Rollback to remote origin/master, but list all files that have changed first

My local repository is 5 commits ahead of the remote origin master. I have large files that I put in git by mistake, and I think its going to be a mess to get those out. So, how can I reset to the remote origin master? Also, before doing that, I want to just get […]

Trouble connecting to my git repository from windows to linux

I have git installed on my local windows 7 PC. I can commit there. I have git installed on my linux dev server. I can commit there. I have successfully cloned to each machine a github repository. So they seem to be working in that sense. But I’d like to be able to push from […]

iPhone : Error while trying to change any file name or add new file in project

I am getting following errors while I am trying to change any file name or try to add any new file in my project. Error : Bad Signature; Fatal : index file corrupt What should I do ?

Deleting a remote branch works, local pruning does not. why?

On my setup, this seems to work to delete a remote branch: git push origin :foo Because when I do it the first time, it’s successful, but the second time, it fails because it says the remote branch is not there (as expected). So far so good. This does not work: git remote prune origin […]

git error (caused by local commit)

I used git to checkout code from central repository. After I changed the code, I cannot make commits to that central repository, so I made commit to local repository. Now without affecting the central repository, can I make my changes available at other place? I mean: How to convey my local changes to other places? […]

Restricting access to the remote on the client side. Is it possible?

Does anyone know if there is any way to restrict access to the remote on the client? I have 2 repositories, I shoud commit to one of those (let’s call it A), not the other (B), but I technically have rw access to both of them. I would like to set option in repository config […]

Git workflow to fork a local repository?

What’s the git equivalent of the following svn workflow: export foo import bar Is it the following? checkout master tag foo branch bar

Do the file dates for bare git repositories represent the repository creation date?

Without going into every single one of my repos (I suppose I could with bash i.e. for i in {repo list} ; do cd $i && git pull && cd .. done but I’d have to type in credentials for each) is there a simple way of looking at the bare git repos to determine […]

What is a regular expression to catch all git commit footer lines in git log output?

I am writing a script to remove git commit tags (eg Signed-off-by:, Reviewed-by:) from each git commit message. Currently the script is in python. Right now I have a very simple re.match(“Signed-off-by:”, line) check. But I think there should be more elegant solution using regular expression. I am assuming that a footer will begins with […]

Setting up a development environment for the web

I would like to be able to setup a development environment to add new features to a website, test and once considered stable, push these new files to the live site. Versioning systems such as SVN and GIT seem too complex. The main selling point of these systems being able to collaborate code with many […]

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