Why does Visual Studio Code wants to access my private SSH key?

I started using SSH based authentication to push/pull to/from my github remotes. For any git related work, I used the default terminal present in Ubuntu. The problem started when I switched to Visual Studio Code a few weeks ago. VSCode has some git features, and this results in a prompt every few minutes. This prompt […]

`git` – could not able to create `achive` existing repo

I am trying to export my existing git repo with following command. But I end up with errors. any one help me to fix this? my command : PS F:\Nissan-Gulp> git archive –format zip –output F:\convert master fatal: could not create archive file ‘F:\convert’: Is a directory PS F:\Nissan-Gulp> my existing git project at Nissan-Gulp […]

How to not delete untracked files from git when pulling

My friend and I are working on a git repository. Actually i made a mistake by setting all files on stage before adding .gitignore file, and i pushed all on github, my friend have clonned the project as well. Now to solve the problem, i have manually untracked those files with git rm –cached <files> […]

Overlay branches in Git (Perforce)

I have been working with perforce for some time. We used overlay branches for customers. Only some files are specific for the customer. All other files are standard. The overlay branch compared to a full branch has the advantage that nobody is tempted to do developments in the customer branch which should be done in […]

Git merge with -X argument to override master branch's file, but still got some deleted code

I have one file in master branch like belows: void func(int a, string b) { … if (a == 1) { … } … } …. func(1, “test”); … Then I checkout a new branch b1, and do some work and change the file to : void func(string c, string b) { … … } […]

How to only clone a git submodule

is there a way to get the information from a server which commit is selected in a submodule without cloning the whole repository? The goal is to clone only a specified submodule ‘jenkins-config’ so we need the URL (we know this already) and the commit. Use Case: We want to use a Jenkins job configuration […]

The requested URL returned error: 502 when running git clone inside a Docker container

I have a simple bash script git clone https://x-token-auth:$REPOSITORY_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN@bitbucket.org/danechitoaie/open-pipelines-test1.git $BUILD_DIR that I run in a Docker container and the problem is that sometimes git clone fails with following error message fatal: unable to access ‘https://x-token-auth:$REPOSITORY_OAUTH_ACCESS_TOKEN@bitbucket.org/danechitoaie/open-pipelines-test1.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 502 This happens randomly, so sometimes it works sometimes I get this error. Any idea […]

How to checkout a file version with unresolved conflicts?

While resolving merge conflicts I modified a file in favor of one version, but after some thought it looks like I want to get back some deleted lines. In other words I want to restore file version with unresolved conflicts, where I can again choose what to leave or what to delete. I have modified […]

git in Android studio is different from TortoiseGit

I have use the git in android studio and find it is very useful; i use the TortoiseGit, however, i found git in the android studio and TortoiseGit (by right click) the file, are different, I mean the log are different, I try to google it, but found nothing, can I make both to be […]

In GitHub, at what levels can review comments be made?

In GitHub, when code reviewer make review comments, I sometimes lose track of some comments, especially when the comments come from several repositories. In order to show/list all the comments directed to me, what levels can comments be made? pull request level, i.e. for merging a branch to another branch, so when I click a […]

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