OpenSource my application

I am developing the following application and I’m thinking of making it opensource (add it to Github).

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  • One Solution collect form web for “OpenSource my application”

    In general, you should:


    • Source code (duh)
    • Scripts related to the building, packaging, and/or releasing of the software
    • Documentation, explaining how to use those scripts
    • License (important!)

    Not include

    • Sensitive data, including private keys and passwords (remove these before you initially commit or they can still be accessed). To remove data from an existing repository you should try git’s filter-branch command.
    • Proprietary code (duh)
    • Large binary files, including:
      • Prebuilt toolchain (this should be present in the environment)
      • Large binary data that can be recreated easily using build scripts
    • Library source trees — make these either a requirement for building, or use a Git submodule to include them.

    As for the initial commit and upload, GitHub themselves have a pretty good tutorial.

    I applaud your decision to open-source the project. Good luck!

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