Can I change merging options on single files mid merge?

Okay say I’ve done git merge production. I’ve resolved a few issues but now I’d like to retry merging a specific file with -Xignore-all-space. My current strategy is to simply abort my merge, and restart it with -Xignore-all-space, is there some way I can change this mid merge?

Git branch reset

So the situation is as follows: I’ve checked out a new branch, let’s call it branch1. I did some work on that branch, pushed the changes and made a pull request. Later I made a new branch named branch2. But the problem was that I forked from branch1, instead of master. So when I made […]

Jenkins and Git integration on local git server

I am trying to set up a jenkins/git server. I have created an empty repo at /home/git/repositories/TestProject, with recursive RW permissions granted to the jenkins user. I am using file:///home/git/repositories/TestProject as my GIT URL, but getting this error: Failed to connect to repository : Command “/usr/local/bin/git -c core.askpass=true ls-remote -h file:///home/git/repositories/TestProject HEAD” returned status code […]

How can I get a list of the last build for each Git branch in the TeamCity REST API?

I have a TeamCity project, in which I’ve set the branch specification so as to allow the build to be triggered by a variety of branches which meet the filter criteria. So far so good. Now, I’d like to generate a report, which has, for each branch detected, the status of the last build for […]

Git push is stuck and does not throw any errors

I am trying to push after merging a temporary branch into the master. But ‘git push’ is not doing its job. It does all the local processing but gets stuck at the last step. How can I resolve this? I did the following: git checkout master git merge –no-ff dev_08_15 git commit -a -m “dev_08_15 […]

git: checkout work-tree branch from outside

Git Version: (via Setup: Main Repo: Branch_A -> commit -> commit -> commit -> commit \ Worktree: -> Branch_B -> commit -> commit \ -> local Branch_C -> commit I created a second work-tree via git worktree add /C/repos/testbranch Branch_B which worked fine Now what I want to do is switch the worktree’s […]

how to create pull request if jenkins job running on feature branch is successful

Is there a Jenkins plugin for creating pull requests? Suppose I am running a Jenkins job on some feature branch. If this job is successful, then I want Jenkins to automatically create a pull request from this feature branch. There is a command-line way to create pull requests: git request-pull [-p] <start> <url> [<end>] but […]

Cloning from private git on vagrant provision?

I am wanting to retrieve a project from a private project in bitbucket while provisioning a Linux based Vagrant box, but I am running this is failing. The operation is of the form: cd /tmp git clone ssh:// In my Vagrant file I have specified: config.ssh.forward_agent = true The output of the operation is: ==> […]

Joining two GIT repositories into one using SourceTree

I have separate GIT repositories for each Arduino Project I have developed which I handle using SourceTree connected to remote repositories in Bitbucket. I would like to know how can I join these repositories into one and conserve the history changes of each file. Is it possible to do it within SourceTree? I have not […]

SourceTree wants to commit unaltered files

I am currently working on a php project I sync to a git repository from time to time. For putting it onto my repository, I am pulling it off the server which runs it via FTP onto my PC. This worked fine so far, but now SourceTree wants to recommit all files, whether they have […]

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