Open-source IDE's with Git support

I’m having trouble finding an open-source IDE with support for Git. Are there any that you could point me to or recommend?

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    There’s an Eclipse plugin in progress.

    There’s nbgit for NetBeans in development, but it’s not yet stable.

    If you only want a GUI for git, try QGit.

    I don’t know if such a thing exists in a stable form yet, but a good place to
    start your search is :

    I use Vim with vcscommand plugin. Although the plugin supports a host of Version Control Systems, I use it specifically for Git.

    Using VCSCommand, you can (almost) accomplish all the major features exposed by git right from within the vim.

    VCSVimDiff command is one of the best features of VCSCommand plugin. You can view a colored diff right from inside Vim!

    What more Vim and VCSCommand both are open source 🙂

    Side Note:
    Vim along with NERD_Tree.vim, xml.vim, surround.vim and few other plugins, makes it a complete IDE that works pretty good (at least for me) with git. Search (or Google!!) for plugins that suits your requirement or taste.

    The great Aptana Studio has support (via plugins) for SVN, CVS, and Git (via this plugin). I’m still a noob with Aptana, and I haven’t used Git yet, but it looks promising.

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