Why won't my VSS2017 publish profiles show up as changes for pushing to source control

I am using Visual Studio 2017 and I am trying to automate my build and publish. I am using a BitBucket Server for the repository and Bamboo for the build server. In VS2017, on my local dev computer, I can create a new FileFolder publish profile, which gets created in the “My Project\PublishProfiles” folder below […]

Bisecting over gitflow style git repository with broken intermidiate commits

It is normal to have intermediate commits that failed to compile or broken in other way in feature branch in gitflow model. Only the matter is to be stable at point of merge to develop branch where review and automatic tests applied. Can git bisect over develop branch without hitting broken intermediate commits from feature […]

How to induce a `<<<<<`/`>>>>>` merging state in Git?

I have an old stash of working tree that is now some dozens of commits old. This stash nevertheless still represents useful work on a feature I need to bring forth. I abandoned it prior as I had to switch to a higher-priority feature since, stashing the former. Now, as always, my master represents current […]

Grunt/Git throws Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to github.com:443

I am using Grunt to build an Angular Website. On about 1 in 3 builds, I see the following error: ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote –tags –heads https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome.git”, exit code of #128 fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome.git/’: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to github.com:443 Seeting GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 and GIT_TRACE_PACKET=2 gives the following: Additional error […]

Failed to compile python (Permission denied!) while deploying some changes in heroku

I have deployed a project of github in heroku. Then I successfully cloned the project with my pc using heroku slugs:download -a newocas Now, after making some changes and doing commit while deploying the project back to heroku produces the same error again and again. I’m using git bash for commit and deploy. Here’s my […]

PhpStorm GIT custom automation

I often use a git command like this in the PhpStorm console: git add –all && git commit -m “fix the config publishing” && \ git tag -a v1.0.4 -m “fix the config publishing” && git push I’d like to make it more convenient so that it would be a button opening a popup with […]

Git hook within Gitkraken ignores exit code

I try to set up a first simple pre-commit hook on a project on windows but I don’t manage to stop the commit using exit code. I use Gitkraken and it runs cygwin as shell. The pre-commit file contains the following script: #!/bin/sh echo “OK THAT line works…” > test.log exit 1 When commiting, it […]

How To Get Git Completion For Branch Names On Mac OSX?

I have tried to debug this issue unsuccessfully for several days. I have done my best to install git and git completions on my machine, however I am still unable to autocomplete branch names (local or remote). Completion of git subcommands, however, works just fine. I have a Mac running Sierra 10.12.5. $ sw_vers ProductName: […]

Change Git Author Information in Visual Studio

I have a team project in Visual Studio Team Services and I’m using git as a version control system. Is it possible to change the author name and email of the commits in Visual Studio website ?

How to display code in certain format but commit in another?

Me and a friend of mine are working on a codebase and a problem has arisen. So, I gladly adhere to any common style standard which has some tooling support for auto-format. My friend has harder to read code and strongly prefers things like functions in the following format function foo() { console.log(‘bar’); } This […]

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