Close Jira issue via Git commit

Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the status of a Jira issue using a Git commit? I am using Jira and Git with the Jira Git plugin and I know I can reference an issue by just adding the name in the commit but I thought a commit message like “ISSUE-1 #close” would […]

git stable branch: find not cherry-picked commits

I have the following git history: A — B — C — D’ — E’ [master] \ \ — D — E — F [stable] We have a policy to cherry-pick all changes from stable to master; D’ and E’ are cherry-picked commits from stable branch, F is not cherry-picked (has been forgotten). How can […]

Include CocoaPods in version control checkin?

I want to know which files created by CocoaPods in a given iOS project should be checked into version control. What makes most sense to include and ignore? Should I just add the Podfile? Or should I add the entire pods directory?

How to find the number of files changed from one commit to another in git

I am working on a git repository which contains huge number of files changed b/w one commit to another, how to extract the number of files changes b/w commits.

Clean git repo on Heroku

The situation is as follows: We have some project which persists on Github, and deploy it to Heroku, which has its own mini-Git. Some changes were applied directly to Heroku (cloned repository from Heroku, made changes and pushed). In a meanwhile the master branch on Github has gained also some changes. Now when I want […]

How to do pull request on github?

I am new to git and github. Suppose I have a public github repository, and I want to give my boss information regarding github pull request so that he can run the same project on his local pc and also do a code review. Please let me know what I need to do? Is there […]

Git avoiding “merge branch master”

A colleague and I are using git with a single remote origin repository. We both Commit local then push to origin. As we are working there is naturally some divergence as especially my colleague doesn´t fetch / pull often. Once its time to push to origin i would suspect we can merge local, then push […]

Git Post-receive hook with part of work tree

I would like to use git to deploy to a website to a testing server. My website is a wordpress theme built with gulp and the repository looks like theme.git/ — gulpfile.js — src/ — build/ I’ve followed the steps explained here and here which are- set up a bare repository on the server, configure […]

Add remote via JGit

I playing around JGit, I could successfully remove a remote from some repository (git remote rm origin), how can I do a git remote add origin ? To remove I do the following: StoredConfig config = git.getRepository().getConfig(); config.unsetSection(“remote”, “origin”);; But there’s no a option like #setSection(String, String). Thanks in advance.

Does Git work in Windows?

I work on Linux all the time and I’m clueless about Windows, not even having a Windows box. Is Git nowadays working on Windows? Or am I making problems for my Windows pals by using it?

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