How to preserve merge commits automatically while using git pull –rebase?

I want to keep the branch information of merged branches, so I have set up branch.master.mergeoptions=–no-ff. This way, a merge commit is always generated even when it could be fast-forwarded. A side effect however, is that a merge commit is created when doing a git pull (more specifically: Update in IntelliJ or Eclipse). To prevent […]

git push -u origin master failed with encounter the issue of permission denied

I create new project in Rstudio, and I opened github project repository as well. However, I intend to push all my project implementation to github page, but Git complaints with following error: $ git push -u origin master remote: Permission to JulaitiShayiding/mspc.git denied to julaiti. fatal: unable to access ‘’: The requested URL returned error: […]

How to share local changes without git push?

I’m using git in my project. Sometimes I need to share my modified changes with my colleagues or to different PC, but I don’t want to push those changes. He will take my code and modify something and then will push that code. For now I manually give him file via mail or send in […]

Is it possible to ban a list of words with ESlint or anything else when pre-commit?

I am using husky to deal with the pre-commit thing. So here I want that the newly written program should not contain a list of words, like dangerouslySetInnerHTML, etc. I know there is a rule no-danger in eslint-plugin-react, but it only prevents that one word. How can I write a list of words in a […]

Git grep on files from last commit only

I would like to run git grep like this git grep -ni ‘something’ — “*.spec” only on the files that were changed in last commit, with this same result as above command. Do you have any good idea ?

git log -S'string with line breaks'

I have the following code in project: someMethodCall(); anotherMethodCall(); //new string I want to find logs, which contains that both srings, with -S parameter. I’ve tried: git log -S’someMethodCall();anotherMethodCall()’ git log -S’someMethodCall();%nanotherMethodCall()’ git log -S’someMethodCall();\r\nanotherMethodCall()’ git log -S’someMethodCall();\nanotherMethodCall()’ …but no success.

Trying to install cordova with 'npm.cmd' but automatically close after a few second

I want to learn about developing android apps using Cordova. I’m using this tutorial. I can’t proceed to the next steps: C:\>npm install -g cordova Because when I open the npm.cmd it always automatically closes after 0.5 seconds! I dont know why. i have tried from this StackOverflow thread: npm.cmd closes instantly after few seconds […]

How to PERMANENTLY link to a line number in GitHub?

Linking to a line number in GitHub is easy: clicking on the line edits the URL to point to that line so we can share it. However, if the file changes with a new commit, the line numbers may offset and this renders the existing links as inaccurate and confusing. How to permanently link to […]

Invalid certificate chain error – Jenkins

I can access my git repository using domain name on we browser with an certificate error. But I need to use its IP address and sslverify=false to clone it using command line or git client. Now I wanted to setup Jenkins for my iOS project but no matter what I use (domain or IP address), […]

smartgit compare remote repository with local repository before pull or push

I’m very new to using git so I’m probably just missing something simple here. I have a remote repository (Bonobo, windows git) and a local repository. There is only 1 branch called master. I’m only working with 1 other developer, Bob. Let’s start with both Bob and I have smartgit (Windows client) and we have […]

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