Organize LabVIEW in a git repository

I’m forced to work with LabVIEW source code on a Windows 7 machine and am curious what might be the best setup to handle the source code in a remote Git repository.

Currently I’m handling everythin like I would with my C projects, means Git Bash and a simple .gitignore file that excludes .aliases and .lvlps files, but think that there might be some possible improvement.

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  • Thanks for every suggestion.

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    If you have LV professional you can get diff and merge to work using

    I use this together with git bash.

    You could look for tips and ideas in the NI Community Group set up just for Git users.

    Well, what answers do you expect?

    If you are searching for another git client, i can recommend you TortoiseGit. Im working with Egit, but thats only for eclipse. Im sure there are a bunch of clients out there, just google it.

    Other than that, Git Bash is fine. It works, why change it? Using another client won’t give you any benefits other than better UI’s.

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