Git status in regards to multiple remote repositories

I have a script which emails me a reminder if I’ve forgotten to commit or push some code on each of my 40+ repositories. With 2 of my projects, I have followed the answers in these posts, where I have set-up “git-push” to push to multiple repositories: pull/push from multiple remote locations git push to […]

jgit how can i get all the commits that occurred between two dates

Or just all the commits that occurred between two dates? In SVN, you could do something like svn diff -r{date}:{date} to do it!

Am I supposed to run BFG on the mirrored repo or the original?

I want to delete two files from my git repo that aren’t there anymore. I put them in, committed, and tried to push but they were too large. So I took them out, and kept working, then committed, tried to push, but it still gave me the same error. I figured they’re still in the […]

How to “git log –follow <path>” in JGit? (To retrieve the full history including renames)

How do I have to extend the following logCommand, to get the –follow option of the git log command working? Git git = new Git(myRepository); Iterable<RevCommit> log = git.log().addPath(“com/mycompany/”).call(); This option is implemented in jGit, but I don’t know how to use it. The logCommand’s methods don’t appear to be useful. Thank you!

GitHub client: Pull Request Button is missing

I use GitHub client for Bitbucket repository. All work & sync correctly, but Pull Request button not showing. In GitHub repo all works. I found simular issue – Github for Mac: Pull Request Button is missing, but I use Bitbucket and can’t change repo marker from “other”. Any proposal? GitHub: Other repo:

Is there a hook on git for post-reset?

I have some local files that all developers have to change. I marked the files as “assume unchanged” but that doesn’t keep them from changing when doing a reset. Is there a hook on git that’s executed after git reset? If not, does anybody have a suggestion on how to handle this situation?

git – set KDiff3 as default mergetool

After installing KDiff3 for managing conflicts in git, still the default one is opening for me: Here is the configuration that mentioned in this answer: git config –global –add merge.tool kdiff3 git config –global –add mergetool.kdiff3.path “C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe” git config –global –add mergetool.kdiff3.trustExitCode false git config –global –add diff.guitool kdiff3 git config –global –add difftool.kdiff3.path […]

git push windows to windows

I currently have a setup where on my windows machine with cygwin I added my linux server as a remote origin where I can then push my changes as I have my SSH keys configured. git add remote origin ip@path.git git push origin How would I do this to my windows machine is it as […]

git log exclude renames

I can list commits for a file, even if it has been renamed or moved git log –follow However, I would like to “follow” the file, but only list commits where the file was actually changed. Something like git log –follow –exclude-renames

Local Repository in Xcode 4

I want to add local svn or git repository to my code in Xcode 4. I found help for adding that to a new project. But how do I add that to an old one? I started working in Xcode 3. Recently I’m using Xcode 4. I want to use Time Line. Please help.

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