opening .git/config : Permission denied

C:\Users\Inspiron\.git\config folder is empty and command $git config returns error: opening .git/config: permission denied.
I try to set post buffer size,but get same error.

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    Thats not a folder its the main configuration file for git.

    Here you can see the files for configuration

    Permission denied under windows its a bit strange. Check the permissions of the file. Perhaps you have removed the Permissions in the extended permissions.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be a folder. Delete it and let git create it.

    Check Windows Security Properties

    On Windows 7, I was only able to fix this by right clicking on the file in explorer, clicking properties/security tab/advanced/permissions and removing the ‘deny’ permission type. chmod and chown did nothing for me.

    Not only .git/config is a file, but its permission must soon (Git 2.0.X/2.1, Q3 2014) not include “world writable”.

    See commit daa22c6 by Eric Wong

    config: preserve config file permissions on edits

    Users may already store sensitive data such as imap.pass in .git/config; making the file world-readable when “git config” is called to edit means their password would be compromised on a shared system.

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