GIT: Updating pull request after review changes commit doesn't show in the pull request

I fork a github repository and made some changes on my fork and submit pull request but the owners of the original github repository ask for some changes and made changes they ask me in the pull request. I assumed adding additional changes to my fork it will show up in the current pull request […]

Git – Cherry picking with ours/theirs strategy

I wonder if there is any way of cherry picking with ours/theirs strategy. On other words, I want to cherry pick multiple commits from dev branch into main branch with below commands, git cherry-pick HASH1 HASH2 HASH3 -n This command is supposed to take all referred commits and prepare unstaged changes if no conflicts. However, […]

Branch setup when features are interrelated

Say we have a a web app under git. We are doing localization, so we have a long running topic branch ‘loc’. We are also doing a new skin that would go with the l10n, so we have a long running topic branch ‘skin’. We would like to have separate branches for each, but the […]

Is any way to git shallow clone in SourceTree

I am now working with a little large repository. My current solution is shallow clone in the Terminal first, and then drag my folder into SourceTree, is there any way to setting in the SourceTree ??

Strange behavior with adding directory with contents to root

We just added a directory with contents to the root of a git repo using ‘git add .’ and then ‘git commit -m “message…”‘. We then pushed it up to bitbucket. This is our typical workflow. However, when another developer pulls the repo down that new directory comes up empty. And in bitbucket we are […]

How do I count the number of commits made in to all repos hosted by gitosis on my server

I am trying to found out the total number of commits made across all repositories hosted on a gitosis install I have. Anyone have any ideas to how I may do this?

Linking gitolite configurations to git projects

OK, so I have gitolite installed on a server. It automatically sets up test repos in ~/repositories. That is nice, but I want to manage repos at other places. My files are in /home/website1/www, /home/websites2/www/, etc. So I could theoretically go to /home/website1/www/ and run git init, but if I do so is there any […]

git: merge a portion of one branch's source tree into another, regardless of individual commits

I understand how to merge branches together in git, and I love how easy it makes it. I have a branch that looks like this: project/ |–subproj1/ | |—(files) | |–subproj2/ |—(files) A colleague has a branch that’s made significant changes to both subprojects. More specifically, he’s altered them both to depend on a common […]

SVN on Windows

Sorry in advance if this not ‘SO’-ish enough— I have a tech writing friend who is looking into version control for her word and visio documents. I advised her to check out TortioseSVN or whatever M$-flavor of Git is out there for local version control. However, she is concerned about what will happen if a […]

how to not lose branches when cloning a cloned git repo

we have a git svn repo that fetches from svn and shows all the branches. we then have a bare clone of that which people can push to which only shows branches that have tracking branches on the git-svn repo. it’s a pain having to make a tracking branch for everything. is there some way […]

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