Find more recent commit pointed a tag in all branch

I work on a PHP script who sends a Slack message when a one of our servers isn’t up to date. Currently we use git tag for trigger build and publication. So I search a git command to display most recent commit pointed a tag on any branch (for example more recent commit pointed on […]

How can i merge my “Fix branch” back to “Master branch” from Android Studio?

I have created an application in Android Studio and i have integrated it with Git. So far i commit & push my changes to the master branch. Now i have created a new branch (from master) named “Fix1” and i have committed and pushed my latest changes to this branch. Which are the next steps […]

How to understand “<since>” in git format-patch manual?

I am reading the man page of git format-patch: There are two ways to specify which commits to operate on. A single commit, <since>, specifies that the commits leading to the tip of the current branch that are not in the history that leads to the <since> to be output. …… I am confused to […]

Create new pull request from fork without having commits of the previous fork

So i’ve made a few commits to my fork of someone else’s repo, and then submitted a pull request for the same. My old pull request hasn’t been merged yet, and now i need to submit a new pull request without the previous commits, but with new changes that i’m going to make to my […]

Git branch is still on same line as master

I am getting something unexpected happening in the git tree. I have created a branch off of master, however while I am performing commits on the new branch it appears as though these are taking place in the same code line as master… As you can see, on the very left hand side is the […]

Finding files with both of two specified terms via git grep

I’m attempting to find files in my git repository using git grep and I have no easy way of doing so without manual searching. I have found one workaround like this: git grep -l ‘term1′ | xargs -i grep -l term2 {} But I’m wondering if there is a way similar to this which doesn’t […]

How to see correct metrics for changes between two commits?

How properly use git diff to count: added, modified, deleted and total lines of file for each file? Also, I need ignore blank and comments lines.

How to get a clean copy when you switch a branch?

This question already has an answer here: Why doesn't Git remove some files when I switch a branch? 3 answers

Github pulling does not work in – Rails 5

I’m trying to pull last commit that I made on github, and though I get no errors, I see no changes in the code. I messed up my schema file, but after I pull the code it does not change at all. I searched here on stack and the solution that worked for others didn’t […]

Visual Studio Code / Git : created branch can not be pushed

In visual studio code, I use the command Git > Create branch Then, when I use Git > Push, I have an error message saying : “Git: fatal: The current branch XXX has no upstream branch.” I know I can solve this problem by opening a command line and typing git push –set-upstream origin XXX […]

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