Maintaining a branch that doesn't contain commits relating to a certain change

I’m working on a project with Git and have come to a point where I’d like to break development into two separate branches. The split concerns a simple Change (with a capital C so I can refer back to it later) that affects one isolated part of the codebase — in one branch, I want […]

Automatically access submodule via ssh or https

Question: Is there a way to automatically checkout git submodules via the same method (ssh or https) as the main repository? Background: We have a non-public gitlab repository (main) that has a submodule (utils) which is also hosted as a non-public gitlab repository on the same server. Those repositories can be accessed either via ssh […]

How do I copy part of a commit diff in GitHub without the pluses and the minuses?

It’s very often that I need to copy-and-paste part of a GitHub commit. Whenever I do this, however, I find myself manually going down each line and hitting Delete to strip all of the +/- signs. Is there a more convenient way to copy part of a GitHub commit to the clipboard? Suggestions involving Chrome […]

Git: send-email without commit

I have a project where I made changes, and want to send them to another user, using git send-email feature. I found that it works by sending patches (created by git format-patch of each commit). Is it able to send just diff‘s ? I don’t want to commit first, and then send the patch. Does […]

git svn dcommit not work

I’m to migrate a extent git repository to a new svn repository,. I’m follow this steps: The problem is, when I run the command git svn dcommit The error message is: digger$ git svn dcommit Committing to http://repository_url_path/trunk … A .gitmodules A vendor/rails 6ce13429cbc1359d85e1dc99c84561840e89d455 doesn’t exist in the repository at /opt/local/libexec/git-core/git-svn line 4277 Failed […]

feature branch origin and local out of sync after rebase

I’m trying to follow the Git work-flow described here: After finishing one feature and merging it int to my development branch, I updated a different feature branch using git rebase. This seemed to work fine, but now I tried to push new changes on this feature branch to its origin counter part and I […]

Delete commit history when undoing commits

I had to undo a few commits by doing git reset –hard HEAD^^^^. After undoing the commits, when I ran git log –all, it shows all the commits I have done from the beginning. (It doesn’t show all the deleted commits when I run git log though) Can I confirm that doing git reset –hard […]

EGit: why “Local branch as upstream is not recommended”?

When I create a new branch, if I set “Configure upstream for push and pull” a warning appears (circled in blue in the screenshot). Why is that not recommended ? What potential problems or disadvantages does that have ? I ran that warning through search engines and searched for it on and but […]

multiple forks in GitHub's

I’ve tried to make a second fork of the same 3rd party project on github using these instructions: Unfortunately github doesn’t allow me to create a pull request to upstream for such “fork” – there is no such button and upstream’s branch in drop down list. It seems it doesn’t think that this is […]

Is there a way to add a link to the current repo in Github

Most of my repos’ files include instructions on how to clone/build/run/test the code: $ git clone $ cd app-store-validator $ npm i $ npm run build #lint and build $ npm run test #run unit tests The problem is the link is repo-specific, i.e. if the repo has been forked/transferred, the README would […]

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