how to config git to overwrite non text file instead of version controlled it?

If I have a git repository that has both source code and other types of file, such slides, binary, etc. I want git to just version control the text file ( such as source code ). For other file types (binaries, for example), I just want to store one copy in the git repository, i.e. […]

Advantages/disadvantages to branches and forks

I am currently working on a project via a fork of the main repo. I am committing my changes to <fork>/master and then submitting pull requests to <upstream>/master. I have write permission for <upstream>. Am I correct in thinking that I could make this simpler by deleting my fork and simply creating branches for my […]

How to force a true Git merge so a line is drawn from a branch to master even when files are the same?

I did a merge from branch xyz to master involving about 20 files, and there were no conflicts. I cannot remember the options I used unfortunately, but whatever I did, the resulting code is the desired code but no line was drawn from branch xyz to master. I want the line from xyz to master […]

Switching Mercurial Projects (Bitbucket) to Git (Github)

I am trying to move my public projects from bitbucket to github. I see that hg-git extension will help me get this done. $ easy_install hg-git Searching for hg-git Best match: hg-git 0.3.0 Processing hg_git-0.3.0-py2.7.egg hg-git 0.3.0 is already the active version in easy-install.pth Using /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/hg_git-0.3.0-py2.7.egg Processing dependencies for hg-git Searching for dulwich>=0.8.1 why? from […]

Removing patch from Gerrit

I submitted a patch for review to Gerrit, which created a review page. I wanted to update the patch with some modifications, but unfortunately ended up submitting a new patch, which depended on the old one, along with a new corresponding review page. This happened because I did not amend to the previous commit, rather […]

git-commit vim-like syntax highlighting in emacs

all. I’ve recently picked up emacs as a generally editor to replace gedit and vim. The one thing I miss terribly about vim is the git syntax highlighting. I have tried git-el, apparently with no luck. The vim git-commit highlighting features a “subject line” highlight for the first fifty characters of the first line of […]

GitHub Error – “ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out fatal: Could not read from remote repository.”

I want to push a repo from my computer to GitHub. I set the remote origin git remote add origin and then after when I try pushing to GitHub git push -u origin master I’m greeted with this error: ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out fatal: Could not read from […]

Getting the remotes along when pulling a local repo

Common situation: deployer$ git clone git://gitserver/project.git deployer$ cd project deployer$ ./deploy Lots of errors! deployer$ hack –until-it-works deploy deployer$ git commit -m “fixed it” deploy Oops, now I can’t push because deployment-account doesn’t have the proper keys. So, back to my own account. larsmans$ cd /tmp larsmans$ git clone /path/to/deployed/project larsmans$ cd project But now […]

how to create staging environment in heroku and push app

I have a rails project deployed on heroku which has only a production environment. I’ve created a staging environment by doing: “heroku create appname –remote staging” the slug size for on my exsiting application is 4.4MB and the .git repository is 85MB. when I do git push staging master, it tries to upload all 85MB […]

git hanging on push (broken pipe) over ssh

I’ve been experiencing issues with git in combination with the service lately. I recently installed a new version of Ubuntu (after wiping completely). At first I have copied the ssh keys, but since I thought that this might cause issues, I generated a new pair and copied the new public key to The […]

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