Copy existing project into git for version control

Good day people. Please help me. I’m going to get job in big company where overall uses version management. And I stared to learn git. I want to copy my project into newly created git repository to start version control. My project structure is: . ├── pom.xml ├── src │   ├── main │   │   ├── […]

Git staging shows Deleted file

I’m new to GIT . When I add a new file to local maven project and delete it without commit and push to git repository. Still the file is shown in Git staging eventhough the file is deleted physically in the local machine. Why is it so? Do i need to commit and push the […]

XCode: added cocoa pods, want to include added workspace in source control/bitbucket

Mac: I added cocoa pods. Got it all installed correctly after some confusion. XCode: I have a project already under source control & linked to bitbucket. I added a ‘pod’ for AFNetworking to , which added a ‘Pods’ project and wrapped everything in a workspace, which I now open instead of the project. However, the […]

Git Extensions shows results that don't match search filters as well as results that match

Git extensions when searching using different filters (for example, commit message) will show results with commit messages that don’t contain my search string. This is really annoying is there any way to prevent this? Command line git filtering using –grep shows only the appropriate commits.

git svn rebase not working but git svn fetch does

I’m having an issue where when I run git svn rebase or git svn rebase -l nothing happens. However, git svn fetch brings down new revisions successfully. This started happening when I used ‘gitk’ to revert my working copy to a previous revision, then accidentally ran “git reset –hard HEAD” without switching back over to […]

git – Downloading the Android source code

I am trying to download the CyanogenMod source code (4.4.2) on a Windows PC running Ubuntu via VMPlayer. I can use git and repo on Ubuntu with no problems, however I am looking for a way to download the source with other methods (such as torrent or zip) because I am on a slow and […]

Git Development and Production branches for web applications

I understand the branching logic of how to set this up where I would have the production branch as the master and have a development branch for developers but how do I take into consideration: Configuration files Production using different database settings (git ignore and leave configs static alone?) How to version and control files […]

“git config –global credential.helper cache” not caching under win7+cygwin

I’m using git on a win7 machine with cygwin installed (git version 1.7.9, not using cygwin bash but with cygwin/bin in the windows PATH variable and using the normal windows command shell) and in order to not have to type my credentials every other git command, I figured I’d use the credential helper, git config […]

SSH authentication issues (permission denied) with GITHUB

I am running into this permission denied issue. I know a lot of such posts exists and trust me, I have tried all of them. I have modified the file permissions to 600, I have updated my config file to the following: Host gh Hostname User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa ForwardAgent yes The log is: […]

How to setup buildbot for

I am quite new to buildbot and struggling to create a configuration for the following python code structure: A library containing some general classes and functions and two programs who depend on the one library. All three have their own git repository. Lets call the library the_lib and the programs prog_a and prog_b. What I […]

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