Don't colorize the refs with git log –pretty when –no-color is specified

I’m working with Git, using Windows 7, PowerShell, and Posh-Git. I have the following alias setup: ls = log –pretty=tformat:”%C(yellow)%h\\ %C(green)[%ad]%C(cyan)\\ <%cn>\\ %C(reset)%s%C(auto)%d” The problem was that when I pipe the output to clip.exe to copy it to the clipboard, it also copies some characters for the colors. A little reading and I found you […]

GitHub for Mac crashes on open because of local repository issue

I am trying to figure out why my GitHub for Mac crashes on start when I choose a local repository. I added this local repository from a folder I had cloned. Unfortunately, I was playing around with the git command line and I must have done something to corrupt the local repository. Now my GitHub […]

“no such table” error on Heroku after django syncdb passed

I’m trying to deploy my Django application to Heroku. The migrations are in my local Git. When I try: git push heroku master heroku run python syncdb It applies the migrations and also promts me to create superuser, which I successfully do. Now the application is up and running, however when I try to […]

Understanging Conflicts Merging Algorithm

I look at a merge marker that looked all screwed up. To give you the situation lets have this: public void methodA() { prepare(); try { doSomething(); } catch(Exception e) { doSomethingElse(); } } Now comes in a merge (I use SourceTree for pull). And the marker looks like this: <<<<<<<<< HEAD try { doSomething(); […]

Creating a bare repository on a Git server remotely

Is there any way to create bare repositories on a Git server remotely from my local machine? I’m trying to eliminate the annoyance of having to ssh in to my Git server and create the bare repo manually. It’s probably not possible, but ideally I’d like to create local git repositories, and push them straight […]

git svn clone > git svn rebase > Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

I am trying to keep a read-only checkout of , into a git repository, which is stored as remote in github. 1) $git svn clone 2) $git svn rebase — Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history So I started reviewing the .git/config file to fix this problem, and this where […]

Limit SSH User to a shell command

My question is how can I allow an user to ssh to my server with limitation to a shell command and a directory? My situation I’m using git to deploy code to my Server. I have 2 servers, 1st one is product server, 2nd one is a git server. My team use git server to […]

Jenkins Windows slave: Authentication failed if running as service

I have a Jenkins slave running on Windows 10 (1607). If I run the slave direct as JNLP this slave can clone from the git repository (authentification with username and password). If I start the same slave as a service, git clone fails with Authentication failed for …. The service is created over the “File” […]

Difference between `git remote prune` and `git branch -d -r`

As far as I understand these two commands can remove remote-tracking branches. Is there any difference between them? git remote prune <branch_name> git branch -d -r <branch_name>

Git: keep specific files unmerged

Is it possible to keep some file unmerged all the time? What I want is: If there are two branches (A) and (B), and they have the same file. For example, In branch (A) the file “setup” has the following: this is setup in a branch A In branch (B) the file “setup” has the […]

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