git flow vs cherry-picks

We have branches prod for production releases and dev for ongoing development. Our current flow: We work mainly in dev branch and from time to time, customer decides which features/bugfixes he wants to come to prod and we cherry-pick them. From my understanding, cherry-picks contradict to git flow model. And so far I don’t see […]

Why does “git log –tags=<pattern>” add “refs/tags” to the output?

I am using git log –source –tag=<pattern> to limit the output to certain tags and display those tags. It qualifies the displayed tags with refs/tags/ but it doesn’t do this for –tag without a pattern (or if I don’t specify –tag at all). Why is this, and is it possible to turn it off? $ […]

git add remote tracking branch to bare repo

I have a bare repo that was cloned from I have cloned from this bare repo to various different websites. From each of these, I push a site-specific branch onto the bare repo. E.g. if I have and, then my bare repo has drupal’s branches + one called foo and one called […]

What causes git's post-receive umask to be different from the user's umask?

After some digging and help here from other people, I found out that I have a problem with the umask setting in git. What I want to achieve is that any git repo that is being checked out on my server, that the umask setting defaults to 0002. I don’t want to have to configure […]

When I SSH I use the -i switch, do I need to do that for my GIT remote also?

I am setting up GIT on my server, when I SSH into my server I do: ssh -i /path/to/key -p 30000 user@ Now I setup GIT on the server, and I setup REMOTE like this: remote add origin ssh://user@ I’m getting the error: push origin No refs in common and none specified; doing nothing. Perhaps […]

Git instaweb httpd configuration to use apache2 on OSX Leopard server

By default git instaweb is expecting lighttpd web server, whereas on OSX Leopard server apache2 is the default one. Adding the following to .git/config : [instaweb] local = true httpd = apache2 -f port = 4321 modulepath = /usr/libexec/apache2 and running ‘git instaweb‘ results in : apache2 not found. Install apache2 or use –httpd to […]

Running Gulp in post-receive hook after Git push

I have a Git workflow where I’m pushing my Git updates to a bare repo which triggers the following post-receive hook: #!/bin/sh git –work-tree=/home/website/stage/public_html –git-dir=/home/website/stage/website.git checkout -f cd /home/website/stage/public_html/wp-content/themes/theme/src/js/ npm install gulp This installs my npm packages from package.json file, but the gulp command doesn’t work. Says ‘command not found’. I don’t know if this […]

Publishing to Azure Web Apps from GitLab repository on trigger

I have a git repository in GitLab, which I need to publish to an Azure Web App on some arbitrary trigger (i.e. it must not trigger on every update to the repository, but we are fairly flexible on how we do trigger the publication). As far as I can see it, the easiest way to […]

Mercurial/Git: Different directories for different branches in same repository

I am new to git & mercurial and experimenting with these tools. I use perforce as source control at work so end up comparing the functionality with it. Right now, I have a repository which looks something like below: Repo_1: DummyProject: Master/Default – branch Release – branch AnotherBranch – branch For Git/Mercurial, I am using […]

What happens when Dan change text into 'aB' and John to 'abc'?

Imagine a very simple textdocument (text.txt) with as content just the letters ‘ab’. This file has been check-in in a canonical (remote) repository. Two people have a local close of this repository and thus this file and start editing it. Dan changes the content to ‘aB’ (note the capital B) and John edits his version […]

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