Not able to create staging instance on heroku

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  • Errors of pushing rails app to Heroku error occurred while installing sqlite3, and Bundler cannot continue [duplicate]

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    In your Gemfile

    group :production do
      gem 'pg', '0.17.1'
      gem 'rails_12factor', '0.0.2’

    and also remove gem ‘sqlite3’ OR

    group :development, :test do
      gem 'sqlite3'

    Because heroku can’t install the sqlite3 gem. But you can tell bundler that it shouldn’t be trying to except when developing.

    Then run bundle install and try to deploy on Heroku.

    Heroku does not support sqlite3 database, so you can NOT install sqlite3 gem on Heroku environment. as mentioned in this article, Heroku recommend to use Postgresql as production database.

    So, all you need to do is to follow the instruction in that article and replace your sqlite3 gem with pg gem, then do some db configuration.

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