How to disable git for some project and other project not disable git in Visual Studio Code?

some project i don’t want use git monitoring , but in other project i want to keep use git monitoring , i use setting “git.enabled”: false, “git.path”: null, “git.autofetch”: false but it will disable git for all project , so how to setting Visual Studio Code git for project instead of the editor?

When using a local file for a JComponent, is there a way to not hard code the file path?

I wanna upload my project, a card game to Github, and it has a picture from my hard drive as the game card table. Is there a way to compile/run and upload it without the code having the entire file path hard coded into it? As of now, its: public static void main(String[] args){ JFrame […]

Add small change in two branches – git

I have two branches one master and other release branch. release branch is taken from master few days ago and has changes that are specific to release. master branch is used for active development. Now i made one change in master branch. How should i copy this one change to release branch. Master branch has […]

Sync Git repository with the Git Integrated in VSTS

I would like to know is there any way we can sync the Git repository with the Git Integrated with VSTS. For example, say I have a Git repository “” and I have imported this Git repo in VSTS. Now my VSTS Git repository URL say ““. I want to sync these two things and […]

new git breaks windows git shell

Platform: Windows 7, Git Shell running ConEmu When I fired up Git Shell today a window popped offering to install the latest version of Git. In the past this process has worked without incident. Today, following the upgrade, Git shell does not detect git. For example, if I type git status I get ‘git’ is […]

Vapor: git push heroku master is failing

I’ve been working with Vapor and Heroku for a few weeks now and it is all going well. Vapor is fab! ;] I have been successfully updating the app on Heroku using git push heroku master until yesterday evening when I started to get this error: $ git push heroku master Counting objects: 26, done. […]

how to add remote repository using sourcetree

I’m using a Mac and I’m new to bitbucket and sourcetree. I want to push my local repository to a remote repository. So in sourcetree, I pressed “New”, “clone from Url” and I pasted the url right from our remote repository. When I press enter, it says the url isn’t valid. I kinda rushed through […]

Git create a branch based on a feature branch ahead of master

I have a master branch that’s been pulled from staging. There’s a production branch that’s ahead of master that I want to base my feature branch off of. git ls-remote doesn’t show a reference to the branch I need to pull from. Do I need to set a new master or rebase to do this? […]

Restrict Git Push/Pull

Is there any way to restrict git access from outside my office? For deployment on the server, I am using git cloud. I don’t want to give code ( push/pull) access to deployment guy for their home. Please let me know if there is any way we can restrict.

How to manage compiled code?

I come from a scripting language background, and from the research I’ve done into compiled code (binaries) is that they should not be committed to version control (git). How are the binaries managed in real world by people and organisation? Are they simply stored on disk? How should the binaries be managed ideally?

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