Copy commit history from previous repo into new repo

We have a git repository we have been using over a span of two years to track a long-term project. Recently we moved most of our current and new projects from GitHub to a private gitlab installation. Unfortunately we didn’t move this specific project, and a few weeks of work have gone into the new […]

Tool to see multiple Git Logs at once

I am tasked with ensuring that our master branch is merged into our developer branches on a regular basis. Our structure is like this. We have 4 repositories, in each of those repositories we have a main master branch, and about 5-10 developer branches that are being worked on at any given time. Developer branches […]

Git push triggers a rebase locally?

So I’m currently using the Github for Windows tool, but I think that this is generally true for git. I have two branches in my git repo, master and development. The repo is also on, so I am getting some of the information below from there. Naturally, I have made a bunch of changes […]

no web dynos in heroku for an AngluarJS project

I recently deployed a new version of my AngularJS project to Heroku. I am developing the project in Yeoman with Firebase as the backend. unknownc8e0eb148153:newTic christopherspears$ git push heroku master Fetching repository, done. Counting objects: 11, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done. Writing objects: 100% (6/6), 524 bytes […]

How can I add bug fixes of a library I use in my repository

In my maven project I use the library orientdb-1.6.2 . Is there a way to add a bug fix (e.g this one besides add/remove lines of code manually?

Smartgit/hg not listing changed files

I’ve been trying to use SmartGit/Hg (on Ubuntu Linux, wish SourceTree was available). Just staying in the master because it’s only me working and I want to get over this hurdle before I understand branches in SmartGit. I have it on the “main” view, and looking at the “Files” section. All the top right buttons […]

git remote prune does not delete remote branches

git branch -r shows a bunch of branches I deleted from another computer: -bash-4.1$ git branch -r origin/access-qa origin/add-search-efforts origin/align-buttons origin/enable-features origin/fix-code-coverage origin/master origin/qa origin/search-effort-qa origin/specs-run-once-test ls-remote shows no such branches: bash-4.1$ git ls-remote origin 5a14d91b7b257f194a82e4d51a4b7e9523969c5a HEAD ac5962d0b35910494ad1079dc050e7ed605cb52b refs/heads/align-buttons 5a14d91b7b257f394a82e4d51a4b7e9523969c5a refs/heads/master d8bc750f9a763cf7b74a546e6aee6b1764b3a65b refs/heads/search-effort-qa d20c2691afead974156d2d47fd7cd7dc3d40870e refs/pull/1/head 3648c9e85be2dffd9175e3a39ab6b19761d111e1 refs/pull/1/merge 326476732e6dc41d87c3fd556fc2f5f272a58236 refs/pull/2/head 5e55eb5c4c76667dd2369cf7830b30c0e256b501 refs/pull/2/merge da4731db499709c6f96010adb583eb23898ec91d refs/pull/3/head I’ve tried […]

Git svn clone pulls bad repository

When converting a JavaScript/Web project from Subversion to Git, I’m seeing a problem, even when I start over from scratch (the first Git repository is always bad). The git svn clone works fine. From here on, pulling a bare repository looks good, but pulling a repository with working directory either from the original cloned repo […]

Why does git checkout from a bare repo delete instead of creating?

This is kind of a weird one, and I apologize in advance if it doesn’t have much application outside of my specific circumstances. I am using git to manage my deployment packages by committing and tagging a set of generated files relating to the deployment and a submodule which points to the release code. I […]

Find all git commits matching a certain 'count of commits'

I use the following command to generate an ID (count of commits) similar to the svn (Subversion) ‘Revision number’. git rev-list HEAD | wc -l # With newer git versions you can also use: git rev-list HEAD –count I’m aware that this is not exactly the same as in svn and particularly that my Git-IDs […]

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