=sdk/python’ Collecting project from git+http://git.mydomain.com/project.git#egg=project-sdk&subdirectory=sdk/python Cloning git+http://git.mydomain.com/project.git to /tmp/160806751.tmpdir/pip-build-XR8vJn/project-sdk remote: Counting objects: 180, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (135/135), done. remote: Total 180 (delta 46), reused 0 (delta 0) Receiving objects: 100% (180/180), 52.71 KiB | 0 […]

Angular-phonecat application no longer supported?

I’m trying to work through the angular-phonecat tutorial, but the chapter checkouts (i.e. git checkout -f step-1) all fail with ‘error: pathspec ‘step-0′ did not match any files known to git’. I did some searching on the error, a few responses said run a ‘git fetch’ first, but this did not help. Several other search […]

How to check my git commit code quality using pylint?

I want to figure want the score for my code is using pylint. I can do this for all the files that were changed in the commit using the following script #!/bin/sh # Auto-check for pep8 so I don’t check in bad code FILES=$(git show –name-only | grep -e ‘\.py$’) if [ -n “$FILES” ]; […]

Tracking changes between master and project branches

Our QA team wants to know what areas we have changed between revisions and the possible UI locations these changes can affect. Right now each developer is in charge of writing this out on their own tickets. Then at the end of that project we use git to generate a diff of this branch vs […]

will adding .gitconfig in repository override my global .gitconfig file configurations?

I am having my project hosted in TFS-GIT server. I am having an issue with pull request merges on TFS . one option is to update git configs on TFS server itself to make “merges –no–ff” because of time crunch and other issues that cannot be done sooner . I am looking for a workaround […]

osm2pgrouting import not completed using postgresql-9.4-pgrouting in Debian

I’m trying to import the .osm map of Spain from Gofabrik and the import process is stops suddenly before finishing, after the step “Split ways”, as you can see below: unknown maxspeed value: 80; 90 unknown maxspeed value: 80; 90 unknown maxspeed value: 80; 90 unknown maxspeed value: 80; 90 unknown maxspeed value: 80; 90 […]

remove uninstalled bower package from list

I am new to Bower/Grunt and made a mistake when adding a package to bower by using the GitHub page and not the .git file url. I have erroneously installed the package using bower install https://github.com/knsv/mermaid –save To remedy I tried: bower uninstall mermaid however now I still see the package listed when I type […]

Sublime locks files so that git cannot unstash

I’m on Windows 10 Pro and using the Windows version of Git and Sublime (Build 3103). I installed git up so that I can use that before committing and pushing. This is what happens when Sublime is open: $ git up Fetching origin stashing 1 change develop up to date master up to date unstashing […]

How do I add a git submodule in a non empty directory?

I am trying to add a submodule in a non empty folder inside a repo with: git submodule add repo_path.git non_empty_folder I get the following message: ‘non_empty_folder’ already exists and is not a valid git repo Is it possible to force the creation of the submodule? Thanks!

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