use remote repository withEgit

I am trying to use a project from a repository on bitbucket that someone else created, but when i try to import it and place it in my C:\Users—\git folder, I can’t run it from my localhost obviously. Then when I try to import the repository to my htdocs folder (localhost) and try to import […]

How to check git and github post/creation date?

I would like to know how to check git init date and time and also where is this information on github project. With github project I don’t want to go to commit tab and then browse to last page even if I can calculate it like [number of commits] / [commits per page].

How do I replace files with a push to an existing app on Heroku?

I am new to Heroku, and have been developing locally, comfortably.. I have read through all the getting started tutorials for node.js & mongoDB. I am working to get a grasp on the command line tools for heroku, and seem to have an issue with this: I have my codeset in a folder..then.. cd /ParentFolder/ChildFolder/FolderWithCodeFiles […]

Steps to rebase two GIT Branch

I have two GIT branch 1) v1 and 2) v2. I have made changes in both the branch. V1 is the latest branch. I want to merge the changes I have made in v2 into v1 and keep v1 branch. I took following steps git checkout v2 git pull origin v2 This gave me < […]

TortoiseGit fails on clone and push

TortoiseGit fals on cloning and push cloned repo. I’m using ToroiseGit and msysgit. Using valid keys. And console thing (git-cmd.bat) works correctly! But TortoiseGit does’t, what’s wrong? fatal: ‘myrepo’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the […]

Accessing Redmine repository: directories and files without extension

I’ve connected a Git repository with Redmine. Via Redmine GUI I’m trying to access files/directories and some of them just got me back error 404 “The entry or revision was not found in the repository.” I tried to access directory client but got 404. From production.log I noticed the following: Started GET “/projects/MYPROJECT/repository/revisions/master/show/client.html” for […]

Remap dirs and files in git? Kind of clientspec in P4?

There is a large project which is stored in a remote GIT repository in the way: root/ | * module1/ | * include/ | | | * lib1/ | | header1.h | | headerN.h | * libN/ | headerX.h * sources/ | * lib1/ | file1.cxx | fileN.cxx * libN/ … The product is built […]

SSH agent GitHub private repo

I am using SSH agent forwarding when connecting to server: ssh -A my_server Then I check agent is working in server: echo “$SSH_AUTH_SOCK” /tmp/ssh-IeuME30578/agent.30578 Then I try to test GitHub authentication from server: ssh -T my_server juan@myserver’s password: my_server is an alias defined in my local ~/.ssh/config. Why a password is asked in server?, if […]

Git Pages: Sync Error after moving folders in/out of directory being tracked

I’ve just recently learned some basics of GitHub and have been using gh-pages to host a website. I have been able to change/update the site successfully many times by adding/committing changes through the command line and then syncing the branch through my GH app. But then I went and did something stupid. Git was tracking […]

Merging git repositories and preserving history

I’ve been using a symfony1 plugin repository in a project repository, using git-subtree, but I can’t always see my history. Basically, the plugin project has a composer.json file I merged the plugin under the plugins/MyPlugin subtree. When I do git log, I can see the history. However, when do git log -p plugins/MyPlugin/composer.json or git […]

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