Git workflow – changing branch and slow recompiles

I work on a large Scala project where we use Git for version control. My workflow is to work on new features in my own branch and switch when needed. Various releases of the code are in their own branches. All very standard. If I have to fix a bug in a certain version of […]

How to undo misoperation of Reinitialized existing Git repository

I just ran git init on an already existing git repo. The result is Reinitialized existing Git repository How can I undo this? Thanks!

How to run git commands on remote without having local repo

I have a script called ‘git–export‘ which helps me to export a remote repository. It is run like that: git-export <-t tag or -b branch or -c commit> /local/dir Before it was used to export local repository and I used these commands: to get commit from branch: git branch -v –no-abbrev|awk ‘($1==”‘$BRANCH'”) || ($1 […]

How can I print out the value of a git configuration setting (core.autocrlf) on Windows?

I’m trying to fix a problem with CRLF on Windows. How do I see what the value of the configuration setting core.autocrlf is set to on my system?

undoing git merge after merge.renameLimit warning plus conflicts

I am trying to do a merge squash from a devel branch into the master. stefanos-imac:trunk borini$ git merge –squash devel CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in test1 warning: inexact rename detection was skipped due to too many files. warning: you may want to set your merge.renamelimit variable to at least 2224 and retry the command. […]

How to list files in specific revision in `git`?

I want to know file list in specific revision in git repository. How can I do this?

Git ignore particular files

I’ve been playing around with it for a while and I like it very much. Let me describe my case. I have two computers where I have my repositories and a remote repository. in my files I have one configuration file which differs on both computers. so when I do pull on my computers I […]

Override author on git merge

Is there an option like –author of git-commit for git-merge? We maintain a staging environment where some changes must be performed. Some limitations make us to use only one linux user to access staging environment. Anyway, we are a small team with cooperative initiative and we tell when doing commits, which one is the author […]

Does anyone here fork themself?

I use git all the time for my solo missions but I tend to just work the master. Should I try forking even if it’s just me?

Committing partial Hunks in Git

If I made two logical changes, which is continuous in code. Git shows it as one single hunk while adding interactively. Is there a way to specifically add only few lines in a hunk, during add –patch?

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