git submodules as part of a build

I am trying to setup a git repository with a submodule repository inside it. Lets call the 2 repos: Super & Sub for this example. So I initialized the Super repo then did a git submodule add of the 2nd repo. I committed the .gitmodules file with the Super repo so that when you do […]

How can I get git and copSSH to look in the correct directory for keys?

I just installed copSSH for Windows. When I boot it up I get a directory C:\copSSH\home\Nick\.ssh which has my pub and private key it. When I access this directory via a Cygwin bash window using ssh user@host I get happily logged in. However, when I open a git bash window with git clone ssh://user@host it […]

Ubuntu Linux: Netbeans cannot detect Git or Cordova installed

Following guide, I installed every needed package and they’re apparently all working fine $ echo $PATH /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/bin:/home/maxxer/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games $ node -v v0.10.33 $ cordova –version hello: 4.1.2 $ git –version git version 2.1.0 $ which node /usr/bin/node $ which cordova /usr/local/lib/node_modules/cordova/bin/cordova $ which git /usr/bin/git Yet when I try creating a new HTML5 Cordova app NB […]

How do I migrate a flat svn repo to git repo

I have a flat svn repository which looks like: my_repo/ ├── file1.c ├── file2.c ├── file3.c └── README This repo has no branches, or tags and all I am trying to do is convert it to a git repository and maintain the commit history. I have tried: git svn clone –trunk=/ -A users.txt svn+ssh:// dest_dir […]

How to synchronize a GIT repository with SVN?

I am planning to make a fork of an open-source project, but I want to switch to GIT. The project is using SVN, but there is no TRAC available, so I can’t just download changesets without having SVN on my PC (not to mention svn diff doesn’t allow binary patches). Is there a way to […]

Phantom file in github commit

I am trying to push some changes to my github repository but the push is failing because of a large file that git thinks is in the repository. remote: Error code: 38865a38ccad9b1d9f394c35344906e6 remote: warning: Error GH413: Large files detected. remote: warning: See for more information. remote: error: File videos/Lecture2.mp4 is 134.01 MB; this exceeds […]

Git – Delete a Blob

Is there a way or command to delete a blob from git using its ID I used the command $ git rev-list –objects –all | git cat-file –batch-check=’%(objectname) %(objecttype) %(rest)’ | grep ‘^[^ ]* blob’ | cut -d” ” -f1,3- And got the list of blobs in all versions like 62f7e0df0b80bce8d0a4cb388be8988df1bec5ef NodeApplication/NodeApplication/public/javascripts/homescript.js b1d69387fbd4d4e84bbe9eb2c7f59053c0355e11 NodeApplication/NodeApplication/iisnode/index.html 624642d6f2a86844dc145803260537be0fe40090 […]

Git duplication – receive pack not found

Ok, I’m relatively new to git etc. I have a Rails app I duplicated as the base for a new app (which I suspect is where this issue stems from). I had no issues with git on the initial app. For the new app I have initialized a repo, all the local commits are going […]

How do I manage users on Bitbucket

I have been reading the bitbucket documentation and I am still confused about how to manage users well on my repo. I want to give some developers the ability to pull and push to certain branches but not others, i.e. they can pull and push to a developer-master branch, but the final merges to the […]

Vim Fugitive: Gblame reblame options

I’ve been using Fugitive’s Gblame recently but don’t quite understand what “reblame” does. Can someone describe a little more clearly what these options do: – reblame at commit ~ reblame at [count]th first grandparent P reblame at [count]th parent (like HEAD^[count])

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