Git push failed updating remote server info

When I try to push the new branch in the remote origin I get the following error. I am able to push the commits on the existing branches and there is no problem on existing branches. git push -u origin master1 Fetching remote heads… refs/ refs/tags/ refs/heads/ updating ‘refs/heads/master1’ from 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to 346c3424fd1ab8988581672347f9f3c81d4e6919 sending 23276 […]

Git update or clone

As part of a script that collects external dependencies for a project, I want to check if a dependency is available at the right version. Currently, I check if the folder exists, and if it does, fetch and check out to the version and if not, clone at that version. I have something like this: […]

Can't checkout other branch's with Git

I was working on a branch 3, then In my team they start working on branch 4, when i tried to checkout the branch 4, i can’t found it, and the “git branch -a” shows me only the branch 3. If any one have some ideas? Thanks for your responses.

Hartl's Ruby on Rails / Hello_App / Heroku Error H10

I have coded the very simple app titled “Hello_App” from Hartl’s Ruby on Rails. I followed all Hartl’s instructions very closely. Everything worked fine locally. But when I attempted to deploy the app using Heroku, it crashed. I am stumped and don’t know where to start. Part of the Heroku log with H10 errors appears […]

–ignore-all-space for EGit

I am using EGit( with Eclipse (Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)). When I try to merge a branch from the remote repository with my local repository I get a lot of conflicting files. The differences in these files are mainly caused by differences in the number of whitespaces or number of empty lines. I would like to […]

Unable to find class on DexPathList

For the last couple of days ive been trying to import the git project into my app which i am developing in android studio. Unfortunately Im unable to do this because of the following error when i try to start the filePicker Activity from within my program: 12-29 20:24:41.451 18856-18856/no.trappsoft.passitory E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main […]

get size of commit from github api

I’ve been looking through the Github API trying to work out it there’s a simple way to get the size of a commit, i.e. what’s the amount of change that took place: My google and stackoverflow searches turned up: Git: show total file size difference between two commits? and a few other command line […]

Deploying yeoman fullstack to heroku

I’m trying to deploy my Yeoman FullStack to Heroku. I’m using the Grunt grunt buildcontrol:heroku to do that. I pushed the master code to Heroku without errors remote: Compressing source files… done. remote: Building source: remote: remote: —–> Using set buildpack heroku/nodejs remote: —–> Node.js app detected remote: remote: —–> Creating runtime environment remote: remote: […]

Why Vs2015 can't auto add C# files to git repository?

When I add a new project & add a new file, sometimes the new file isn’t auto-added to source control (git). I don’t know why. How solve the problem forever?

Can I change merging options on single files mid merge?

Okay say I’ve done git merge production. I’ve resolved a few issues but now I’d like to retry merging a specific file with -Xignore-all-space. My current strategy is to simply abort my merge, and restart it with -Xignore-all-space, is there some way I can change this mid merge?

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