key_load_public: No such file or directory even though file exists

I am trying to connect to a Bitbucket server. My machine has Windows, with Git Bash. On /h/.ssh/id_rsa and /h/.ssh/, I have a key for the repository. Also in /h/.ssh/config, I have the configuration for the repository: Host my-repo-name User my-user Hostname Port 7999 IdentityFile id_rsa When I’m trying to connect to the repository […]

How to prevent bitbake from looking for mirrors for specific host?

I am building a system image with yocto where some of the recipes reference software that is hosted on out private git repository server (let’s call it repo-host). The checkout works fine, but bitbake always tries to first access the mirror instead of our own server. In the log.do_fetch of the recipe, this behaviour […]

Create a git patch between repository and non-repository

I have a situation where a folder needs to be patched to be the same state as a repository. Consider this short tale: Ten years age Goofus and Gallant are somewhat alike and at a fork in the road Gallant moves onward and becomes a better person. Goofus hangs out and does nothing. The almighty […]

Git not seen from shell although the plugins are installed

In my Jenkins installation I have the Git Plugin and the Git Client Plugin . Also, in Global Tool Configuration -> Git installations -> Git I selected Install Automatically. I thought that because of this, Git should be visible whenever I reference it from a Jenkins build. However, in a job that has a script […]

GitLog Command with Path

I try to make a GitLog from projects in diffrent places. Is there any solution to add a Path at the GitLog command ? I try this but it doesnt work : git log –pretty=format:”%H \”%an\” %ad \”%s\”” –numstat –date=short — Code/code1/git

Git – nullSha1: contains entries pointing to null sha1

I’m trying to deploy an app and I get a error. Following research pointed me here: warning in tree f148931b374ad1aa9748b8f91bd48fcb44fb73b0: nullSha1: contains entries pointing to null sha1 Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done. broken link from tree f148931b374ad1aa9748b8f91bd48fcb44fb73b0 to blob 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 missing blob 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Tried the solution here but the commands do nothing on terminal […]

Git pull using GitPython + SSH keys doesn't work

I am trying to pull a repo from my Github account using GitPython. This is after (1) I performed a git clone already from the command line. (2) Generated new SSH keys using ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 (3) Setup the contents of the .pub file from #2 above in Github as a new SSH […]

deleted commits after git push force

I have forked repo on github. I synced my forked repo with the production one creating an upstream endpoint so that the command git remote -v origin (fetch) origin (push) upstream (fetch) upstream (push) To sync, I ran this git fetch upstream;git checkout master;git merge upstream/master But the merge failed with […]

Error trying to create a git bundle ranged between 2 commits

I am trying to create a bundle file from commit x to commit y. As specified on git bundle‘s documentation the arguments have to be “acceptable to git rev-parse and git rev-list …, that specifies the specific objects and references to transport” However, when I run the following command: git bundle create test.bundle 15b423..6cffeab I […]

Should I check in my Ctags TAGS file to git?

Are TAGS files expected to be checked in into git, or are they gitignored? (They are binary files, so I wasn’t sure what the best practice is)

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