Keep a commit locally to clone in Git

I have two repositories. I started a project locally on my development machine, later cloned it to a testing environment on the customers server. I mimic the environment on the customers server, but for that I need to have some files (and some lines in some other files) to be only present on my local […]

How to create releases for public or private repository in GitHub?

I have a problem how create releases in our public or private repository in GitHub ? How to do it using windows cmd or linux terminal ? Is there any special commands for that?

Heroku Cedar Python: requirement in github – clone fails with error 128

i wanted to use the pyfire github library this is what pip freeze produced for me: -e git+ssh:// but when doing so the clone that is being done to install the dependencies fails with error code, i can’t heroku run console to check out the full error log… any experience with this or ideas? […]

Git – 'Saving' debug statements before removing from code

I’ve been working on a new feature for my team’s project, and my code changes involved many debug print statements on rather useful places. Now before pushing the code, I’ll be removing all these debug print statements but I know whenever I come back to this I’ll end up putting those debug print statements again. […]

How to list all the committed files by a user in a branch?

I know there’s a git command to list all the commits by a user and number of days as below, git log –since=15.days –author=”Vijin Paulraj” However, that will only return the list of commits done by the user with hash. But I don’t see any commands to list only the file names. Can anyone please […]

Git receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead fails

I’m brand new to git and have no experience with any version control system. I develop locally and am looking for a simpler way (than FTP) to deploy files to the (LAMP) web server. I am having a hard time configuring Git (version 2.5 for Windows) to automatically update its current working directory when I […]

how to pull updates from remote repo, when filter-branch is used on local repo?

for example i want to hack on the code of angularjs, so i simply clone it using git clone, to simulate the update scenario, i would use git reset –hard HEAD~10 to discard recent commits, git pull works greatly after reset, because it can get updates from remote repo easily, but with filter-branch, git […]

What does git commit –cleanup=whitespace do exactly?

What does ‘git commit –cleanup=whitespace‘ do? I’m trying to test it out but I cannot figure out what the expected behaviour is (and its git documentation on it is just one line). If I add it, and someone pulls my code, will they receive a source code with zero whitespace lines in between?

Jenkins Git Plugin with Git LFS fails with 'Bad Credentials' on Mac slave

At my company we have been setting up a Jenkins CI system against our internal GitHub Enterprise instance using the Jenkins Git Plugin (2.4.2) and Git LFS (1.1.2). Despite having valid credentials stored in Jenkins and also stored on the Mac slave using the globally configured credentials, checking out the repository always ends with this […]

git hooks – regenerate a file and add it to each commit?

I’d like to automatically generate a file and add it to a commit if it has changed. Is it possible, if so, what hooks should I use? Context: I’m programming a CSS library. It has several CSS files, and at the end I want to produce a compacted and minimized version. Right now my workflow […]

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