recursive shallow clone in git for deployment

The real problem that I want to solve is deployment of vim plugins via ansible. The problem is that some plugins have a lot of submodules and it takes a long time to download them and then they use space without any good reason on a hard drive. The user of the plugin need only […]

git – revert update-index/ignored file so I can change branch?

I was trying to add an error log to my .gitignore file, and somewhere along the way read that I had to specifically untrack the file after adding it to .gitignore. Somehow, I wound up using this to do so: git update-index –assume-unchanged Logs/Err.log All looked well, until I went to switch to my develop […]

'Pinning' a specific version of a file in a git branch

In a git repository, lets say I have a file in my master branch, config.json, which contains some information about e.g. my hosting environment. master – config.json For the sake of argument, lets assume this file is read by my gulp-file and contains information about whether to minimize my javascripts or include source maps. In […]

How to split angular app client / server side code in git repositories

I’m just being curious whats the proper approach to split client and server side code in git repositories and how to bring them back to work together for developing, testing and deployment? E.g lets take an app with an laravel backend and an angular frontend. For me it seems the proper way to put both […]

Configure github (enterprise) repo to only allow fast forward commits / PR merges?

Coming from gerrit to github, there’s a major feature I’m missing, namely allowing only fast forward merges. Essentially, in my opinion any kind of “CI build sign off” is useless if you’re signing off on your change on a stale master branch. I was wondering if there’s any way how this can be configured in […]

Git pull on remote host with Fabric

I’m trying to write deploy script in This is my code: from fabric.api import * env.user = ‘user’ env.hosts = [‘my_host’] env.dbname = ‘’ env.dbuser = ‘pg_user’ env.dbpass = ‘pg_user’ code_dir = ‘/cygdrive/d/folder’ def deploy(): with cd(code_dir): run(‘git pull’) run(‘pip install -r requirements.txt’) run(‘ migrate –all’) run(‘net stop Apache2.2’) run(‘net start Apache2.2’) When I […]

Git Repository in Dropbox Folder With Team Members Checking Out Different Branches Simultaneously

At work we host all of our projects in Dropbox folders. Inside these Dropbox folders we have Git projects. If I checkout a branch on Git, that branch is checked out for everyone on our team, because the folders are in Dropbox. Is there a way that two team members can checkout different branches at […]

How Can I Push a Shallow Cloned Git Subtree?

I have a repository that includes a subtree used to push deployment files to different remotes. When setting the repository up fresh, I perform the following: Clone the repository. Add the remote(s) for the subtree. Fetch from the subtree remote. Commit and push to the main remote branch and subtrees as usual. I recently attempted […]

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro acf-json workflow

My team just switched to using acf-json and we have some questions about how to treat the files in terms of a team using git. The question is basically, should we always commit the .json files when they show as modified and should each team member adhere to a habit if syncing immediately after a […]

Error when running 'npm install' for a package from a git repo

This is killing me. After entering the following in the command line: > npm install git+ I get the following command-line error… npm ERR! addLocal Could not install D:\Users\Niko\AppData\Roaming\npm\npm_temp\npm-12692-e02bf6f0\git-cache-60d903b5b73a\561d9785cdca88fc0a3178795274207520d05596 npm ERR! Windows_NT 6.1.7601 npm ERR! argv “node” “D:\\Users\\Niko\\AppData\\Roaming\\npm\\node_modules\\npm\\bin\\npm-cli.js” “install” “git+” npm ERR! node v0.12.4 npm ERR! npm v2.13.2 npm ERR! path D:\Users\Niko\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\jshint\2.8.0\package.tgz npm ERR! code […]

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