ssh clone not cloning repo in git

I want to clone a repo of another person using ssh. For this I did following things: Generated an ssh key in local machine. Added the key to the user’s account from which the repo has to be cloned. Tested whether the key was added by running ssh -T which outputs : Hi username! […]

How can I make/follow a release announcement feed on Bitbucket?

On GitHub you can use a git tag to publish a release announcement which will then appear on a release page (example) and release feed (example). If a developer has done this, you can subscribe to the feed to receive notification of releases rather than all commits. Is it possible to do this on Bitbucket […]

How to move a local git repository to the root folder and preserve history?

I have a local git repository which is inside a project. I have decided that some code needs to be in another project but I only want one git repository. Current directory structure: Solution-> – Project1 – .git – Project2 Desired directory structure: Solution-> – .git (tracks both projects) – Project1 – Project2 How do […]

Odd behavior when Git repo is in C:\Program Files

We have a Git repo in C:\Program Files\Some-DB\Some-DB-Queries. When Git (or SourceTree) is run as Admin, everything works as expected. However, as non-Admin, after pulling into a local repo, Git sees those changes as uncommitted local changes. Does Git have to be run as Admin in Windows? If not, is there a way to configure […]

how to block false user name and email in commits

i want to block those commits in the server which has false user name and email. The authentication is via ssh. It is currently posible for me to update the config and to something other than mine and still commit and push to central repo. The history now shows wrong information about committer. […]

Move uncommitted changes from current branch to another branch that conflicts with those changes

Suppose I am on branch master and I start making some changes. I make the changes to a file which is already opened in Emacs (so under the hood, as checkouts happen, Emacs is unaware unless I revert-buffer constantly). The file did exist in branch other_branch which was intended to be merged into master later […]

Print stdout in Python without shell escape sequences

I’m using sh to run git commands inside a Python script. In [1]: from sh import git In [2]: s = git(“log”, “-1″, pretty=”format:%h %s”) In [3]: print s 4f14a66 basic debug page This seems to work as expected. However, using this in a Django template gives [?1h= 4f14a66 basic debug page[m [K[?1l>. I tried […]

Virtual env: Connection in use error

I was working on github cloned folder, and created my first ever branch. After switching branches/closing the terminal I went back into my project dir root and ran the usual: $ source venv/bin/activate (venv)$ foreman start 14:13:42 web.1 | started with pid 5591 14:13:42 web.1 | 2014-04-29 14:13:42 [5591] [INFO] Starting gunicorn 18.0 14:13:42 web.1 […]

Overriding alternative to cherry-pick

There is a cherry-pick command in the git which allows me to copy some commit on top of the current. However, it does some conflict resolution, that I do not care about. What is alternative to cherry-pick which just copies picked commit over on top of current commit? I can do it manually: select desired […]

git: How to fetch from a remote branch and merge into local branch?

I am forking from which results in from where I clone it and checkout the branch (I am interested in) to my local machine. My issue is that I would like to fetch the latest branch (master-1.2.x) from the remote repository (mantisbt/mantisbt) and merge it under the same branch the to my local […]

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