How to sync forked repository without creating a new commit

I created a PR for this issue, after a while the main repository is updated with new accepted PRs and my fork is behind the main repository. So now I tried to synchronize my Forked Repositoy, but that’s not the end of the problem I have to sync my commits or log with the main […]

Git: How do I set up SSH keys to access my remote repository from a second computer?

I have a git repository on Unfuddle, and a Windows machine I’m using with msysgit. I set up an SSH key on that machine using ssh-keygen, which gave me some key files. I copied the contents of the public key file into my personal settings in my Unfuddle account, and that works fine. So what […]

git submodule without its own folder

I want to make some parts of my projects, like my jQuery plugins external. I was looking into submodules for this purpose. They seem quite perfect, because they can be managed and updated in one centralized point. My Only problem is, that they clone into a folder. This leaves me with a structure like this. […]

git-flow finish release – selective merge

We’ve recently started using git-flow in our company, and we’ve came across the following issue: We have a DEV_MODE boolean that controls the level of logging in the app, we want the develop branch to always have DEV_MODE=true. However, when releasing a version we change the DEV_MODE to false. When I do finish-release in git-flow, […]

Convert git repo to submodule

So I am fairly new to the whole git topic. But what I am trying to do is syncing my dotfiles across multiple machines. I know there are plenty of tutorials out there and I got the basic concept. But my question is a tick more specific. First things first: I am using Windows (for […]

How do I stop git from committing unchanged files?

My coworker has an issue where his commits keep including every single file in the repository instead of just the changed ones. The file contents are literally identical, but the changeset in our private Github repository shows all of the previous version’s lines removed and all of the “new” version’s lines added, even though there […]

Sharing Models between two Rails Projects – using git submodules?

I have a Rails website which has been divided into two separate projects – the public site, and the administration site. As both sites are using the same database the models are shared between the applications (actually right now they are duplicated). The problem I have here is that when an update to the models […]

Importing project from github to eclipse error

I have some troubles with importing my project (default android project) from github to eclipse. Steps that I made: Click import Select Git => Projects from git => url Paste to URL => Click next Select maser brunch => click next Select directory => click next Recieve objects => click next And in Import […]

How to manage the version number in Git?

Let’s imagine the blerp command line tool maintained on git. This tool has the (hidden) –version option which returns its version (let’s say 0.1.2) and another –commit which returns the commit number from which it was built. Both the version and the commit number are hard-coded on the code base. Now I make a bugfix […]

Git: temporarily reverting pushed commit(s)

Say, you’ve pushed some commits and pulled them into production, in your server’s webroot, for example. And then something goes wrong. Clearly, most often what you want to do is temporarily revert the files in the webroot to some previous state, then go back to your local development place, fix what is broken, test it, […]

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