OSX 10.10 filename encoding versus git

I have a file “Le Rêve” in my git repository, with the e-circumflex being the important bit.

Under my old OS X 10.9 box, under my colleague’s OS X 10.10 box, and a windows box, there were no issues caused by the filename.

Under my brand-new OS X 10.10 box, I cloned the repository and git tells me:

Untracked files:

With a git clean -fd I get:

Changes not staged for commit:
deleted:    "Le-Re\314\202ve-The-Dream-By-Pablo-Picasso.jpg"

With a git checkout -f -- I go back to the initial state, with the e-circumflex encoded as \303\252 and thus being a new file.

This issue seemed to be similar to:
Git and the Umlaut problem on Mac OS X
but following that answer did not change the behaviour I see (I tried “git config core.precomposeunicode true” and again with a –global).

Any ideas what caused this change?

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