Add specific files to git branches

I am learning git and I came across the following situation. I am having two folders Work_DevCycle1 and Work_DevCycle2. I have to create two branches namely userA/DevCycle1 and userA/DevCycle2 and push them to the repository. Work_DevCycle1 under userA/DevCycle1 Work_DevCycle2 under userA/DevCycle2 branches My Approach: First I am creating Work_DevCycle1 folder, once after entire work is […]

ZF2 applications: best practice workflow for modules

I am writing a ZF2 Application. I started with ZendSkeletonApplication, and I will be adding some modules to it. I may end up with tens of major modules in the application: modules/ Module1/ Module2/ … ModuleN/ Question: Do I keep a separate repository (and project) for each of the modules, or do I roll all […]

Get active branch on git from date

How can I find out the branch that was checked-out on git on a specific date-time, if this is possible at all? I know I can get the commit at a date-time on a branch but I need to know if it was on that branch

show all git log for several git projects

I want to travel several git projects which are managed by repo. I’m not sure if there is any repo command can achieve this. For example, here are work folders: work/.repo/ work/folderA/.git/ work/folderB/.git/ If I want find key word “dummy” in git log in folderA & folder B, how to achieve this?

How to enable gravatar in TortoiseGit?

How to enable gravatar in TortoiseGit? I expect author’s head in log. It is a new function AFAIK.

2D Perlin Noise Terrain Generator Error (Java)

My name is Chris and first, I’d like to thank for you for taking time out of your day to look at this question. And yes I am a beginner. At the moment, I am trying to create a game along the lines (and with the same Terrain generation) as Minicraft (Yes, Mini, not Mine) […]

How do I check a new Numbers file into git using Xcode?

Apple’s “Numbers” spreadsheet app just changed file formats, where the new one is bundle-based, essentially a single-icon representation as far as a user is concerned, but a folder of stuff under the hood. I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of App Store data and other things related to my app, and I love […]

How to remove Git history of anything but current files

How can I remove the complete history of anything on any branch but the files currently existing on HEAD (my master branch)? I have been doing things like git filter-branch -f –prune-empty –index-filter \ “git rm -rf –cached –ignore-unmatch ‘*.js’ ‘*.html’ ‘*.css'” \ HEAD but this is getting tedious, since I have to make explicit […]

Can Git be made to preserve HFS+ extended attributes?

Is there any way to make Git preserve HFS+ extended attributes? All I can think of is some Rube-Goldberg system where I use a commit hook script that reads the extended attributes from the file and records them somewhere else, and a checkout hook script that later applies them when checking out. But I’m hoping […]

opening git diff in sublime using python for custom command

The core.editor of my git is sublime, but I am launching sublime in my custom git command made in python, so how can i pass git diff HEAD^ HEAD to sublime as argument in python I have stored the value of core.editor in configdb[‘core.editor’] which i can launch using subprocess.Popen but passing git diff HEAD^ […]

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