Swap git submodule with own fork

I added a submodule to my git repo like this: $ git submodule add git://github.com/user/some-library some-library I’ve decided I want to create a fork of that library to do some adjustments. How can i swap that submodule so that it points to my own github fork instead?

Git: How to “undo” a merge

The situation: Starting with the Master at A I branched and made some changes at B then merged that branch back in (C). After making some more changes I was at D but found I needed to deploy the code without the changes that happened in the branch. If I hand’t merged it that would […]

GIT pulling or cloning repository only gets Master branch

I host on BitBucket when I git clone a repository or use git pull origin master and git pull origin myBranch it does pull second time, but when I list branches with git branch -v I only see master. Doing git status shows nothing too. How do I pull all of the branches off the […]

Git gives me a “Permission Denied” error when writing files that I am pulling

On my Windows machine, when I pull my repo I get: error: unable to crate file <path to file> (Permission denied) I think the problem might be that when I look at the properties of the folder there is a square inside the checkbox, I clear it out so that no files or folders will […]

Unable to run git from command line

I have installed GIT for Windows right now. And when I am running this into my symfony project to reinstall the vendors by php bin/vendors install –reinstall Then i am getting an error git’ is not recognized as internal or external command I have set the environmental variables also as c:/programme files/git/cmd Now what should […]

How to create a branch in a bare repository in Git

I current have a bare repo thats acts as a central repo for my team. The bare repo currently only have a branch “master”. How can I create more branches on the bare repo?

Git: “Error: refusing to create funny ref 'HEAD' remotely” for initial push

I am attempting an initial push of my Git repository from Egit (Eclipse Git) to GitHub. Unfortunately I am getting the following error: error: refusing to create funny ref ‘HEAD’ remotely I set both the source and destination ref to ‘HEAD’ What does this error message mean?

Is there a script that posts git commits to twitter?

Git is notorious by its encouraged length limit for commit message titles: first line should not be more than 50 characters long (to fit an e-mail header). That reminds me of… well, is there a hook that automatically posts commit messages to twitter as soon as they’re pushed to the server?

Keep git history when splitting a file

I want to take a function out of one file and put it into another, but keep the blame history. cp a.php b.php vim b.php # delete everything but 1 function vim a.php # delete the 1 function git add a.php b.php git commit But if I run git blame b.php I only see it […]

Copy 1 commit from one branch (dev) to another (stable) with clean working dir

I tried to understand How to undo a commit and commit the changes into the other branch in Git? but I don’t think it has to be that hard. (Answer is using branch -f and stash and I don’t think I need those.) I was working in my dev branch. Had two different commits in […]

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