Strange .gitignore behavior for emacs temporary files

If I edit new_file.txt with emacs, there will be temporary files like #new_file.txt# and .#new_file.txt when the files are unsaved, and new_file.txt~ when saved. I want to exclude these files. So I write my .gitignore like this: #This is a comment line *~ [#]*[#] .\#* And this works perfectly. But later I add some comment […]

git submodule not pulling files in submodules

I thought I had it all worked out with this new project and thought that git submodules are the way to to develop and deploy my application. Set up my git repo (Drupal) and initialized it with the 7.12 tag of Drupal. Made my own branch. Then added the modules that are needed under sites/all/modules/contrib […]

Create git repository after project creation

I know there’s an option to make a local repository for your project when you first create it, but is there an option create a repository after you’ve created your project?

What is the usage of Maven pom.xml – <tag> element inside of <scm> when you are using git

We are using maven and git together for a Java project. In <scm> section, <tag> is automatically added by release plugin. For example, <scm> <connection>scm:git:http://myserver:7990/scm/project/test.git</connection> <tag>releaes-tag</tag> </scm> What does <tag> represent here? I believe the normal convention is <scm>HEAD</scm>. When we were using subversion, maven never used <tag></tag> What is the meaning of <tag></tag>? I […]

How to delete a repository and add a new one in Android studio?

I was working with VCS enabled in Android Studio and pushed my code to a repository that I had created in BitBucket. However, now the team I’m working with has created a new repository also on BitBucket and I have to switch my entire project there. So how do I stop VCS in my current […]

git rebase – what's the difference between 'edit' and 'reword'

What’s the difference between edit and reword when you do a git rebase? I’m going through some docs which say this: Replace pick with: – edit to mark a commit for amending. – reword to change the log message.

Git conflicts with JSON files

Our website is localized using a bunch of JSON files with translations (one file per language). The content of the files looks like this: { “Password”: “Passwort”, “Tables”: “Tische” } Many team members edit these JSON files at the same time, adding new phrases and editing existing ones, and we get lots of conflicts even […]

Git through digest proxy authentication

I want to do “git clone” through a proxy server. The issue is my proxy server uses digest authentication. So i can’t find neither in git documentation, nor help that someone that already made. I dig through google search and i can’t find any helpful results. Thxs.

What does “Changes not staged for commit” mean

I thought if you want to track the files you should git add [files you want to track] I don’t know why I got the messages Changes not staged for commit. If those files were not staged, shouldn’t git shows me those files were Untracked like that All I’ve done was create a new feature […]

Composer – Requested Package exists as but these are rejected by your constraint

Today I got a strange error within a composer updatewhich I can’t describe myself. { “repositories”: { “my-plugin”: { “type”: “vcs”, “url”: “” } }, “require”: { “my-plugin/myplugin”: “0.0.9”, } } When I try composer update then I’ll get The requested package my-plugin/my-plugin 0.0.9 exists as my-plugin/my-plugin[0.0.6, 0.0.5] but these are rejected by your constraint. […]

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