View commits that make changes to subfolder

Assume a repo called drivers which contain sub-folders, eg., ath, b43, p54, etc. Without subtreeing (creating new repo), is it possible to view commits that applies to a specific sub-folder, eg., view all commits that made changes to ath sub-folder.

How do I export OpenVMS CMS history and import it to GIT

We are getting rid of our DEC Alpha Workstations and have a lot of historical software under OpenVMS Code Management System (CMS) that we would like to import to GIT running on Linux. Currently we have to do this by hand and it will take a long time to do. Does anyone know of a […]

Using Git on a local network. Cloning from one repository to multiple users, pushing back to remote and being able to see updates from all clones

I have searched a few posts here (and elsewhere) about using git on a local (lan) network, but either I am missing something, or it’s just not working. My scenario is as follows: We have a shared network drive of projects (Z:/) on all users PC’s I want to create a repository within directory ‘x’ […]

Git credential helper causes “repository not found” error?

Just ran into this: $ git pull Username for ‘’: … Password for ‘https://…’: … Already up-to-date. $ git config credential.helper store $ git pull remote: Repository not found. Then, go and edit .git/config to remove [credential] helper = store and git pull works again. What could cause it? How do I use credential helper […]

Git: Merge a branch but without some of the files I only need modified locally?

I have this particular scenario, which is simple really, but I don’t see (so far) a similar question here. I’m working in my own branch copied from a remote repo, And I have added my own tasks to a Capistrano Capfile. These tasks will only help Me deploy the app to my own private server, […]

Git new remote branches

I tried to create a new branch in git. The new branch name is “1.0.0”. Why is that after I push it into remote, the branches display become ‘1.0.0.x-dev’. Why is it adding ‘x-dev’ at the back? How can I have it to be original name ‘1.0.0’ on the remote repository? Thanks.

Using same git repository by multiple users

As far as I know, only a single user‘s identity may be specified with git config. I have a situation where I’d like to have multiple identities for the same git repository, depending on the UNIX user. The repository is at /var/www. When user jack makes a commit to it, the commit should automatically be […]

How to specify version with git smart commits?

I’m using BitBucket and Attlasian Jira. They are linked between each other so i can resolve an issues just with git comment: git commit -m “BUG-123 #resolve #comment My comment” My question is. Is it possible to specify fix version with smart commit feature?

How to let git reject any eol style change?

Sometimes people inadvertently change the eol style when committing codes. How to let git stop them from doing that? I’ve searched this topic and found out that most answers focused on how to turn files into a specific eol style. But I don’t want this behavior. I just want committers to comply with the eol […]

how can i use rugged to create and commit a file like from the command line?

i’m trying to use rugged to do something pretty simple: create and commit a file, leaving the repository in the same state as doing: git init echo “blah blah blah” > blah.txt git add blah.txt git commit -m “write blah.txt” which leaves git status printing On branch master nothing to commit, working directory clean i’m […]

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