how to change remove+add to move in git history

i have a git repository that is a mix of some old svn repos. when i mixed everything i didn’t realized to do git mv instead of just moving the files so now the svn history for most of the files is lost. is there a way of fixing this? the old structure was something […]

How to get commits information on Jenkins using Groovy since last successful build?

How to write custom groovy script to easily manipulate data from all commits since last successful build?

git repository failed to traverse parent error

I am a newcomer to git and was quite happy until this evening. I have been committing changes regularly. I maintain two remotes on unfuddle and beanstalk and a local filesystem remote. Never had an error and after a days work, I push my changes up to all the remotes believing that woud keep me […]

504 gateway timeout on GitLab HTTP URLs

I have installed GitLab 6.0 on a linux box and created a number of projects. I can create a local clone of each project using the SSH URL, but when I try to use the HTTP URL I get a 504 Gateway Timeout within seconds. When I paste the HTTP URL into SourceTree it says […]

Moving a git repo to another server

I have a git clone/repo on a development server, but I am now moving to another one. I don’t want to commit all my local branches and changes to the main repository, so how can I make an exact copy of everything on oldserver to newserver? I tried oldserver:~$ scp -rp project newserver:~/project but then […]

Updating submodules to their latest without accumulating update history

Updating submodules with submodule –remote will pull in the HEAD of the submodules rather than the hash recorded within the wrapping git repo. But it seems that the wrapping git repo will keep managing the hash of them in itself, needlessly introducing noise to its own history. E.g. after an submodule update –remote there will […]

Does GIT does the CRLF/LF conversion during commit or checkout(vi)?

I have a doubt now, does Git does the CRLF conversion during a commit or during a vi of the file? Let’s say I have some files in Windows with CRLF (not a Git repo), when I sync these files to a UNIX Git repo and do git add/commit with autocrlf true enabled, will these […]

Restore deleted file directly from Eclipse local history

Some git mistakes happened and I lost a lot of changes for one file. I was using Eclipse as my IDE but the git mishap included deleting the project and re cloning the directory. So I can’t do the restore from within Eclipse. I believe I have found the local history file that contains the […]

Splitting directory into a submodule

I’ve had a goodle and a search on here but nothing seems to answer my question so here goes. I have a git repository with the current folder structure /app/folder/ /app/folder2/.. /app/bundles/bundle1 /app/bundles/bundle2 I’d like to turn every bundle in bundles into its own submodule, keeping all the version control history for the code in […]

Private Key authentication failed error in Eclipse for openshift

In Eclipse, when I am trying to import the existing application from openshift, it gives me following error – Could not clone the repository. Authentication failed. Please make sure that you added your private key to the ssh preferences. I have followed the below steps- 1. In Eclipse go to Window -> Preferences -> General […]

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