Merge to remote branch avoiding code to be changed

I could have chosen a better title but couldn’t figure a better way to explain what I’m trying to since I’m fairly new to github. So basically what I’m trying to accomplish is that I am pulling an open-source application off a github repo. I will need to whitelabel it to my organization so it […]

What is the difference between `git reset –hard head` vs `git clean –force -d ` vs `git checkout — .` to discard local changes

What are the differences between git reset –hard head vs git clean –force -d vs git checkout — . then git pull to discard local changes and get the latest from the Git server repository?

initial commit failed android studio. cannot read

I tried to share a project from android studio to github. But it says ” Successfully created project ‘xyz’ on GitHub, but initial push failed: Could not read from remote repository “. What do i do?

Best Practices for Versioning Maven Multimodule Projects in Git

Got a Maven multimodule project. Some parts evolve more frequently than others. If all modules get the same version numbers a lot of space is wasted for the slow-evolving modules. Different versions for modules are difficult to handle. Should modules go into different Git projects?

Rewriting multiple git repos into one

I have three unrelated repositories which I’d like to rewrite into a single repository, by moving each repo to a different subdir. I’m doing something like this:” repos=’a b c d e f g’ git init git commit –allow-empty -m ‘Unified repo base commit’ for repo in $repos; do git fetch $some_url/$repo git checkout […]

Possibility of caching ls-remote calls

I am looking for a possibility to cache git ls-remote <url> calls. Context: We have about 25 parallel Jenkins jobs which do each 400 ls-remotes simultaniously leading to a slow git/gitlab. All 25 jobs do requests on the same repositories, but resulting in different results in the end. I know, this sounds like a design […]

Ansible hangs when pulling from vsts git repo

Hi I’m attmepting to clone from a vsts git repository (ssh://********/_git/ClouderaAutomation) but ansible seems to just hang when I try. Below is a snippet of the git module being used. name: Clone git repo. git: repo: “{{ repoToClone }}” dest: “/home/vagrant/ClouderaAutomation” accept_hostkey: yes clone: yes become: yes repoToClone is ssh://********/_git/ClouderaAutomation. When i execute ‘git clone’ […]

How to push to gitlab with java api with ssh

I am using gitlab of version GitLab Community Edition 9.1.1 d3123f6. I am able to push my code to gitlab with http protocol but when I am trying with git protocol it is showing following error. Exception in thread “main” org.eclipse.jgit.errors.UnsupportedCredentialItem: ssh://git@192……: org.eclipse.jgit.transport.CredentialItem$YesNoType:The authenticity of host ‘192……’ can’t be established. RSA key fingerprint is 99:…………… […]

Hiding a git submodule subdirectory until submodule init call

Problem setup, skip to linebreak for question. I am working on projectA that has it’s own git repo. This projectA has some optional tools in projectB that is its own separate git repo. From what I understand this sounds like a git submodule situation, making projectB a submodule of projectA. To set this up I […]

Setting a Git alias which uses TR to translate backslash into forward slash

I am trying to set up a Git alias which has to convert a backslash to a forward slash to pass it later to filter-branch command (the need arises since I use Posh and will pass DOS based file path as a parameter). So I have this alias: echo-test = “!f() { path=$(echo $1 | […]

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