Installing ungit on Windows XP error: C:/Documents: No such file or directory

Ungit looks the perfect tool to learn how git works, as it gives a graphical interface to understand what is going on. I want to share this video explanation (very useful to understand how git works even if you are not planning to use ungit). It has synchronized my local repository perfectly. Unfortunately, when I […]

Checkout different SVN folder using Source Tree to push to WordPress plugin assets folder

I am using SourceTree to push to my SVN WP Plugin directory. I have set that part up successfully. The problem is with pushing to the assets directory as explained in the wp plugin FAQ. SourceTree only shows the trunk as an available remote: The WordPress FAQ states to: Start by creating an assets/ directory […]

Git hook and wordpress git pull page not found

So I was searching and can’t find how to set up git hook with wordpress I added a deploy.php to my public_html directory where is my wordpress blog! so when I commit to git stuff, something server doesn’t pull it and when I type www.example/depoly.php it shows error 404 page not found its there any […]

Properly build a git submodule with gnu make

I currently try to write a Makefile that build properly a project which contains a git submodule. This submodule have its own set of makefiles and produce several targets at once, including some libraries. This Makefile should have the following properties. Don’t rebuild twice the submodule even with parallel build. Update the submodule targets when […]

Error 500 while usingWeb-Hooks w/ Gitlab and Gitlab-Auto-Deploy

When I try to send a POST request with GitLab everytime my repo is pushed to my production server running GitLab-Auto-Deploy, I get a 500 error. I followed the indications in the README file ( but I still get this 500 error. Did I miss something ? Is there anything more to set up ? […]

Why does rebasing master give many conflicts but merging give none?

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the only benefit of using git rebase master when on a feature branch is to keep your history clean. However, when I try to do a rebase it consistently runs into many conflicts and keeps getting stuck so I have to fix merge git add . […]

Git inside git: disconnect inner git, keep files

Summary Git inside git. Removed the inner .gits, kept the files. Push. Clone. Folders exist, but are empty. What I’m trying to do So I’m trying to upload an existing repo to my own git server. The repo has some repos inside of it (that are not a part of the original repo). I don’t […]

Python: Printing to standard out when running from a Gitolite trigger(hook)

So on my Gitolite server I have a python script set to run from the trigger GIT_POST. All I want it to do is print some information to the client. This is the script: #!/usr/bin/env python import sys import fileinput def main(): print “Trying to read input” for line in sys.argv: print line sys.exit(0) if […]

Error installing charlock_holmes on rhel5

I am trying to deploy a rails application that make use of a specific gem, but I cannot succesfully build it: [git@Porta-Git ~]$ gem install charlock_holmes –version ‘’ Building native extensions. This could take a while… ERROR: Error installing charlock_holmes: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. /usr/local/bin/ruby extconf.rb checking for main() in -licui18n… yes […]

Is there any guideline of “What to share on Github” regarding RCP developments?

I recently started developing a plugin, which consist of several Eclipse Plugin-Projects. I use Maven/Yycho as a build tool and GitHub as version control system. Now I was wondering what to push to my GitHub repositories. The POM files and Feature/Updatesites as well? It seems that this stuff is: very User specific (the path are […]

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