Commit changes to a pull request

On Github, I wanted to make a change to a pull request. 1. git fetch origin 2. git checkout -b show-buttons origin/my-branch Then I made some changes to files. Now I want to add these files back to the pull request, and finish merging it with master and pushing it. What are the right next […]

Should bower_components be publicly accessible to get the benefit of sourcemaps?

I use Bower to manage dependencies in the form of Sass and JavaScript libraries. In almost all cases I reference these libraries directly from my Sass, CoffeeScript and JavaScript. My build process concatenates and compresses the resultant assets. These combined stylesheets and JavaScripts also have sourcemaps. With the Bower-managed libraries coming straight from the bower_components […]

Confused by git filter-branch

I need to analyse what exactly happened to a some files in a given directory during the whole history and using things like git log the_directory is not good enough. So I though I’d create a branch containing only relevant files. I wrote a perl script remove-all-but-stuff and verified it works correctly. Initially, I thought […]

Fatal: Could not read from remote repository with Bonobo on IIS

I’ve installed Bonobo in IIS on 2008 R2 system. The web interface works well, I can create repositories, add users, etc. But when I try to clone from it I get this: C:\svn\lan>git clone lanweb Cloning into ‘lanweb’… Username for ‘’: rob Password for ‘’: fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please […]

Eclipse and Egit – recognising git core.worktree

In Egit it is possible using the git “core.worktree” config value to set the data file path to be different from the repository file path. When creating a new (Zend Studio 12.0.2) Eclipse Project from an Egit repository (configured using core.worktree) using New => Project => PHP Project from Existing Directory; and choosing the Egit […]

No module named ib.message

I am trying to set up IBPY and Python on my Mac to run with Interactive Brokers. I have installed Git. I created a subdirectory ibapi under Home. I downloaded IBPy using git clone from the ibapi directory. I am now trying to run the program in Spyder. When I choose Run, I […]

git-flow hotfixes with semantic versioning

Following Jeff’s tutorial at, I initialised git flow with the standard settings: [~/tmp/test] $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/nrm/tmp/test/.git/ [~/tmp/test (master)] $ git flow init No branches exist yet. Base branches must be created now. Branch name for production releases: [master] Branch name for “next release” development: [develop] How to name […]

Can't chmod SSH key for git through git bash on windows 8 embedded

On Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro, with git 1.9, I tried to generate SSH keys following The key is generated correctly, and I added it to my keys. Then when I try to check the generated key with ssh -T, I receive the message: Permissions 0644 for ‘pathtothekey’ are too open. The issue […]

TFS Build hangs while pushing to remote rep

I wrote powershell script, which I am executing before the testrunner in a (tfs 2013 build). The build hangs when the script calls git push on a remote repository using ssh. If I run the same script from powershell on the build agent using the same user it works totally fine. If it gets triggered […]

How to git version control multiple projects with one framework project?

Well, I took a look at this post GIT Version Control setup for multiple projects with shared code, but turns out that I don’t really think it answers exactly what I want because that is too complex (i guess) for what I need. I work in a company and we have over 4 projects. They […]

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