git pull results in “fatal: final sha1 did not match”

We recently started having a problem with our repo where we get the following error after running git pull (technically git fetch is what errors). This seems to happen after we merge a remote topic branch in GitHub into our develop branch. Here is the workflow and error: git push origin topic-branch git checkout develop […]

When pulling from a team repo from github, git forces me to make a merge commit, no conflicts

I’ve been working with another person on a repo we host at github. Everytime I or he pulls, git forces us to make a merge commit (vim opens up with a commit description), although we were working on different files and there are certainly no conflicts. Shouldn’t new commits be just added without an additional […]

writing a post commit hook to push to my staging site, but don't think it is running for some reason

I have the following setup for my post commit hook: in .git/hooks/push-to-staging #!/bin/sh while read oldrev newrev refname do branch=$(git rev-parse –symbolic –abbrev-ref $refname) git push -f myapp $branch:master && heroku run rake db:migrate -a my-app && heroku restart -a my-app done I made sure to chmod +x push-to-staging. However, when I push to any […]

Deploying with git, empty folders with Composer

I’m trying to deploy my Slim app. I’m using SlimController; both Slim and SlimController are loaded in composer.json: { “require”: { “slim/slim”: “2.*”, “slimcontroller/slimcontroller”: “dev-master” } } I have replicated my localhost evironment on my VPS: Ubuntu 13.04, Apache 2.4, PHP 5.5.3. I deploy with git to a bare repo. Everything works on localhost, and […]

How to git rebase when the commit history is not straight but merged from several programmer

I have a commit history like: , and I want it to be something like . EDIT: history starts at bottom, on top are newer commits. I’d like to rebase/squash all these commits onto “here”. Or the one just before “here” is also acceptable. EDIT: What I did were: I’m now at commit “A” git […]

Jenkins and GIT Clarification

I have a GIT setup in my AIX server for a java website. I have setup Bare repositories where several developers commit their code and I have several Non-Bare repositories hosted in my development server. I have heard that Jenkins can monitor the changes in GIT-HUB and then run the build process by checking out […]

Pre-build web site locally using Stasis during Capistrano deploy

I’m trying to use Capistrano to deploy a static web site built with Stasis. The code to build the site is kept in a Git repository, and I would like to keep the build products (i.e., the finished product of the site) out of the repository to minimize code smells. Unfortunately, I don’t have access […]

Why will xcode not allow me to connect to my git server? What does “Server is disabled” mean?

I can connect to my server keyless via ssh. I can clone on this account on my mac from my git server. Xcode’s preferences accepted my git server settings with a URL like this: ssh://git@mediapc/home/git/sk001.git When creating a new xcode project which I want on the server with my git repos, I get a dialog […]

PHP Facebook app on Heroku – application error check logs

I have build a PHP web application to make a Facebook application everything work all rights in my hosting company (000webhost, and my localhost but none of them provide free HTTPS hosting so I should have upload the PHP scripts to Heroku so I have taken the following steps after reading turtorials online: 1-Downloaded […]

Github Permission denied pubkey when it used to work fine

I am trying to push to github (using eclipse) as well as a git push origin master and using the github app. However, as the title says I am getting a permission denied pubkey even though everything was working about a week ago. Also ssh-add -l shows the correct key, and has the correct […]

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