Unable to install Git using Homebrew

I have been trying to install Git using Homebrew on OSX Lion for over a week now, with no luck. Other installs have been fine, what am I doing wrong please? MacBookPro:Rails pingu$ brew install git ==> Downloading http://kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/git- curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 503 Error: Failure while executing: /usr/bin/curl -f#LA Homebrew\ 0.8\ […]

Git – Forgot to switch branch

I forgot to switch to a new branch before beginning my project, and now I need to push my changes to a new branch (not master) in order for another to review my work. My work is finsihed, but saved in my local master. How can I move my changes into a new branch, so […]

How to get remote branch name in git pre-push hook

The documentation says: Information about what is to be pushed is provided on the hook’s standard input with lines of the form: < local ref> SP < local sha1> SP < remote ref> SP < remote sha1> LF For instance, if the command +git push origin master:foreign+ were run the hook would receive a line […]

Web interface to versioning system

Is there a versioning system with a great web interface so that it can basically be managed and used from a web browser? The interface would need to function in the areas of committing new code and viewing/downloading previous commits.

git pull –rebase taking too long , what alternate do I have?

git pull –rebase is taking too long , what alternate do I have ? In our organization we have a huge repo in which many of developers are committing daily. I wanted to rebase the code to latest before I raise a pull request. I was about 3000 commits behind the main repo. The rebase […]

Push changes to github without pull

I have a stupid situation. I have developed a project that was been developed by another developers. I have sent my sources to the previous developers to make changes in their sources. But they said that they have never work with git. So they have added changes to the projects and it is actual version […]

Why doesn't “git branch” show anything in my new BitBucket clone?

My colleague created a repository in Bitbucket. I first created a folder in my computer and typed git init. After which,I made a clone from the repository to my computer using the command: git clone address. But when i type git branch, there is no reply. It doesn’t indicate which branch am i in. git […]

Embed Git bash in PyCharm as external tool and work with it in PyCharm window

I added cmd as external tool in PyCharm, and it works nicely in PyCharm console (View -> Run). Here is described how to launch Git bash from cmd. It opens in separate window, but I want it to be in the same PyCharm window, so I can type commands without pressing the CTRL+TAB. I suppose […]

Git: false merge conflicts?

I’ve been using git for a few years, and every once in a while when doing a merge, git reports some bizarre conflicts. Here’s an example of an .htaccess file, from when I merged in the new 7.24 release of Drupal core: # Protect files and directories from prying eyes. <FilesMatch “\.(engine|inc|info|install|make|module|profile|test|po|sh|.*sql|theme|tpl(\.php)?|xtmpl)(~|\.sw[op]|\.bak|\.orig|\.save)?$|^(\..*|Entries.*|Repository|Root|Tag|Template)$|^#.*#$|\.php(~|\.sw[op]|\.bak|\.orig\.save)$”> <<<<<<< HEAD Order […]

git push –all is failing on 'RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 0'

I am having an interesting issue. I have a pet project on bitbucket and so far I was able to pull and push from two different networks (home and office). It took a while to set the configuration properly but I have figured it out with some try and error approach. Now the issue is […]

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