git commit –amend is dangerous

I sometimes accidentally type git commit -amend when I really wanted to git commit –amend. Git detects that and asks me $ git commit -amend error: did you mean `–amend` (with two dashes ?) which is great. However, sometimes I write git commit -ammend and then git will just accept that and treat my spelling […]

What are the pros and cons of using a trunk-based Vs feature-based workflow in Git?

I pretty much like the idea of the feature-based workflow in Git: using feature branches to support parallel development. In a feature-based workflow, I would develop my tasks in a feature branch (off master), and I would rebase often from master to avoid potential conflicts. If collaborative, I will push/pull the feature branch to the […]

How do you push the latest head/master into SVN from GIT without all the history?

I’m dealing with two repositories. A remote server running SVN and my local git repo. I’ve got my head/master branch to where I want it after several edits. Now I just want to push the latest copy of what’s in git into an empty SVN directory with a single commit, without the 100 commits and […]

Emacs shell: save commit message

I’ve started using emacs a few days ago, and I’m facing a problem when using git in the emacs shell (M-x shell). When I ‘git commit’ or ‘git commit –amend’, it opens vim to edit and save the commit message. I’m ok with that, but I can’t find a way to save and exit vim, […]

What is the best practice for pushing clean code to the main branch in Mercurial?

What is the best practice for pushing clean code to the main branch? This is a best practice question about Mercurial, however the thoughts of other DVCS/git users would also be applicable. If there is a suitable website please point me to it. How do large projects with lots of contributers keep the main development […]

Ignore a file in git but have it downloaded when the project is cloned

I have a file that suffers modification every time I run my project. Thus, I don’t want git to track it and so I add it to my .gitignore file. However, I do wish for the file to be pulled when cloning the project. How can I achieve this? Thank you in advance.

How to git tag all submodules?

I would like to tag all of the submodules of my project. I tried to do that with: git submodule foreach git tag tagName … but it appears to just return with no errors, having done nothing. Edit: Here are the results of my attempt: Can someone tell me how to properly tag all submodules? […]

Remove tracked ignorned files from repo but not locally

I keep running into a scenario where someone on our team pushes an initial commit without first adding a .gitignore to their project. This results in a bunch of files ending up in the repo that we don’t want tracked. git ls-files -i –exclude-from=.gitignore gives me a list of files that are ignored by .gitignore […]

Git > diffs filtered, show only certain changed classes/files

I have 2 versions of a software (i.e. tag 4.1 and tag 4.2). Now I want to filter out in which java classes of version 4.1 there were fixed bugs. If I enter git diff r4.1 r4.2 –name-only > patch.csv I get a list of all changed classes from version 4.1 to 4.2. But this […]

github in ubuntu looking for the application?

I’m fairly new to all this programming with github and ubuntu. I’m trying to play with ruby on rails. Anyways, I’ve messed with windows and github, where when I install git, I can an actual application that runs, and I can open git bash. But when i just try to install github on Ubuntu with […]

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